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Unique Cremation Jewelry to Honor a Loved One

Unique Cremation Jewelry to Honor a Loved One

Saying our final goodbye to a loved one can be one of the most challenging events of our lives. Words alone are simply not enough to assuage our grief. Even though our departed loved one is gone from this earth, the memories and bonds you share are eternal. Their ever-present spirit is still with you, offering comfort and solace. How you honor that sacred bond is a personal choice.
There are several ways to do so, whichever you choose will be the right one. Only you can know the depths of your relationship with your departed loved one, and no one can take that away from you. One common and beautiful ways to honor your departed loved one is with unique cremation jewelry.

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What Makes Cremation Jewelry Unique?

The experience of wearing cremation jewelry is unlike any other. Ever-present and close to your heart, cremation jewelry offers a dignified, tasteful, and discrete memorial. No other piece of jewelry can contain ashes and honor your departed loved one as gracefully. Additionally, they allow you to always have your loved one close to you wherever you go, unlike traditional urns that remain in one place. Another unique quality of cremation jewelry is that family members can share the ashes of their departed loved one amongst themselves and customize each of their personal pieces with them. This profoundly moving gesture fortifies the family bonds in a deep and powerful way. Everyone can feel equally connected in their moving tribute to their loved one. Additionally, each sacred piece of cremation jewelry becomes a family heirloom to be cherished for years to come.

How to Customize Your Own Unique Cremation Jewelry

Artistic, dignified, and one-of-a-kind, there are a wide range of possibilities and options for customizing your cremation jewelry. Each is as beautiful and honorable as the next.

Let’s look at three popular types of customizable cremation jewelry:

Traditional Cremation Jewelry

The traditional style of cremation jewelry can house your loved one’s ashes, which makes it stand out from other pieces of cremation jewelry. The two most popular forms are a pendant or a pendant vial. A pendant can be accessorized with your departed loved one's birthstone. Whereas a pendant vial can offer several customizable options, such as:
  • Ashes
  • Soil from the burial site
  • Soil from the scattering site
  • Water from the scattering site
  • Engraved name
  • Engraved dates of birth and death
  • A short sentiment

The handling of your loved one’s ashes can be a profound and moving experience. Housing them in your keepsake is an easy and straightforward process. It’s a ceremony all its own, and one you can do by yourself or with your family! Follow this easy guide to fill your cremation jewelry.

Fingerprint Jewelry

Although this type of cremation jewelry does not hold ashes, it is still considered part of the cremation jewelry family. A unique way to customize your keepsake, fingerprint jewelry uses the actual fingerprint of your loved one to be immortalized on your keepsake for all time. This pendant comes in several different designs such as:
  • Heart
  • Cross
  • Oval
  • Teardrop
  • Dog Tag

There are many ways you can obtain your loved one’s fingerprint. One important thing to remember: a thumbprint or index finger are the most preferred print because these seem to make the clearest most precise print, making it ideal for transferring to a memorial pendant. You may find that you have a paper copy of the print already saved due to your loved one’s profession or other official documents. If you cannot obtain a copy before your loved one has passed, the funeral director can assist you in securing a print.

Personalized Jewelry

Like fingerprint jewelry, personalized jewelry is still part of the cremation jewelry family even though ashes are typically not housed within them. The Living Urn currently offers three options to choose from:

  • Dog Tag Coordinate Pendant: You can honor your loved one by engraving meaningful longitude and latitude coordinates here. This could be the location of a favorite memory, the place where they were born or passed, or some other location that speaks to you.
  • Birthstone Pendant: If a simplified memorial is more to your liking, you can choose a pendant displaying your loved one’s birthstone without including their ashes.
  • Bar Coordinate Pendant: Like the Dog Tag Coordinate Pendant, longitude and latitude coordinates can be engraved on the front of this stylish piece.

Where to Find Unique Cremation Jewelry to Buy

The Living Urn specializes in unique cremation jewelry, be it traditional, fingerprint, or personalized. Handcrafted and assembled by skilled artisan jewelers in Denver, Colorado, The Living Urn offers the highest quality cremation jewelry and keepsakes to last a lifetime. We offer 925 sterling silver and stainless steel pieces to support you in honoring your departed loved one. With so many styles and opportunities to customize your very own beautiful and unique cremation keepsake, the essence of your loved one will continue to live on through you. To order your special and unique cremation keepsake to honor a loved one, visit The Living Urn today!
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