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Meanings of Birthstones in Memorial Jewelry

Meanings of Birthstones in Memorial Jewelry

Birthstones have been cherished for thousands of years, symbolizing good fortune, wellness, and protection. One of the first known adornments of birthstones can be traced back to the Bible. In the Book of Exodus, Aaron, a high priest and brother to Moses, wore twelve stones representing “God’s Will” and the Twelve Tribes of Israel. As time passed through the generations, the number twelve continued to resonate as it became associated with the twelve signs of the Zodiac and, thus, the twelve months of the year. Now, each month is connected to its very own birthstone, paving the way for birthstone memorial jewelry. The innate qualities you and your loved one possess are mirrored in your birthstones, which is why a birthstone memorial necklace can make a great keepsake.

Why Birthstone Memorial Necklaces are a Good Idea

Birthstone Memorial Pendant

Regardless of your beliefs - God, A Higher Power, or something else entirely -birthstones have universally been known to bring comfort, healing, balance, and much more. Wearing birthstone memorial jewelry can be the ultimate good luck charm. There are no hard and fast rules when choosing which birthstone to wear - it depends entirely on your preference. You can choose a birthstone for your memorial necklace based on your departed loved one's birth month, or you can choose one by the color that reminds you of them the most. The good news is: all of the birthstones can surround you with love and support. As you honor your departed loved one, wearing a birthstone can fortify the sacred bond you share with them.

5 Good Reasons to Wear a Birthstone Memorial Necklace

There are many good reasons to wear a birthstone memorial necklace - below we highlight five of them.

1. Intimate

Carrying your departed loved one's birthstone around your neck offers you the chance to keep them quite literally close to your heart. Like a newborn's first skin-to-skin embrace with their mother, the power of a birthstone memorial necklace can connect you to your departed loved one in an intimate and supportive bond. Wearing their birthstone as jewelry can signify that you will always be together.

2. Healing

The healing properties of the birthstone will forever support you with strength, purity, guidance, and much more. As the innate qualities of your departed loved one are reflected in their birthstone, you may begin to notice the ways your bond is continually surrounded. To understand the significance of the birthstones, we will explore each one's unique abilities in a moment.

3. A Shared Story

Your birthstone memorial necklace carries with it a rich history of the bond you share with your departed loved one. A compliment to your keepsake is a compliment to you both. As the birthstone is deeply personal, you may (or may not) choose to share the significance of your keepsake and the dignified way you have honored them.

4. Priceless

Your specially crafted birthstone memorial keepsake is priceless. It is a dignified way to hold your departed loved one in remembrance forever. As a family heirloom, it can live on through generations to come as new family members learn the story and heritage of their dearly departed ancestor, for they are never truly gone when they are kept in the minds and hearts of those who choose to remember.

5. Ashes

Some birthstone memorial keepsakes can be filled with a small portion of a loved one's ashes - like the Circle of Life Necklace from the Living Urn. Small and discreet, the ashes are carefully and thoughtfully secured within the keepsake. Adding your loved one’s ashes to jewelry can be a unique way to honor your loved one and allow you to carry them with you wherever you go.

What Does Birthstone Memorial Jewelry Symbolize?

Each piece of birthstone memorial jewelry symbolizes its very own unique source of energy and support. The innate qualities and attributes we carry within us can be readily seen in our birthstones. Your departed loved one’s birthstone symbolizes their very essence. Let’s explore the positivity, power, and symbolism of the twelve birthstones now!

January - Garnet

Like the fire in our hearts, the deep red of Garnet symbolizes passion. And that passion is most readily expressed by the protection and support they show for their family and those closest to them. They are the ones to be counted on in challenging or difficult times. Also symbolizing light and truth, Garnet has the ability to cleanse energy blocks and offer mental clarity; its stabilizing properties can help you to keep both feet on the ground. Unsurprisingly, it’s a favorite gift for travelers to protect them on their journey.

February - Amethyst

The gentle, purple hues of Amethyst symbolize sincerity. This endearing quality makes those born in February wonderful people to lean on for honest and impartial advice; they are very considerate. Amethyst is helpful in reducing stress and removing negative energy as well as toxins from the body. It also aids in bringing awareness to self-care and supports mindfulness in making healthy choices.

March - Aquamarine

The hypnotic blue-green of Aquamarine symbolizes courage. Invoking the majesty and serenity of the sea, it reduces stress while increasing inner peace. People born in March are go-getters. Courageous and adventurous by nature, they possess a confidence and belief that they can accomplish whatever they set their minds to. Aquamarine encourages you to break free of fear-based thoughts and follow your heart. Traditionally, it guides and protects anyone who travels by water.

April - Crystal Quartz

The typically clear appearance of Crystal Quartz symbolizes purity, innocence, perfection, and indestructibility. Made under extreme pressure, it is the hardest of all birthstones. Those born in April love with all their heart and are romantic dreamers. This adaptable birthstone will shoulder any intention you send its way and support you with strength.

May - Emerald

This luminous green birthstone represents abundance, fertility, vitality, and above all: love. Emerald has the ability to manifest health, good fortune, and abundance. An inspiring birthstone, it can also bring forth peace and calm. Those born in May are bold in their pursuits, whether it be knowledge, work, or personal relationships.

June - Alexandrite

As the chameleon of birthstones, its colors can change from green to red depending on the lighting. It symbolizes health and longevity. In true fashion, June babies have excellent caregiving instincts; they are generally people who remain calm and composed. Likewise, Alexandrite helps its wearer to focus while calming their nervous system.

July - Ruby

Like its sister birthstone, Garnet, Ruby’s deep red symbolizes passion. Those born in July are hard-working as well as grateful and appreciative of what they have. Naturally, Ruby also symbolizes contentment. Ruby supports a healthy heart and blood flow, encouraging vitality and an abundance of energy. It helps motivate and guide your thoughts toward new perspectives. One of the most striking qualities of Ruby is its ability to ground you and unblock issues of self-worth, lack, and survival.

August - Peridot

Like Emerald, Peridot also symbolizes wealth and good fortune. Peace, acceptance, and happiness are also attributes of this birthstone. August-born people have a wonderful sense of self-expression. As excellent companions, they have a great knack for soothing emotional pain and lifting those up when they're down. Peridot can clear away negative energies such as insecurity, jealousy, and indecision.

September - Sapphire

The deep blue depths of Sapphire symbolize wisdom. Its meditative qualities bring peace, clear thinking, and positive energy. Equally, September babies are rational, thoughtful people known for their wisdom and dignity as they downplay excessive displays of emotion. This birthstone inspires good decision-making as you connect to the innate wisdom of your higher self. Its wish is for the highest good for all.

October - Pink Tourmaline

The loving embrace of Pink Tourmaline symbolizes love, compassion, and happiness. October-born people assume an air of optimism and hope even when it may not be how they truly feel at times. This birthstone clears negative energy, inspiring its wearer to look beyond the surface to realize greater beauty, hope, and possibility.

November - Citrine

The noble yellow tones of citrine symbolize wellness, healing, vitality, and fidelity. A true and loyal friend, November-born people do their best to maintain high moral principles while choosing the high road and doing the right thing. They can be self-disciplined and exhibit strong mental fortitude. Citrine can raise you to a higher vibration while diminishing self-absorption.

December - Blue Topaz

The peaceful yet radiant light blue of Blue Topaz symbolizes truth, honesty, and forgiveness. Those born in December are independent and have a good sense of self. They are usually clear on what they want and are comfortable relying on themselves to see it through. This birthstone soothes our nervous system by helping us to seek solace and support in the natural world.

Where to Buy a Birthstone Memorial Necklace

You can buy birthstone memorial necklaces at The Living Urn. The Living Urn’s birthstone memorial necklaces cost $69 (before shipping and tax). Choosing your departed loved one's birthstone as a memorial necklace is a beautiful and thoughtful way to honor and stay forever connected to them. Their birthstone's healing properties will always be there for you, offering support whenever you need it. To buy your unique birthstone memorial keepsake, visit The Living Urn store today!

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