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Memorial Jewelry for the Loss of a Son

The loss of a loved one is tragic, always, but there is something especially terrible about the loss of a son. If you’re a parent and have recently lost a beloved son, there likely isn’t much, or anything at all, that can be said or done to comfort you. Grief must be felt and moved through in order to pass, which can be a harrowing, overwhelming experience. It may take years to mostly recover, and as you probably already know, grief over the loss of a son will never truly pass. If you’re looking for a way to comfort yourself during this awful time, consider a piece of memorial jewelry for the loss of a son. 

Why Get Memorial Jewelry for the Loss of a Son

If you’re hearing about memorial jewelry for the first time, it is a piece of jewelry (necklaces are common) that honors your passed loved one. There are many types of memorial jewelry; some use a physical part of your departed son, like his ashes, in the jewelry. This makes memorial jewelry even more meaningful. Memorial jewelry is also often engraved with the name of the person who passed and other details, such as their dates of birth and death, the coordinates of their final resting place, or a sentimental saying. 

Many people who have suffered the loss of a son find a great deal of comfort in a piece of memorial jewelry. It is a physical item created in memory of your departed son and is something to hold onto during a wave of grief. Jewelry can be worn every day and is as constantly present as your grief might be. As you work your way through your grief over the loss of your son, your memorial jewelry will shift from a source of comfort to a source of loving memories, helping you keep your son alive in your heart. 

Types of Memorial Jewelry for the Loss of a Son

Searching for the right type of memorial jewelry and the process it takes to make it can be a helpful distraction from your grief. Creating a piece of jewelry in memory of your beloved son is a practical action you can take to comfort yourself and honor his memory. Here are some of the types of memorial jewelry you’ll find.

  • Necklace Urns

There are almost endless varieties of urn necklaces. An urn necklace holds a tiny amount of cremation ash, allowing you to keep a piece of your beloved son close to your heart. Your urn necklace will come with a filling kit. You’ll use this to fill your necklace with a small amount of ash. It’s a straightforward process, but it may be pretty emotional. Urn necklaces make a thoughtful gift for others who love your son. Since these pieces of memorial jewelry hold such a small amount of ash, many people in your life could wear them. And the majority of the ashes will remain for scattering, burial, or display. Choosing a beautiful, durable material like stainless steel or sterling silver is one way to ensure your piece of memorial jewelry lasts a lifetime. 

  • Cremation Glass

Cremation glass is made with a small amount of cremation ash. The ash is artfully incorporated into the glass piece, often a pendant or bead, and is fully visible in the finished piece. Cremation takes place at a lower temperature than glass making. The higher temperatures used in glass making burn away extra carbon from the ashes, turning them a brilliant white color. A piece of cremation glass jewelry will last a long time with proper care. Cremation glass is sturdy, but it’s still glass and could break if dropped. Cremation glass is also used to make keepsakes, like orbs or touchstones, if jewelry isn’t for you. 

  • Fingerprint Jewelry

While not limited to memorial jewelry, fingerprint jewelry is excellent jewelry to honor the life of a precious son. The image of your son’s fingerprint is etched or cast into a piece of jewelry like a pendant or cufflinks. If your son didn’t have a copy of his fingerprints lying around or at his job, you could ask the funeral home for fingerprints. Most funeral homes keep fingerprint records, so you can likely have fingerprint memorial jewelry made even if your son passed a while ago. Fingerprint jewelry is as unique and special as the person who made the fingerprint. 

Memorial Jewelry for the Loss of a Son

  • Coordinates pendant

This unisex stainless steel pendant holds a small amount of cremation ashes and can be engraved with your son’s name and the coordinates of his final resting place.

  • Tree of Life Pendant

Made from beautiful sterling silver, this necklace represents the eternal cycle of life and death. Fill with a tiny portion of cremation ashes. 

These pendants are made from sterling silver and use the lost wax casting method to create a crisp fingerprint image. Choose from an oval, teardrop, heart, cross, or memory tag pendant.
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