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Memorial Keepsakes To Remember Those We Have Lost

Grief comes in waves, as you may have learned first-hand with the loss of someone close. We can fight or ignore grief, but it will always be there until we feel it and allow it to work its way through us. Loss can be incomprehensively terrible, and it’s right to grieve the death of someone you love, someone you’ll always love, even if they’re not with you now. You must be as gentle with yourself as you can be right now. Have appropriate expectations of what you can and can’t do - you may not have the same emotional and mental capacity and resources as you did before losing your loved one. Ask for help with as much as you can. Delegating tasks like “make cremation keepsakes” can give you the space you need to grieve. If you’re alone in your loss, as trite as this might sound, try to find support from a professional counselor or grief support group. There are many grief support groups and resources, both in-person and online, so you’ll be able to find one you can attend. Here is a link to a list of online support groups, and to look for grief support groups in your area, simply Google “grief support near me.”. 

Why A Keepsake Can Help You Process Losing Someone You Love

cremation keepsake

Having a piece of the person you loved, whether it’s their favorite shirt or a keepsake, can help to calm and ground you. Even if you put it away, knowing that part of your loved one is close by can be comforting. Familiarity and rituals can help you grieve and heal. One ritual that people are turning to is the creation of a keepsake. While you may already have keepsakes in the form of your loved one’s belongings, making a keepsake is a way to honor and memorialize your departed loved one uniquely. And, if you don’t have your loved one’s belongings, then a memorial keepsake is extra meaningful. A keepsake is a visible, tangible reminder of the person you love and will keep part of your loved one close at hand.

What is a Cremation Keepsake?

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A cremation keepsake is a small object designed to hold or use a portion of cremation ashes. An urn keepsake, for example, is very common and is a miniature urn intended to have a tiny bit of ashes. Other keepsakes use cremation ashes in their creation, like cremation glass. A small amount of ash is added to molten glass as it’s being formed. The ash turns bright white in the glass and is beautifully visible. There are many types of memorial keepsakes, so you’re sure to find one that works for you. We’ll explore specific sorts of keepsakes in the next section.

What Type Of Cremation Keepsake Should I Choose?

Cremation Jewelry

  • Cremation Pendant

This tiny, stainless steel pendant holds a small glass vial that can hold cremation ash. This unisex piece is further refined by engraving your loved one’s name, birth and death dates, and the coordinates of their final resting place.

  • Tree of Life Cremation Pendant

This beautiful sterling silver pendant is designed to hold a small portion of your loved one’s ashes.

Glass Keepsakes

  • Hearts

    They may be gone, but they live on in your heart. Honor your loved one with a beautiful, hand-blown cremation glass heart.

    • Orbs

      Cremation glass orbs are popular pieces to memorialize departed loved ones. Choose your loved one’s favorite color as a way to honor and remember them.

      • Touchstones

        Touchstones are small glass disks, about the size of a silver dollar, infused with a tiny amount of cremation ash. The ash is visible along with whatever color you choose. These make great gifts and good worry stones.

        Keepsake Urns

        • Customizable Keepsake Urn

          This small urn keepsake is made of recycled paper, a blank canvas for memories, drawings, and sayings. You could have all of your loved ones write something they loved about the person who passed, making this a unique memorial keepsake.

          • Glass Keepsake Urn

            These are miniature urns made out of hand blown glass. They can be used for scattering and the display of ashes. 

            • Planter Urn

              This small, keepsake wooden urn has space for a miniature plant, whose life honors your passed loved one. 

              Fingerprint jewelry is made out of a person’s print of their finger. Jewelry makers create a mold of a fingerprint image and cast a perfect replica or use a high powered laser or CNC machine to make it from a piece of silver or stainless steel.. Fingerprint jewelry is a significant way to keep a unique piece of a departed loved one close by.

              Should I Gift A Keepsake To Someone Who Lost A Loved One?

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              A memorial keepsake can be a thoughtful, caring gift. If you’re thinking about gifting someone close to you a keepsake, that is very loving of you. A keepsake, such as a photo in a frame, will help someone remember the person they’ve lost. However, we recommend you ask the person before purchasing a keepsake designed to hold cremation ashes. Sometimes people don’t want to keep the ashes, so please check in before buying a glass keepsake urn. If you’re comfortable conversing about cremation ashes, an ash-infused keepsake is a great idea. To make it as easy as possible on the mourning person, have the collection kit sent to your home and, with their permission, collect the ashes yourself. And, if you are supporting someone who is recently bereaved and wants to have cremation keepsakes made of some kind, offering to take care of the ordering and ash collection is a generous act of service. Also, pet keepsakes are also becoming quite popular - if you know someone who's recently lost a dog or cat, this can also be something to consider gifting.

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