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Do You Have Ashes in the Closet? Consider These Memorials Today!

Many of us have one or more sets of ashes resting in the corners of our closets or tucked away somewhere else in the home. We know that shouldn’t be their final resting place and we should do something special to memorialize them. The guilt of having their ashes stored away from our sight, waiting for them to be passed down to future generations, can be high. Now is the time to shrug off these feelings and memorialize your loved one, whether it’s a person or pet, in a special way.

ashes in closet

Below are popular and affordable things people do with the ashes of a family member (person or pet) who passed recently or long ago.

Scatter Their Ashes at a Beautiful Location

ashes scattering ocean

A beautiful way to memorialize your loved one is to scatter their ashes at one or more meaningful places. Many families find closure having the cremated ashes of their loved ones scattered in nature. This may be a spot in the ocean you find ethereally beautiful, a location you hold dear, a place your loved one often visited, a venue that still resides on his or her wish list, or even in the yard of your home.

Use an Ash Scattering Service

An efficient way to scatter the ashes of a loved one in a dignified manner is to have professional help on board. Ecorial Scattering Services makes it easy and offers their services at an affordable price. They will walk you through the entire ash scattering process - arranging the transportation, obtaining all the necessary permits, and helping you have a personalized memorial that will provide a sense of peace and comfort ever after. Ecorial’s trained staff organizes and looks after the whole event alongside photography and videography - beautiful memories of the memorial are created and each step, moment, and angle is captured with every little detail destined to perfection.

  • Unaccompanied Ash Scattering

It might not be possible to attend a loved one’s memorial event due to your health, age, or other unavoidable reasons such as the current pandemic. Therefore, Ecorial’s unaccompanied ash scattering service is quite popular. With this service, the ashes are transported to the preferred locations safely and scattered in a dignified way. You can personalize the event by requesting the recitation of a special poem, verse, or saying during the process. The scattering is done in an eco-friendly way along with an official GPS-marked recording, pictures, a video montage of the event. In addition, after the event, Ecorial provides a Certificate of Scattering and an optional engraved keepsake that can include a small portion of their ashes or other items, such as soil or water from the scattering location.

  • Accompanied Ash Scattering

If you prefer to accompany the remains of a loved one to one or more places to scatter, Ecorial can help you through the process. Whether you wish to scatter the ashes in the ocean or on a beautiful piece of land, Ecorial can help you obtain all the permits and guide you to the destined spot without any hassle.

As with the unaccompanied service, Ecorial also provides photography and videography services with a permanent recording having the exact GPS coordinates, date, and time stamp of the event. These recordings are then uploaded on the Ecorial app and can be shared with friends and family.  In addition, and similar to the unaccompanied scattering service, you receive a Certificate of Scattering and an optional engraved keepsake that can store a portion of your loved one’s ashes or soil or water from the scattering site.

Popular Locations for Scattering Ashes

Some of the most popular locations people choose to scatter ashes of a loved one include:

Each of these are locations that Ecorial serves for its accompanied and unaccompanied ash scattering services. If you have another location in mind, Ecorial can most likely still help – its destination ash scattering services provide opportunities to have your loved one scattered at virtually endless locations – on a glacier, on top of a mountain, at a religious site, and many more. Click here to inquire.

Grow a Living Memory with a Tree Memorial

tree memorial

Tree memorials can provide beautiful living memories of our loved ones. With The Living Urn, you place their ashes in the Bio Urn® and follow the step-by-step instructions to plant with a young memorial tree at a special place. This can be done at a Memory Forest, at home, or at another special place of your choosing.

Enlist a Memory Forest

With our exclusive partnerships with leading cemeteries, memorial gardens, and natural preserves throughout the U.S., we offer tranquil, well-maintained, and exceptionally beautiful resting places to have your loved one’s memory tree planted and cared for.  

At a Memory Forest, you can select the location on the property, type of tree, and planting date. Many families will also choose to hold a ceremony at the planting site (whether formal or informal). Additional and customized services are offered by each Memory Forest location. Click here and type in your zip code in the space provided to learn more and find a Memory Forest near you!

Plant at Home

The Living Urn gives you the flexibility to order only the planting system where you can pick up a tree or shrub at your local nursery to plant, or order The Living Urn with a young tree. We offer over 50 premium tree options throughout the U.S. which are narrowed down by zip code to the ones that grow best in your area – these are shipped directly to your home on-demand and when you are ready to plant.

Indoor Options

Alternatively, if you don’t have a special place to plant outdoors and you don’t prefer to plant at a Memory Forest, you can consider an indoor option with a bonsai tree, houseplant or succulent. The PlantUrn and The Living Urn Indoors are two great options  that can provide a feeling of closeness and also serve as a great decorative pieces.

Planting with Multiple Sets of Ashes

The Living Urn was designed to be used with up to one full set of a person’s ashes. However, if you prefer to combine ashes of multiple people, you can include a portion of each of their ashes in a single Living Urn or combine all of their ashes and split into multiple Living Urns. Another popular option for people looking to combine ashes into a Living Urn memorial, is to do one tree memorial with a portion of each of the sets of ashes, then do another type of memorial with the remaining ashes - this can include scattering at a special place, burying them, or keeping them in an urn in the home.

For pets, and because they are typically much smaller than people, you can combine multiple full sets into a single Living Urn. This gives you the option to keep your four-legged family members together in one beautiful living memorial!

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