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bio urn tree types

Most Common Trees Planted With The Living Urn (by state)

Since The Living Urn's patented bio urn and planting system was introduced a few years back, tens of thousands of tree memorials have been planted throughout the U.S. and worldwide. With each tree memorial, families honor a loved one and also give back to nature and Mother Earth.

With so many tree memorials all over the U.S., the team at The Living Urn has been able to learn which trees are most commonly chosen by families to plant in each state. This includes oaks, maples, crape myrtles, dogwoods, cherry, and willows, among many others.

Most Popular Tree Memorials by State

Below we highlight the most common trees chosen by families to plant with a bio urn (by state).

bio urn tree types

  • Alabama: Tulip Poplar
  • Alaska: Cedar
  • Arizona: Cypress 
  • Arkansas: Oak
  • California: Crape Myrtle 
  • Colorado: Colorado Blue Spruce 
  • Connecticut: Dogwood (Pink) 
  • Delaware: Dogwood (White)
  • Florida: Crape Myrtle 
  • Georgia: Dogwood (Pink) 
  • Hawaii: Koa
  • Idaho: Oak 
  • Illinois: Oak
  • Indiana: Red Maple
  • Iowa: Oak
  • Kansas: Red Maple
  • Kentucky: Weeping Willow 
  • Louisiana: Crape Myrtle 
  • Maine: Red Maple
  • Maryland: Flowering Cherry
  • Massachusetts: Oak
  • Michigan: Red Maple
  • Minnesota: Red Maple
  • Mississippi: Oak 
  • Missouri: Weeping Willow
  • Montana: Oak
  • Nebraska: Red Maple 
  • Nevada: Pine
  • New Hampshire: Sugar Maple
  • New Jersey: Flowering Cherry
  • New Mexico: Pine
  • New York: Red Maple 
  • North Carolina: Dogwood (Pink)
  • North Dakota:  Oak
  • Ohio: Dogwood (Pink)
  • Oklahoma: Oak 
  • Oregon: Dogwood (White)
  • Pennsylvania: Dogwood (White)
  • Rhode Island: Dogwood (Pink)
  • South Carolina: Red Maple
  • South Dakota: Weeping Willow
  • Tennessee:  Oak
  • Texas: Red Maple
  • Utah: Flowering Cherry
  • Vermont: Sugar Maple
  • Virginia: Red Maple 
  • Washington: Weeping Willow
  • West Virginia: Red Maple
  • Wisconsin: Red Maple
  • Wyoming: Colorado Blue Spruce

About the Most Popular Trees

  • Red Maple (favorite in 12 states)

red maple tree burial

The Red Maple is the most popular tree families choose to plant with The Living Urn bio urn to honor a loved one. It is also one of the hardiest and most beautiful trees in the U.S., displaying vibrant red colors throughout the year. This special tree is drought tolerant and can grow in hot and dry conditions as well as in soggy and wet areas. The red maple has a root system that adapts to a variety of climates and soil conditions – in wet soil, the roots push out laterally with small taproots and in dry soil, it will grow long taproots and short lateral roots. This special tree has one of the largest geographic growing areas in the U.S. – it can be found as far north as Maine and as far south as Southern Florida. 

  • Oak (favorite in 10 states)

oak tree burial

The majestic oak tree is one of the most common species in North America and is considered America’s national tree. It has even been selected as the state tee of Iowa, Illiniois, Maryland, Georgia, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Georgia, New Jersey and Iowa. The mighty oak tree has long been valued for its incredible strength and longevity - the oldest oak trees in the U.S. are estimated to be over a thousand years old! Oak trees adapt well in the natural forest, the suburban yard and in parks of inner cities. They also support other life. One can regularly see birds nests, squirrels nests, and Spanish moss on oaks.

The Living Urn offers beautiful oak tree options for all parts of the U.S., including the Northern Red Oak, the White Oak and the Willow Oak. Additional Oak options are grown by The Living Urn’s nursery and available, so if you are looking for something specific just contact The Living Urn and they probably grow it.  

Northern Red Oak - The Red Oak is a fast growing tree that provides a magnificent presence and shows a dense crown and brilliant red color in the fall. In addition, the red oak provides food for a variety of wildlife. Its acorns are a favorite among squirrels, deer, racoons, black bears, and blue jays. Deer occasionally eat the red oaks twigs in the winter.

White Oak - The White Oak is strong and large with a short stocky trunk and massive horizontal limbs. The beautiful bark is a light, soft gray color and is often broken into small, narrow rectangular blocks and scales. The leaves are dark green to slightly blue-green in summer, brown and wine-red to orange-red in the fall. The fall foliage is showy.

Willow Oak - The Willow Oak is also a popular choice with Living Urn customers as it is a relatively fast growing and attractive oak tree with willow-like leaves. The leaves are light to bright, vibrant green in the summer, then turning yellow in the fall. The Willow Oak is a beautiful option and highly adaptable to a wide range of conditions.

  • Dogwood (favorite in 8 states)

dogwood tree burial

The Pink Dogwood and White Dogwood are two of the most popular trees offered by The Living Urn and a favorite in 9 states! These trees show beautiful vibrant blooms and are some of the most popular landscape trees in the U.S. They are low branching four season trees that can serve as a great contrast to evergreens. The red fruit produced by the dogwoods is a favorite food of song birds.

  • Weeping Willow (favorite in 4 states)

weeping willow tree burial

The Weeping Willow is a beautiful option for a tree memorial and the leading option chosen by families in Washington, Missouri, Kentucky, and South Dakota. With its long slender leaves, and sweeping branches, this special tree displays a sense of peace and sheer beauty. Similar to the red maple, the weeping willow is a hardy tree that can grow and thrive in a variety of soil conditions and climates.

  • Flowering Cherry (favorite in 3 states)

cherry tree burial

The Flowering Cherry tree originates from Japan and has become one of the favorite flowering landscape trees in the U.S. It shows off its vibrant white and pink flowers in the Spring and serves as a great shade tree. It’s a favorite tree planted with bio urns in three states (Maryland, New Jersey, and Utah), and is a close second in over a dozen more!

  • Crape Myrtle (favorite in 3 states)                  

crape myrtle tree burial

The Crape Myrtle is the most popular smaller-sized tree offered by The Living Urn, and the most popular tree planted with a bio urn in three states (California, Florida, and Louisiana). It can come with purple, pink, red, or white flowering options, all of which are truly a sight to see! This beautiful tree is fast growing and, once established, is fairly drought tolerant. With its smaller size, the crape myrtle is a great option for families with limited space to plant their tree memorial.

  • Colorado Blue Spruce (favorite in 2 states)

spruce tree burial

The Colorado Blue Spruce is the leading memorial tree planted in Colorado (surprised?) and Wyoming. This beautiful conifer has a Christmas tree color and shape and can be a focal point of a landscape. The blue spruce is a hardy tree that can survive for hundreds to thousands of years – the world’s oldest known tree is believed to be a spruce located in Sweden that is now over 9,550 years old!

Other Popular Trees

Other popular trees with at least one state calling them their favorite include the Pine (Nevada and New Mexico), Sugar Maple (New Hampshire and Vermont), Tulip Poplar (Alabama), Cypress (Arizona), and Koa (Hawaii).

In addition to the trees mentioned above, other popular trees offered by The Living Urn include the Eastern Redbud, Ginkgo Biloba, Sourwood, and Sycamore. There are also flowering shrub options available including Azaleas, Gardenias, and Hydrangeas, among others.

What Tree is Right for Your Memorial?

The Living Urn offers over 50 tree options, narrowed down to what grows best in your area (identified by zip code). There are a lot of beautiful trees to choose from for your area ranging from $129 to $165, depending on which tree you choose for you or your loved one. The Living Urn System is typically shipped the same day that it is ordered and the tree is sent to your doorstep whenever you are ready to plant. If you would like The Living Urn bio urn and planting system now but want to plant at a later date, you can specify that in the notes section at checkout.  Also, if you are not sure when you will plant, you can simply request a voucher for a tree and the tree will be shipped when you are ready.

The trees provided by The Living Urn are 2-4’ in height and arrive at your doorstep in gallon or quart sized pots with healthy, robust root systems. It is important to plant a tree for a loved one's memorial at this stage (and not a seed or tiny seedling) as it is important that your tree can grow and thrive when planted. To search the trees offered by The Living Urn in your area, click here and type in your zip code in the space provided.

In addition to its market leading bio urn and planting system provided for people, The Living Urn also offers a version of its bio urn for pets! You can also honor your beloved pet and grow a living memory that will last.

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