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father and daughter plating tree

Ceremonial Tree Planting: Why is it a Growing Trend?

Saying goodbye to a departed loved one is more than committing their body to the earth. It’s a chance for the bereaved to celebrate the life and legacy of someone they cherish and hold dear.
With grief, we never fully know what to expect. Each encounter is unique because our relationships with the departed are equally one-of-a-kind. Ceremonial tree planting returns agency to grief-stricken families by allowing them to actively participate in nurturing and cultivating a living memorial that can last for generations.

mother and daugher planting a tree

What is a Tree Planting Ceremony?

A tree planting ceremony is a special event where those in grief plant a special tree in honor of a departed loved one. Whether held by one person or a large gathering of loved ones and friends, tree planting ceremonies come in all sizes. One of the most popular versions of a tree planting ceremony includes the ashes of the departed. The Living Urn is an innovative BioUrn® that allows you to place the ashes inside with a special tree of your choice. Along with premium growth mix and RootProtect® additives, the ashes unite with the robust roots of the young tree to create a remarkable living memorial.

Organizing a Tree Planting Ceremony in Memory of a Loved One

With cremated ashes, the bereaved have tremendous flexibility in planning and organizing a tree planting ceremony. Ashes can be held indefinitely without any concern of spoiling, which makes it very easy to plan a tree planting ceremony at your convenience. Here are some helpful tips for organizing your ceremony:

Consider Who Will Participate

Whether you wish to have a personal tree planting ceremony by yourself or include others, it can be a very comforting experience. Participants can range from those who want to help with the physical planting to others who wish to offer emotional support. You can discuss who will participate in specific duties, such as digging the hole for the bio urn, transferring the Living Urn to the ground, or adding soil and mulch to the area. For many, it can be incredibly meaningful to contribute to the planting in some way—even if it’s adding a handful of soil.

Choose a Location

When it comes to choosing a location, there are unlimited choices. For many, planting on their private property offers special significance and comfort since they can view and visit the living memorial at any time. Other popular locations include the departed’s favorite spot, a national park, a church, or a Memory Forest—a tranquil resting place full of trees.

Choose a Tree

Choosing a tree is a special journey. There are so many beautiful trees and shrubs you can choose to honor your loved one. From the strength and resilience of the mighty bur oak to the exquisite beauty of a blossoming cherry tree, your tree can reflect the special qualities of your departed loved one, giving your living memorial deep significance. With The Living Urn’s award-winning nursery, you can choose from over fifty trees. Once you know the location, simply enter your zip code to see which trees are most suitable for your region. When you ensure your tree can manage the local climate, your sacred memorial can grow and thrive for decades and even longer.

Pick a Date

It’s helpful to choose a date that will support the growth of your tree. For instance, spring and fall are ideal times for tree roots to take hold and flourish. Although, summer may also be a good time as well. Keep an eye on the local weather. For example, you may want to postpone your tree planting ceremony if you’re anticipating an extreme heat wave; depending on the species you've chosen, it may be difficult for the tree.

Why Ceremonial Tree Planting?

Holding a tree planting ceremony can offer a wide range of benefits.

Agency in Grief

An encounter with grief can be a life-long process. While it never fully goes away, facing our grief can help the bereaved heal and move forward with life healthily. We can’t control that the loss occurred, but we can control how we manage our grief. Holding a ceremonial tree planting allows grief-stricken individuals to have a say in how they wish to honor and remember their departed loved ones.

Supports Healing

Any time we have an opportunity to nurture life, it can’t help but bring some form of peace and comfort in the process. From the size of a young two-foot tree to a towering, full-grown enduring memorial, the physical growth is readily apparent. Participants can take pride knowing they helped cultivate a majestic, ever-present memorial.

Fights Climate Change

In their final act, the departed actively preserve the environment for those they’ve left behind. As a living tree, the departed are always present in the daily lives of the bereaved, offering fresh oxygen, stable soil, and cool shade to those who bask beneath their branches.

Ceremonial Tree Planting Gaining Popularity with The Living Urn

The patented Living Urn® is America's first and leading bio urn and planting system designed to grow a beautiful, enduring memory tree with cremated remains. While the innovative system may be complex, using it is quite easy! We’re the only urn in the world designed to use living trees instead of seeds or saplings. By doing so, your living urn has a greater chance of growing and thriving after your special tree planting ceremony. Eco-friendly while offering soothing support and peace, it’s no wonder why ceremonial tree planting is increasing in popularity. Visit our store today to learn more about creating a poignant living memorial!

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