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Pre-Planning Memorials with our Bio Urn is Growing in Popularity

Pre-Planning Memorials with our Bio Urn is Growing in Popularity

As the popularity of eco-friendly burials and The Living Urn continues to increase so does the rise in popularity of Pre-Planning memorials with our special Bio Urn.

It is never too early to plan your memorial. Being prepared can eliminate the potential for stress felt by family members and friends as they will know everything is already in place and your wishes are being met. In addition, when you plan ahead you have time to carefully consider all options and details, free from the emotional strain that would burden the ones you love if they had to make such decisions.

Dealing with funeral arrangements can be overwhelming as there is so much to take into consideration, however, with The Living Urn and our Pre-Planning Program everything is straightforward. You will be sparing your family the stress of planning when you pass, allowing them time and opportunity to peacefully remember you and your beautiful life. With The Living Urn’s Pre-Planning program, you receive our bio urn and planting system right away, or you can elect to receive it at a later date. The system comes with a pre-paid voucher for a tree seedling of choice (including shipping costs) that has simple instructions for your family on how to redeem the tree you choose on demand. After you pass, family or friends can simply reach out and request your young memory tree be sent. The 2-4’ premium tree seedling is then packaged by our award winning nursery and sent right away (or at a date of their choosing).

Shauna Thomas, a recent customer of The Living Urn, commented, “My husband and I just turned 40 and both ordered our Living Urn Pre-Planning kits – such a great purchase. We feel relieved to have everything related to our memorials done ahead of time and clear instructions in each of our wills. We love the idea of giving back and now have the peace-of-mind that we will one day have beautiful tree memorials that family and friends can enjoy.”

Mark Brewer, one of the founders of The Living Urn and company president, commented on this exciting new offering, "We receive calls and e-mails every day from people looking to pre-plan their memorial arrangements. These people are from a wide range of age ranges - from people in their thirties to people in their nineties. For this reason, we made the decision to develop a new version of The Living Urn for people interested in planning their own memorial ahead of time so everything is in place when they pass and the cost or decision on what to do is not a burden on friends or family.”

The Pre-Planning version of The Living Urn is available for a limited time for only $129 ($20 off the regular price of $149). Begin your preparations today and take some of the stress off yourself and your loved ones. So much in life is unpredictable and The Living Urn is here to help you to plan a beautiful, affordable, and eco-friendly burial that will make everything so much easier. Give back to nature, honor a loved one, grow a living memory with The Living Urn.

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