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Reasons Why Funeral Homes Choose Our Market Leading Bio Urn

Reasons Why Funeral Homes Choose Our Market Leading Bio Urn

We've shipped thousands and thousands of Living Urns and trees, maintained strong relationships with our hundreds of funeral home customers all over the country, and continue to receive excellent reviews and touching testimonials from families on a regular basis for our proven product. 

Here are the key reasons why the patented Living Urn® is different than any product of its kind on the market, and why funeral homes across the country choose to offer our product to the families they serve:

  • Our Important Tree Advantages

The Living Urn® is the only tree memorial product on the market designed to be planted with living trees, NOT seeds or tiny seedlings. You can plant a tree of any size with The Living Urn® and the trees we provide our customers range in height from 2-4' with a robust root system.

We provide nearly 50 different easy to grow tree options from our award-winning nursery and only offer a tailored menu of the best trees for each area of the U.S. (identified by zip code). In addition, we ship trees to families every week of the year on demand so customers receive the highest quality trees shipped fresh whenever they are ready to plant!

There is an important reason why The Living Urn® is used with young trees and not tiny seedlings or seeds. Tiny seedlings have a small root mass which affects the survival rate of the tree when transplanted. The 2'-4' trees we provide have a developed root system and are shipped in a gallon or quart pot.  As for seeds, it can be a challenge growing a healthy, enduring tree from a seed.  Seed germination can take a long time and failure rates can be high. In addition, sometimes special steps are needed to be taken to even induce germination (including seasonal considerations). Simply put, there are good reasons why nurseries sell young trees and not seeds or tiny seedlings.

  • Our BioUrn® Advantage

Our unique BioUrn® provides needed depth and width for roots and the special materials used in its construction allow roots to grow freely. While our BioUrn® is strong and rigid with no expiration above ground, it softens immediately when planted so the roots can pass through freely within a short period of time after planting. This is important for the short and long-term health of the tree as it allows the roots to get established and the tree to take to its new growing environment once planted. A solid, slower degrading material restricting root expansion could prevent the tree from taking or limit its potential and lifespan. In addition, our additives and instructions are all important, making it as easy as possible for families to have success growing a beautiful and enduring memory tree that honors their loved one.

  • All-In-One System

We spent years developing a patented all-in-one system that gives a family everything they need to grow a memory tree.  Our proprietary BioUrn® is housed in a sleek bamboo shell, which has become popular in ceremonies. We ship a 2-4' living tree of choice on-demand that is well suited for the geographic location. We also provide premium wood chips and RootProtect®, which is our proprietary ash agent that serves to counter the natural properties of the cremated remains to create a more balanced growing environment.

  • Value Advantage

The patented Living Urn® is our core product, not something that we distribute for another company.  We take great pride that we developed it, we build it, we sell it, we ship it and we care about it.  We also have a passionate customer service team here in Denver to support customers. Even with our trees, we are here to take your calls and do not pass customers off to a 3rd party. Since we are not a middleman, we’re able to provide the highest quality product for a reasonable price.

  • Indoor Option

Searching online, there are a lot of pictures of seeds sprouting and trees growing in pots indoors. While this looks interesting, it is important to know that all trees are naturally outdoor trees. While some trees can be grown indoors, a large number would require special care and equipment, such as grow lights and environmental/temperature controls.

The Living Urn® Indoors/Patio was designed understanding these important limitations so that it is easy for families to be able to grow a beautiful memory tree indoors. The trees we offer for The Living Urn® Indoors/Patio are not only beautiful, but they are simple to maintain, don’t require any extra equipment, and will thrive inside or on a patio.

  • Research & Development

Before launching The Living Urn®, we spent years working with expert arborists, soil scientists and materials engineers to develop and test the system and to ensure we are offering funeral homes and families only the best quality product and system.  Our system is proven and we have thousands of happy customers!

  • Customer Service

Bio urns that grow trees are a relatively new concept. For this reason, families may have many questions prior to, during, and after a planting. Instead of putting this on the funeral home or another party, we make available our Denver-based customer service team to answer calls and e-mails – helping to ensure all families who purchase a Living Urn® have a great experience and truly appreciate their loved one’s memorial!

To learn more, or place an order, give us a call at (800) 495-7022.

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