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RootProtect®, An Important Soil Additive Included with Every Living Urn®

RootProtect®, An Important Soil Additive Included with Every Living Urn®

The Living Urn® biodegradable tree urn and planting system comes with everything needed to grow a living memorial of a loved one. This includes a special biodegradable urn, premium growth mix, aged wood chips, planting instructions, an attractive bamboo cylinder packaging, a premium tree seedling of choice, and RootProtect®, a proprietary soil additive.

The RootProtect® additive is unique to The Living Urn and a critical part of the bio urn and planting system. It counters certain properties of cremated remains, including high pH and sodium levels, to create an environment suitable for tree growth. This special additive was developed by The Living Urn’s development team with the help of leading U.S. soil scientists and arborists. 

We asked Mark Brewer, The Living Urn’s President and Co-Founder about this special soil additive, “When we first started developing The Living Urn, we quickly learned of the challenges of growing a tree or plant life from a soil environment containing ashes.  Most trees prefer acidic soil environments and human or pet ashes create more basic environments, plus the ash is full of sodium. So we enlisted the help of some leading soil scientists and arborists to figure out a solution. After over a year of R&D and a lengthy testing period, we introduced RootProtect as our proprietary soil additive.”

Brewer continued, “RootProtect is an important part of The Living Urn bio urn and planting system. Without it, it would be a challenge to grow a tree, plant, or flowers from our bio urn containing ashes. In addition to this special additive, we also designed our urn to be about a foot tall, much larger than other biodegradable urns on the market. The reason for this was to make sure there was enough room within the urn for both, the cremated remains and the RootProtect soil additive. Other bio urns on the market are smaller and don’t offer such an additive. We believe this is a huge advantage and a reason why our customers are having great results with The Living Urn and growing memorials of loved ones.”

Brewer concludes, “We continue to get daily feedback from customers about how their memorial tree of a loved one is growing and thriving. This feedback is a testament to our dedicated Denver based R&D team who took the time to develop and test a system to make sure it worked under various conditions before going to market. The resulting Living Urn is a unique bio urn and planting system that is both, easy to use and creates beautiful living memorials.”

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