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The Importance of RootProtect™, The Living Urn’s Proprietary Soil Additive

The Importance of RootProtect™, The Living Urn’s Proprietary Soil Additive

The Living Urn® is unique for many reasons, including its special BioUrn® made from recycled plant materials, the soil additives it comes with, the premium tree seedling sent directly from the Arbor Day Foundation’s nursery, and that it comes packaged in an attractive eco-friendly bamboo container. 

One important part of The Living Urn that many do not realize prior to purchasing is that it comes with a special soil additive called RootProtect™. This proprietary additive was developed by soil scientists and arborists and counters certain properties of cremated remains to make the soil environment more suitable for tree growth.

We asked Mark Brewer, The Living Urn’s co-founder and President, about the importance of this additive, “RootProtect is a very important part of our planting system and is unique to The Living Urn – we’re the only bio urn that provides this. Cremated remains are naturally high in sodium and have a very high pH level. If you try to grow a tree from a soil environment with just the ashes of a loved one and do not include a special additive like RootProtect, it could be problematic and may not grow.”

Brewer continued, “We spent over a year focused on developing the special RootProtect additive and went through a lot of testing as we wanted to help ensure our customers have a good experience with The Living Urn and are able to grow a beautiful memorial that will grow and thrive for many years to come. Even though the research and development involved with this additive ultimately delayed the launch of The Living Urn, we felt it was critical in order to make sure we went to market with a bio urn and planting system that works and gives a family everything they need to grow a living memorial of a loved one."

"We believe that providing families with everything they need to grow a living memory tree from our BioUrn containing their loved one’s remains is the right thing to do. If we only provided part of the solution, many families would most likely not have a good result and their tree may not grow. We developed The Living Urn bio urn and planting system with the intention that all customers would have a successful outcome and that has been critical to our success. The testimonials that continue to come in daily are a true testament of the dedication of our R&D and customer service team. Families are having great success growing living memorials of their loved ones with The Living Urn.”

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