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The Living Urn Launches New Program to Help Customers Find Their Perfect Tree

The Living Urn Launches New Program to Help Customers Find Their Perfect Tree

The Living Urn is excited to announce a new Local Tree Help Program to assist customers in finding that perfect ‘seasonal’ potted tree for their area at a local nursery convenient to them.

Mark Brewer, President of The Living Urn commented, “Our exclusive tree supplier, the Arbor Day Foundation, does a great job in sending out high quality ‘seasonal’ bare root trees to customers in the early Spring and the Fall. This includes popular maples, oaks, dogwoods, willows, etc. Bare root trees have a number of advantages, including having a larger root mass and we’re able to offer a greater variety of trees in different areas throughout the country. However, the main disadvantage of bare root trees is that they can only be shipped in the early Spring and mid to late Fall when they’re in a dormant, or ‘sleeping’, state. When they begin to ‘wake up’, they can no longer be shipped.”

Brewer continues, “On the other hand, potted trees carried by local nurseries throughout the country can be safely planted throughout Spring, early Summer, and for most places, in the entire Fall season. That is why we introduced this new local tree help program – to assist families who want to plant a ‘seasonal’ tree with The Living Urn now and don’t want to wait until the Fall shipping season to receive their bare root tree from the Arbor Day Foundation. With this program, our staff can help find that perfect tree for a customer at a nursery close to them. We already have hundreds of qualified nurseries in our database and more are being added daily. All a customer has to do is order The Living Urn without a tree seedling, pick up the tree of choice that we can help source locally, then follow the simple instructions we provide to plant the tree with The Living Urn containing their loved one’s ashes.”

If you want to plant a seasonal tree with The Living Urn now, here’s how…

  1. Order The Living Urn System Only Product, which includes our unique BioUrn®, RootProtect™, our proprietary soil additive to counter the pH and sodium in cremated remains, a premium growth mix, wood chips, planting instructions, and packaged in our signature bamboo container. This version of The Living Urn comes with everything you need to Grow a Living Memory™ except for the tree.
  2. Pick out a tree of choice in a small pot (5 gallons or less) from a local nursery. Either you can find one on your own, or you can contact our Tree Help Program at (800) 495-7022 ext. 705, or to assist you with finding that perfect local tree.
  3. Follow the simple instructions provided to plant the potted tree with The Living Urn bio urn and planting system containing your loved one’s ashes to Grow a Living Memory!

Brewer continues, “We’ve tested this program over the past few weeks and the feedback has been amazing. Families who want to plant a seasonal tree when we’re not able to ship the bare root trees can utilize this program to make the entire process simple and straightforward. We’re excited to roll-out this out as we believe it can really help families.”

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