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The Red Maple:  A Popular Tree to Plant with a Bio Urn & Grow a Living Memorial

The Red Maple: A Popular Tree to Plant with a Bio Urn & Grow a Living Memorial

The Red Maple shows its sheer beauty in all four seasons – from its bright red flowers in the Spring, to its beautiful green leaves in the Summer, then a display of vibrant red, orange, and yellow in the Fall, and red buds in the Winter.

In addition to its beauty, the red maple, also known as acer rubrum, is a highly intelligent tree that quickly adapts to its environment. In wet soil, its roots will grow laterally with short taproots, and with dry soil conditions, it will grow long taproots with short lateral roots.

The red maple is also resilient. It grows and thrives in a variety of climates and can be found in Southern Florida to Texas, and all the way up to Northern Maine. This special tree is drought tolerant yet can handle wet soggy conditions. It can grow in warm climates and also the frigid cold of the far northern states. It also does well in the sun or in the shade and in various elevations. With a wide geographic planting zone, the red maple is one of the most common trees planted in the United States.

It is also a tree that gives back. The fruit from red maple trees are a favorite of squirrels. The shoots and leaves of a red maple are also a favorite of rabbits, elk, and white tailed deer.

With such great benefits, the red maple tree is also one of the more popular trees planted as a tree memorial of a loved one. Mark Brewer, co-developer of The Living Urn commented, “The red maple is an amazing tree that is popular with families who choose to grow a tree memorial using our bio urn and planting system. Families love the colors it displays, along with how hearty this special tree is.”

Brewer continues, “With its dense foliage, the red maple is also a great shade tree that can provide a wonderful place for families to picnic under, read books, and create other great memories. Depending on where it is planted, it can grow up to 2 to 3 feet per year. This fast growth rate gives families the ability to see their red maple grow into a large tree memorial in a relatively short period of time.”

“Hundreds and hundreds of red maple tree memorials have been planted with The Living Urn planting system throughout the U.S. and we expect thousands more will be planted over the next few years.”

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