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Tree Pod Burials

As people look for more environmentally conscious alternatives to traditional burial practices, one option has become quite popular: Tree Pod Burials. This eco-friendly approach offers a unique way for the departed to be laid to rest. Tree pod burials harness the transformative power of nature, memorializing the departed as they join with a special tree of your choosing. While traditional burial methods can contribute heavily to land and environmental concerns, tree pod burials allow the departed to become a beautiful continuation of the circle of life.

Tree pod burial

Facing mortality can be challenging for most of us, especially for younger people. After all, traditional funerals are generally formal, rigid ceremonies that utilize an unsettling coffin. This burial practice also tends to be very harsh on the environment. Rethinking the funeral and memorial service process as part of a return to nature can help normalize the concept of death and even provide a greater sense of peace and comfort for the bereaved.

What is a Tree Pod Burial?

A tree urn, also known as a biodegradable urn or bio urn, is a vessel that holds the ashes or cremated remains of the departed and then is formulated to support the growth of a tree. With a tree pod burial, the eco-friendly bio urn is buried in the ground, and a tree is planted above it. As the bio urn naturally breaks down, the ashes can be infused with the environment of the tree, contributing to its growth. The Living Urn® is a patented tree urn and planting system that makes it easy to transform the ashes of your loved one into a living tree memorial. Family and friends can marvel at the growing tribute for years to come!

How Much Does a Tree Pod Burial Cost?

Not only are tree pod burials environmentally friendly and sustainable, but they are also much more affordable than traditional burials. According to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), the national median cost of a traditional funeral with a viewing and burial in 2021 was approximately $7,848. From embalming to applying cosmetic techniques for visitation, quite a lot of work goes into traditional funeral services. That isn't the case with “green” tree pod burials. Typically, there is no visitation. The body is prepared for the tree pod burial by undergoing the cremation process, which costs approximately $1,100. Of course, cremation prices can vary depending on the area.

The patented Living Urn System costs $129. We also offer a wide selection of beautiful 2 to 4 foot trees, which cost approximately $35 each. You can also purchase The Living Urn System alone and pick a tree from your local nursery. Another important cost is the location of the departed’s final resting place. The most affordable location is on your private property. It may be comforting to know your loved one is close by; however, if you ever decide to move, it may be difficult to gain access to your living memorial. With tree pod burials, it has become quite popular to plant these sacred memorials in Memory Forests™ instead.

Launched in 2018 by the same team behind The Living Urn, Memory Forests™ are beautiful, tranquil resting places for those memorialized by tree pods. Instead of a tombstone and a cemetery, your departed loved one receives a tree and a forest! Through Memory Forests™, The Living Urn has established exclusive partnerships with several leading cemeteries and memorial gardens across the U.S. The cost of a tree pod burial at a Memorial Forest varies. It all depends on the area and the type of tree chosen.

How Does a Tree Burial Pod Work?

A traditional tree burial pod places a loved one’s ashes within a biodegradable vessel and is buried in the Earth. The bereaved plant a seed or sapling over the buried bio urn. Over time, the tree pod decomposes and releases the ashes into the soil, interacting with the young tree as it grows. Seeds or saplings are not combined with traditional tree pods. In contrast, The Living Urn’s patented BioUrn® and Planting System infuse a young tree into the urn before burial. It’s a complex and sophisticated design, but it’s very easy to use!

Simply place your loved one’s cremated remains in the BioUrn® and add our proprietary RootProtect® additive on top. The special additive is an essential element for creating a hospitable environment for tree or plant growth. The lower roots of the young tree can then be placed into the special BioUrn®. Add premium growth mix and plant the urn in your preferred location. Included with the planting system is a small bag of starter mulch. These wood chips will be sprinkled around the planted tree to help it retain moisture. By using a small tree, The Living Urn tree pod is well-positioned to support its robust roots. With other bio urns, it can be difficult to cultivate growth with only seeds or saplings. Your sacred memorial will grow from the urn along with your departed loved one’s cremated remains, keeping their memory alive.

Tree Pod Burial Legalities

Tree pod burials offer tremendous flexibility regarding burial locations. Whether you choose a conservation site, Memory Forest™, or your private land, no federal or state regulations will oppose you. However, if you’re interested in burying your tree pod in areas, such as public land, a national park, or property you do not own, obtaining permission first is important. That includes a cemetery that serves as the final resting place for a previous family burial.

There are no legal requirements to inform state authorities about the burial of ashes on your private land after a legal cremation. However, letting authorities know about your tree pod is a good idea. As a sacred memorial, you want to ensure it will not be disturbed. If you happen to sell your property or have anyone working on the land, your tree pod will have a much better chance of remaining at peace.

Tree Burial Pod Locations

With bio urns, there are several wonderful areas to plant your one-of-a-kind memorial. Here are three meaningful locations:

Private Property

Our homes are where some of our fondest memories are created. It’s where we connect most regularly as a family. Choosing a sacred spot on the property can be an ideal way to honor your loved one. Whether near a stream, in a garden, or outside your dining room window, your loved one can always be part of your daily life. If you happen to move, you may be able to hire a professional tree transplanting service to ensure a smooth transition.

Memory Forests

Similar to cemeteries, Memory Forests™ are sacred areas designated for honoring our departed loved ones. Sustainable and eco-friendly, Memory Forests™ are all-natural. In fact, to the unsuspecting eye, it would appear to be exactly what it’s intended to look like: a forest. Even though elaborate headstones are omitted, there is technology to help locate the exact GPS coordinates of your special tree. For instance, the bereaved can utilize the Ecorial® app. Some locations even offer remote viewing so that you can see your tree anytime via a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Your tree will be watered and well cared for by the expert staff of the Memorial Garden or Cemetery.


For those of faith, the property of your beloved church can be a beautiful location to honor your departed loved one. While it can comfort your family, it can also unite your extended church family. Whether during a church function or on a quiet Tuesday afternoon, your loved one will always be part of a sacred and loving space.

5 Benefits of a Tree Pod Burial

Tree pod burials provide a variety of advantages for individuals seeking an eco-friendly, sustainable, one-of-a-kind approach to committing their bodies to the Earth. Here are five meaningful benefits:

Environmentally Friendly

One of the most important benefits of tree pod burials is their positive environmental impact. All elements used in creating tree pods are made from biodegradable materials and help promote the growth of nature. With traditional burial practices, a considerable amount of non-biodegradable materials are needed, such as caskets made of hardwood or metal, concrete vaults, and dangerous chemicals. The embalming fluid used to preserve a body for traditional burial can seep into the soil and water, disrupting ecosystems. In contrast, tree pods contribute to the tree's nourishment and support the ecosystem.

Preserve Natural Landscapes

When you choose a tree pod burial, you contribute to the preservation of natural landscapes. Natural burial grounds and green cemeteries maintain the integrity of the surrounding environment. If grave markers are used, they are natural and minimalistic. Today, the family and friends of the departed can utilize innovative technology, such as the Ecorial® app, to locate the sacred spot of their departed loved one whenever they wish to visit. By keeping the land in it’s natural state, there is no need for extensive landscaping services, maintenance, or the use of dangerous chemicals like traditional cemetery grounds. Opting for a tree pod burial allows individuals to actively participate in the conservation of natural spaces.

Connect with Nature

With tree pod burials, the bereaved can experience a profound connection with nature through the serene and natural setting of your loved one’s final resting place. Including a tree in the burial process symbolizes the never-ending circle of life. Family and friends can find comfort and peace knowing that their departed loved one’s remains are actively participating in the growth of a special memorial. The burial site can become a reflective space for the bereaved to connect with nature and fortify the bond they share with the departed.

Lasting Legacy

With tree pod burials, you can create a deeply personal and meaningful memorial. From white oaks to sugar maples to southern magnolias, there is a wide range of tree species you can pick for your special tribute. You can choose your loved one’s favorite tree or one that has significant meaning to you. The act of planting your tree pod becomes a ceremonial experience, offering a sense of purpose and continuity. Over time, you can watch your remarkable memorial grow as it serves as a living and lasting testament to the life of your departed loved one.


The eco-friendly approach of tree pod burials enables it to be much more cost-effective than traditional burial practices. Tree pod burials don’t require the typical trappings of traditional burials, such as expensive caskets, elaborate headstones, embalming processes, and cosmetic services. Families interested in upholding an environmentally conscious burial option can find comfort in knowing tree pod burials align with sustainable practices while limiting the financial burden. The streamlined approach of tree pod burials also reduces the stress that can come with the heavy expenses of traditional burial practices.

Discover Tree Pod Burial Options from The Living Urn

The patented Living Urn® is America's first and leading Bio Urn & Planting System. Whether you’re interested in honoring a person or a pet, our tree pods provide you with an environmentally friendly way to preserve their legacy. If you’re looking for an ideal spot to plant your sacred tribute, we can help! Our exclusive partnerships with leading cemeteries and memorial parks throughout the US allow Memory Forest™ to provide a beautiful way to honor a loved one, give back to nature, and grow a living memory. To get started, simply find a Memory Forest™ near you. You’ll be able to discover a wide range of options for your specific area, such as the type of trees best suited for planting, plot location, planting date, planting ceremony, and unique memorial markers.

Tree Pod Burial - FAQs

How much does a tree pod burial cost without cremation?

The Living Urn tree pod planting system costs $129. If you wish to include a tree, it can be an additional $25 to $36; it depends on which type of tree you prefer. Tree pod burial costs depend on the location you choose as well as the area. Please contact a location near you to find out more!

Are burial tree pods environmentally friendly?

Yes! All materials are made from sustainable, 100% biodegradable materials.

Where can I plant a tree pod?

You can plant a tree pod on your private property, a Memory Forest, Conservation Burial Sites, or Memorial Gardens. If you wish to bury your tree pod on land you do not own, such as a church or a national park, it’s important to obtain permission before doing so.

What types of trees can be offered as a burial tree pod?

You can use several types of trees for your burial tree pod. We offer over fifty different tree options for your sacred memorial. You may also contact your local nursery and garden center to find an option suitable for your tribute.

Where can I get a tree pod burial in the USA?

If you’d like to plant your tree pod in the US, click here to view the various Cemeteries, Memorial Gardens, and Natural Preserves to discover a suitable location.

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