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Planting Trees in Winter

It's February - Can I Still Plant a Living Urn?

As a general rule, if the ground is not frozen where you live you can still plant a tree! It's always a good idea to plant your memory tree at least a week or two before the ground freezes (if it does in your area) or before any cold weather arrives so the tree is able to 'root in'.

While this rule applies in most Central and Northern states, warmer states in the South and West like Texas, Florida, California, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico are mainly areas where trees can be planted later into the Winter and with much more flexibility. 

tree urn

The ground is currently frozen where I live - can I still plant a tree?

If you live in the Northern half of the U.S. or Canada, the ground will likely freeze during the Winter season. If the ground is already frozen where you live, it is recommended that you wait until Spring to plant.

If you want to use a bio urn to plant a memory tree of a family member or friend and the ground is already frozen where you live, you still have multiple options. This includes choosing one of the following:

The Living Urn with a Tree (and select a tree shipment date in the future): You’re able to receive The Living Urn bio urn and planting system right away and the tree you select will be shipped directly to your doorstep and ready to plant on a date of your choosing. This can be simply noted at checkout on our website, or you can give our Denver-based customer service team a call at (800) 495-7022, ext. 0.

The Living Urn with a Tree Voucher: You are shipped The Living Urn bio urn and planting system right away that comes with a voucher for a tree, giving you the ability to select the tree type you prefer and ship date of that tree for a future time. This option gives you flexibility if the tree type and ship date are both unknown at time of purchase.

The Living Urn System Only: You receive The Living Urn bio urn and planting system right away. With this option, you simply visit your local nursery when the time comes to plant and pick out a tree or shrub and follow the instructions that come with The Living Urn to plant and grow a living memory!

The Living Urn Indoors / Patio: You receive a dignified urn made from high quality porcelain (in either white, celadon blue, or sunshine yellow) that holds your loved one’s cremated ashes encased inside of the urn. Then, plant a bonsai tree or plant on top of the urn to honor your loved one in the home or on a patio! Additionally, this unique urn has a vase option that gives you the ability to place cut flowers in the center of the urn providing an array of color to your home!

The Living Urn Planter: You receive a beautiful handcrafted wooden indoor planter urn made from premium rescued California Sycamore and FSC Certified Black Walnut woods. This unique urn comes with an inner chamber in the bottom half that holds the cremated ashes, connected to the top half with rare earth magnets that are embedded in the urn. The top half of the urn can hold a succulent or other small plant of your choice, making for a beautiful decorative piece. This new urn is an enduring and dignified way to honor a loved one in the home!

Eco Home Urn: This beautiful eco-friendly urn is made entirely from bamboo, a sustainable resource, and comes with an all-natural cotton bag to hold your loved one's ashes inside of the urn. In addition, this unique urn can be engraved with your loved one's name, dates of birth and passing, a sentiment of choice, and a symbol.

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