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Unique Ideas for Remembering Your Dog

Our dogs are more than just best friends. They become our family, our partners, and our playmates. A pup can be like the sibling we never had. We have been comforted in sad times by their affectionate snuggle and made to smile with their silly antics.

Bidding farewell to our dear dogs can often feel similar to family or friends passing away. However, we don't have as many traditional or standard practices available for our furry friends in the way we do with people. Holding a ceremony is not nearly as common, nor does the grieving process feel the same. For all of us who have shared life with a dog, we know how necessary a formal farewell is to honor their memory.

Remembering our dogs should be meaningful, personal, and unique to each individual and pet. That's why we decided to explore a list of some of the more uncommon ways you might consider memorializing your dog.

Ideas for Unique Memorials

remembering your dog

Create a forever memory based on your individual story and relationship with your dog. Make it personal. And, to help you on that individual journey, we have listed some of the most unique ways dog parents have found for memorials.

Make Diamonds

Diamonds have become iconic for celebrating major life events, like a wedding or graduation. But you can also use them to celebrate the life of your dog. Using ashes or hair from your furry friend, a diamond or type of gem can be made in their memory. You can usually select the color, cut, and size - even turn it into a piece of jewelry to wear or carry with you.


Did you and your dog love sporting together? Maybe your best bud was a hunting or shepherding breed?

These relationships inspired the idea to produce rifle cartidges and shotgun shells filled with our dog’s remains. The ammunition can also be made functional - allowing you to create a beautiful ceremony as a sendoff to your pet. It could be a slightly different take on scattering your dog’s ashes.  

Grow a Plant or Tree

Honor the end-of-life by beginning a new life. The PlantUrn for Pets is both an elegant and simple way to memorialize your cherished canine. You can grow a succulent or the plant of your choice while your pup’s remains share space in the urn.  Another option is The Living Urn Indoors for Pets, where you can grow a houseplant or bonsai tree from the center of the urn.

Both, the PlantUrn and The Living Urn Indoors, can be placed in an office, living room, or a favorite location. It will also easily travel with you if you move to a new home.

Another option is to grow a living tree memorial outdoors with The Living Urn for Pets. Choose from over 50 beautiful tree options, narrowed down by zip code to what grows best in your area!

Felted Model

You can memorialize your dog by commissioning the creation of a life-like model. Astonishingly real replicas can be produced from felt that look like a compelling version of your very own pet. 


This is a rather permanent memorial. But the memory of your pooch will be with you for a lifetime as well. And it is, indeed, a unique idea.

It might not be for everyone, but it is a very special way to memorialize a dog for the right person. And, this may be one of the most personal ideas on the list.

Create a New Dog

We told you these ideas would be unique. This one is arguably top of the peculiar list.

And it most definitely tops the list for cost. Using the DNA from your dog, an advanced scientific process can clone your deceased pet. It will run into the tens of thousands of dollars, but it is undoubtedly a rare memorial idea.

Scattering at Sea

Our dogs loved a good swim in the lake or ocean. It seems fitting to offer them a departure in a place that brought them so much joy.

The Eco Water Urn for Pets floats upright, like a buoy, and disperses your dog’s ashes from the urn's bottom while floating in the water. And the urn is entirely natural and biodegradable - giving you an idyllic and safe way to memorialize your beloved best friend.

Donate Your Service

You spent their life loving and caring for them. And we think it is a beautiful and unique way to memorialize your pet by considering volunteer service in their name.

Giving back to others when we experience loss can often be a great way to process grief as well. You and your pet can continue to make a positive impact on the world in the wake of loss.

Eco-Friendly Ash Scattering

We all had a special place or various locations that we loved visiting with our dog. Whether it’s the favorite park, hiking trail, golf course, or lake, you can scatter the ashes of your beloved dog safely and responsibly.

The Eco Scattering Urn for Pets is made of biodegradable bamboo and easy to use. A patent-pending locking mechanism allows for secure travel. It lets you scatter ashes in multiple places or secure the urn to hold on to a portion of the ashes after spreading.

In Closing

We hope one or more of these unique ideas help you discover the most personal and individualized way to memorialize your dog.

At The Living Urn, our dedication is to provide you with various and meaningful ways to express and maintain your memories and beautiful memorials that incorporate a pet's ashes. You can visit our website to learn about further options for your pet memorial.  

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