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Unique Modern Urns: Planters & Other Designs

Losing a loved one is never easy; their time on this Earth has made an indelible impact on our hearts. Long after our departed loved ones are gone, their legacies can continue influencing our world on a daily basis. Even though we can’t bring them back, we can choose how we remember them. There are countless loving ways to pay tribute to the departed, from funeral and memorial services to cremation jewelry and keepsakes. Modern urns for human ashes are a popular way to hold onto a tangible part of lost loved ones. After all, modern urns go beyond the more traditional urns by offering unique, artistic designs that can reflect and symbolize the very essence of the departed. The Living Urn proudly presents seven outstanding modern urns for honoring your loved one.

modern urns


When the image of an urn comes to mind, many people often see a traditional urn shaped like a rounded vase, which narrows at the base and top. In most cases, these types of urns are obvious statements of their purpose: to house the cremains of a departed loved one. The exquisite designs of many modern urns give the bereaved an elegant way to infuse style, symbolism, and beauty into an everlasting tribute.

The Venezia porcelain modern urn is no exception. Inspired by the canals of Venice, the Venezia is just as unique as the city it represents. Water is the source of life. The many intricate canals connecting the 118 tiny islands of Venice unite all Venetians, nourishing the community in countless ways. Rich in symbolism, the Venezia represents the eternal bond you share with your lost loved one. As the canals bring life to an entire city, your loved one has indelibly touched your heart. The image of the Venezia is reminiscent of the ever-flowing love within us all. Its vertical posture can also invoke the image of an eternal flame, a testament to the indomitable spirit of the departed. Available in white or black, the Venezia comes in full size and keepsake.

Infinite Love

The source of all love is the heart. It’s what drives our life force both physically and spiritually. The Infinite Love porcelain modern urn is crafted into the true shape of our hearts. Within the porcelain heart lies a smaller heart cradled at the center. Our departed loved ones claim an eternal spot in our hearts, which makes the Infinite Love urn a fitting tribute. Like the Venezia, the Infinite Love urn comes in black or white and has two sizes: full size and keepsake. This special urn can enhance nearly any modern indoor decor, from mantels to desktops to bedrooms.


With accents reminiscent of ribbons, the square design of the Bristol modern urn is truly a gift. The Bristol is an ideal memorial for modern art lovers who wish to acknowledge their profound gratitude for the impact a loved one has had on their lives. Squares in modern art represent minimalism and purity. They can also symbolize stability, which can be comforting for the bereaved. Whether you choose “natural bamboo” or “gloss grey” for your accents, the Bristol is a stunning urn that’s sure to leave on-lookers in awe.


In Italy, a palazzo is a palatial building. The luxuriousness of a palazzo is clearly on display in this modern urn. If you wish to honor your departed loved one with sublime elegance, look no further. The exquisite design of the tower-shaped Palazzo seeks to emulate the grandeur of an eternal palace for your lost loved one. This illuminating masterpiece showcases intricate engravings that invoke images of bright stars casting light in all directions. Made from bamboo—a sustainable material—the soft, welcoming look of the Palazzo can beautifully enhance several spaces, such as living rooms, bedrooms, or studies.

Cherished Crystal

Handcrafted in a small village in the Czech Republic, the orb-shaped Cherished Crystal urn symbolizes unity, wholeness, and eternity. Bridging two worlds, the Cherished Crystal invokes an age of antiquity and mystery while at the same time placing itself at the center of modern art.
Its “cracked” appearance gives it a breathtaking beauty, reminding us of life’s fragility. The enchanting design of the Cherished Crystal invites onlookers to ponder the mystery of life. Choose between Cappuccino or Emerald Grey. The Memory Crystal Candle Keepsake lets you place a small candle atop your memorial.

The Icon

While it may be square, The Icon refuses to conform to a traditional display. The one flattened edge of The Icon gives it the appearance of staking its claim on the supporting foundation. Just as your departed loved one blazed their unique trail, The Icon reflects their unique personality. This American classic's warm tones and stylish look can easily become the most captivating piece in your home, making your memorial an unforgettable encounter for visitors.

The Living Urn Planter

Modern urn planters allow the bereaved to honor their departed loved ones by adding a small succulent or other meaningful plant. The Living Urn Planter is made in two parts to accommodate ashes in the bottom portion and your preferred plant in the top portion. Its sleek, all-natural wooden design symbolizes honor and vitality. With impressive, clear lines, The Living Urn Planter reflects the grit and resilience of your loved one’s indomitable spirit. Available in three sizes, the warmth and beauty of this modern urn can be a calming presence in any home.

Enduring the loss of a loved one is one of the most challenging experiences we can ever face. The Living Urn is here to help you find comfort and solace for the days ahead. We offer several beautiful and moving ways to memorialize your loved one. Visit our store to learn more about our high-quality cremation jewelry pieces, keepsakes, and urns today!

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