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Unique Ways Celebrities Have Memorialized Their Pets

For some reason we are fascinated with how rich and famous people live their lives. We know who is getting married and who is getting divorced. We want to know what they eat and why.  We follow them on vacation. We want to know what they name their kids. We are fascinated with the pets they own.  We follow their good times and bad.

Just because they are rich and famous doesn’t make celebrities immune to heartbreak. They experience loss too. So how do celebrities choose to memorialize their pets when they are gone? Here are a few interesting ways famous people have chosen to remember their pets.

Memorialize a Pet with a Tattoo

pet memorial tattoo

Many rich and famous people get tattoos to remember their special pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge. Joe Jonas had a likeness of his dog tattooed on his arm. Demi Lovato had a picture of her dog tattooed on her ankle. Miley Cyrus tattooed tributes of her dog and blowfish. These are just a few celebrities who have remembered their pet by etching their name or likeness into themselves. For people who like tattoos, this is a popular way to memorialize your dog, cat, or other pets.

Planting a Tree to Honor a Beloved Dog

pet planting tree

Miranda Lambert planted a tree to honor her dog who recently died. She attached a silver tag to the tree that read: “Your paws left prints on our hearts Waylon."

There are several ways to remember your pet with a plant. You can use their ashes to plant a tree or grow a plan indoors. A plant symbolizes life and is something to care for while remembering the good times you had with your dog or other pet.

Scattering a Pets Ashes in a Special Place

scattering pet ashes

Drew Barrymore scattered her dog’s ashes in India. Her stops included Gandhi’s house in New Delhi, a Buddhist monastery up in the Himalayas, and a quiet path in the countryside by the Ganges River.

While travelling across the world to scatter your pet’s ashes might be a little out of the average person’s price range, there are ways to scatter your pet’s ashes or use their remains as a memorial. You can scatter your pet’s ashes just about anywhere; in your backyard, a favorite hike, or even on the water.

A Tiny Pet Coffin

hamster memorial

When Emma Watson’s pet hamster died, the crew from the Harry Potter set made a tiny coffin for her to bury her hamster with. Growing up on a movie set must be a truly unique experience. The crew considered themselves a part of her family and was willing to help her remember her small pet. This left a lasting impression on Emma Watson.

Taking time to help a child grieve when they lose their dog, cat, or other small creature is very important. A child will always remember that you cared how they felt. Making a coffin and having a small funeral when a pet dies helps them say good-bye.

Write a Song to Honor Your Deceased Pet

song for pet

Miley Cyrus not only got a tattoo when her fish died, she also wrote a song about her dead blowfish.

While you might not have your song published or written about on a celebrity news site, anyone can write a song or poem to remember their pet. Write down your thoughts and put them in a nice frame.

Make Jewelry from Pets Ashes


Jennifer Aniston had a necklace made in honor of her German Shepard who died. The silver pendant features a German a picture of the dog and is surrounded by sparkling stones.

Having jewelry made in honor of your lost pet is a special way to remember them and keep them close to your heart. You can put a picture of them in a locket or keep some of their ashes in a tiny urn that looks like a pendant.

Post a Tribute on Social Media

People use social media to follow their favorite celebrities and famous people. Many celebrities post everything they do on social media. What they eat, where they travel, what they name their kids, and every single detail of their lives. People have always been fascinated with these details of the rich and famous. Social media has made it even easier to know all of these details.

It’s no surprise that posting a tribute on Social Media to the loss of a pet the most common way for famous people to remember a lost pet.

You might not have millions or even thousands of followers, but you probably have friends and family who will enjoy seeing your favorite pictures of your lost pet and reading about your favorite memories. They can grieve right along with you.

Celebrities grieve when they lose a pet just like we do. Sometimes those ways are a little bigger and more expensive and they always get more attention. But in the end, we are all people who need ways to remember our pets.

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