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What are Stone Urns?

What are Stone Urns?

There is an eternal quality to stone that lends itself beautifully to urns. Stone urns are timeless, attractive, and durable, able to keep the precious remains of your departed loved one safe, and sound for years to come. Stone urns come in a variety of types of stone, with the most popular being marble and granite. Both of these stones are prized for their beauty and strength and make meaningful urns to honor your deceased loved one. Marble especially is magnificent, with unique, naturally occurring patterns that run through the stone in colorful veins. Stone is also easily engraved, allowing you to memorialize your passed loved one. You can have their dates of birth and death, name and a sentimental saying, or an image engraved on their stone urn.

Keepsake Stone Urns vs. Standard Urns

stone keepsake urns

Our stone urns are keepsake urns. Keepsake urns are small urns that hold a smaller amount of cremation ashes. Standard urns are designed to hold the remains of a whole person, which typically weigh between 4 and 8 lbs. A standard adult urn will hold approximately 200 cubic inches of cremation ashes. A keepsake urn, in contrast, holds between 3 to 40 cubic inches of ashes.

Keepsake urns are chosen for many reasons. One very practical reason is space. With their small size, keepsake urns can fit into smaller spaces in homes, making them easier to display. However, the main reason that people choose keepsake urns is to divide the ashes between family members and close friends. These stone keepsake urns make it easy to give everyone who loved the person who passed on their own memorial urn. 

Keepsake urns remove the need to have a conversation about “who gets the ashes?”, and also remove the potential burden of having all of the remains fall on one person’s shoulders. With stone keepsake urns, each member of the family can have a lovely, enduring memorial of the beloved person who passed on. 

Small keepsake urns allow more people to participate in the memorial or memorials of the one who passed. If you’re planning a scattering ceremony, you can divide the ash up between keepsake urns, allowing more people to participate. Participants can choose to scatter all of their ash or reserve some to display in their keepsake urn. 

Living Urn with Stone Keepsake Urns

Stone keepsake urns pair perfectly with the Living Urn, America’s leading memory tree planting system. With the Living Urn, you place some or all of your loved one’s ashes into a specially designed urn that holds a young, healthy tree. The Living Urn’s specially designed system neutralizes the composition of ashes and gives plenty of nutrients to your young memory tree. 

Before planting, you can reserve a small portion of the cremated remains to place in your stone keepsake urn. Your stone urn will endure like the tree you just planted, both of them lasting memorials to the person you love. 

Living Stone Urn Keepsakes

We at the Living Urn are proud to offer a new style of urn through the Living Stone. Our mission to create affordable, beautiful, and sustainable urns continue with our new line of stone cremation keepsake urns. Living Stone urns are hand-crafted out of the finest materials to create lasting, beautiful memorial pieces for your departed loved one. Keepsake urns are small, or miniature urns, designed to hold a tiny portion of cremated remains. These small urns allow families and loved ones to divide the cremated remains of their deceased beloved. This allows each person to have their very own, tangible piece of the person they loved. These urns are also easy to display since they take much less space than a standard urn. 

Living Glass Keepsakes

Living Glass is hand-blown glass that’s infused with cremation ashes. Living Glass gives you a way to beautifully memorialize your departed loved one. Since glass blowing is done at higher temperatures than cremation, carbon in the cremation ash burns away, turning the ash a brilliant white color. Your cremation ashes will be artfully incorporated into your Living Glass. The beautiful ash will be fully visible, giving you a tangible and visible reminder of your departed loved one. Living Glass urns are a popular choice for Living Glass.

Additional Keepsakes from The Living Urn

There are many more great keepsake options available - the key is to find what is right for you and you family. Below we highlight some additional beautiful keepsake options offered by The Living Urn.

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