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fingerprint jewelry

What is Fingerprint Jewelry?

Fingerprint jewelry is any kind of jewelry with the image of a fingerprint. These are popular keepsake items for those who are living and also make incredibly meaningful memorial pieces after a person has passed. Those of us left behind want ways to feel close to our departed beloved. And, is there anything as unique as their fingerprint? It’s a biological marker that only one person ever in all of humanity had. It is as unique as the sound of their laugh or the way their eyes looked. And, it can be captured onto a beautiful piece of keepsake jewelry so part of them is always with you. 

How Does Fingerprint Jewelry Work?

how does fingerprint jewelry work

Skilled craftsmen combine old and new technologies to make your beautifully crafted fingerprint jewelry. Using digital images of your beloved’s fingerprint, they can create a wax mold. This mold is called the pattern. It’s a 3D replica of your loved one’s fingerprint made out of wax. Next, they use what’s called the lost wax casting method to make your fingerprint jewelry. This technique uses the wax pattern they just created to make a plaster mold of the fingerprint. The wax is pressed into plaster and allowed to harden. Next, the plaster mold is heated so the wax will melt and flow out. Voila! A mold of your loved one’s fingerprint. Now it’s time to use this mold to make your fingerprint jewelry with the metal of your choosing. Metal like silver or stainless steel is heated until it melts and is poured into the mold, making your beautiful and meaningful fingerprint jewelry keepsake. 

It’s good to look for fingerprint jewelry made from the casting method. A lot of fingerprint jewelry is made by using lasers to etch the surface of metal jewelry. Jewelry made by casting is superior to other methods used to make fingerprint jewelry. Simply put, it creates a more accurate rendition of your loved one’s fingerprint. Because of the detail captured in the wax mold, the casting method offers more of the exquisite detail that’s found in a fingerprint. 

Fingerprint Jewelry Keepsakes

finger print jewelry

Necklaces make the most popular fingerprint jewelry keepsake, with styles for men and women available. Here are some of the jewelry styles you might find when looking for fingerprint jewelry. Most fingerprint jewelry can be engraved and comes in a variety of different metals. 

Cremation urn pendants are perhaps the most meaningful pieces of fingerprint jewelry because they combine two parts of your deceased beloved. These small urn necklaces are decorated with the image of your loved one’s fingerprint and are made to hold a small portion of cremation ash inside. These allow you to keep a part of your beloved close by and may allow you to feel more comfortable with burying the remaining ash or turning it into a tree

Common Types of Fingerprint Jewelry Pieces

fingerprint heart jewelry

There are many different options when it comes to fingerprint jewelry.  Below we highlight some of the more common ones.

  • Pendants - the classic necklace is a pendant. A pendant is a small piece of jewelry that hangs on a chain. They are customizable in size, so you can choose the chain of your length. Chains also add their own style to the necklace, so it’s easy to customize a necklace to suit your style. Pendants offer the opportunity to add engravings and gemstones to the piece. There are both masculine and feminine styles of pendants available. Common fingerprint pendant shapes are the vertical bar, hearts, and ovals.
  • Dog Tags - these make a statement on both men and women and are a particularly good way to honor someone who served in any branch of the armed forces. These are especially durable necklaces and are great for daily wear. They are also well suited for very active people.
  • Lockets - these are already treasured keepsakes, with the lovingly chosen pictures that they hold. Honor your loved one’s memory with a photo of them in a locket cast from their fingerprint. Similar to the cremation urn necklaces, a fingerprint locket holds two unique pieces of your departed loved one. Create a meaningful fingerprint jewelry keepsake by choosing a locket. These would also make a very special gift for the others who also loved the person who passed.
  • Rings - fingerprint rings come in a variety of different styles. One popular style is the band, with the fingerprint cast over the whole ring, or only part of the ring. Some rings will have a flat shape, like an oval or a heart, with fingerprints in the center. You’re sure to find a style that you like. And, rings make wonderful fingerprint jewelry because you’ll be able to see it while wearing it. This will allow you to have a comforting, daily, visual reminder of your deceased beloved.
  • Tie Tacks - this classic piece of men’s jewelry was made for fingerprint jewelry. Not only are they close to the heart, but they offer the perfect medium for a flat surface with a fingerprint image. These make a great piece of jewelry to own, whether you wear a tie every day or only on special occasions. A fingerprint tie tack makes a statement about how much you loved the person you lost.
  • Lapel pins - these beautiful pins can be used to adorn far more than the lapel of your jacket. Great for everyone, these can be used on purse handles, gym bags, and even your canvas grocery bags. This eminently flexible piece of jewelry can easily become part of your day-to-day life. This will allow you to display your love and honor for the special person that you lost.
  • Cufflinks - add class to your wardrobe while you remember someone very precious to you. Cufflinks were also tailor-made for fingerprint jewelry since they already have a flat, top surface. Cufflinks are a classic piece of men’s jewelry and add style whether they are stainless steel or gold. Make your cufflinks part of your daily wardrobe with durable stainless steel. Or, save your fingerprint cufflinks for occasions as special as they are by choosing silver or gold. 

How Do You Get the Fingerprint?

Did you know that many people have copies of their fingerprints already? If this is the case for your departed loved one, then it is simple to scan their prints or take a photo of them to send to your fingerprint jewelry maker. If that’s not the case, then it’s still simple to get a fingerprint of your deceased beloved. Decide which finger you want to be printed and ask the funeral home to take the prints for you. They may have already done so, and in fact, most funeral homes keep fingerprints of their clients for their records. So, even if it’s been some time since your loved one passed, it is likely you can get a copy from the funeral home. Also, many fingerprint jewelry companies are happy to help you with this process and may even make the call for you. 

Fingerprint Jewelry: In Summary

fingerprint jewelry

There are countless varieties and styles of fingerprint jewelry available, so you’re sure to find something to your taste if you keep looking! Hopefully, this blog will inspire you as you look for your special fingerprint jewelry. 

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