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Memorial Jewelry Making

What to Engrave on Pet Memorial Jewelry

Experiencing the loss of a pet can leave us with a profound sense of emptiness. They are cherished members of our family with unique and beautiful personalities. Just like people, pets can have some admirable qualities as well as some bizarre, head-scratching ones. Of course, both can make them all the more loveable. We nurture them and care for them as our children. In turn, they look to us as parents, taking care of their every need. It's a huge responsibility, one that pet owners are more than happy to take on. Pets fill our days with joy and make our lives all the more brighter. We invite them into our daily routines and count on them for emotional support, creating an inseparable bond. Whether they have been with us for a short while or several years, their impact on our lives can be immense. How you choose to memorialize them is as varied and special as your pet. As you grieve your beloved pet, there are several beautiful engraving options you can choose to add to your cremation jewelry.

Pet Memorial Jewelry Making

Personalized Message


A simple yet popular choice is to engrave your beloved pet’s name on your memorial jewelry. Your pet may have one name or several. Like people, pets can pick up several nicknames throughout the course of their life. Direct yet profound, stating their name is a clear and powerful way to keep them in remembrance. It keeps their memory alive. If you choose to display your memorial jewelry outwardly, your pet’s name can offer a beautiful icebreaker in public. People may be curious to know more about the pet behind the name. It can be cathartic to celebrate your pet’s life at this moment if you wish.


You can certainly build on the choice to engrave their name. Another popular choice is to add their birth date as well as their passing date on your cremation jewelry. These engraved dates celebrate the finite time on this earth that their lives brightened your world.

Special Message

Finding the right message to engrave on your memorial jewelry can be overwhelming. There are just so many directions you can go. Whichever one you choose will be correct. It’s not anyone’s place to tell you what is right or wrong in choosing a special message for your departed pet. If you aren’t sure what to pick, think about some of the things you would say to your pet. Using a meaningful phrase or personal quote reflects your pet’s unique personality and celebrates the spirit of their life. There are several types of pets that are loved on, and each holds a special place in a pet owner’s heart. If you still aren’t sure what the best message might be, here are some ideas for two of the most common pets: dogs and cats.

5 Message Ideas for Dogs:

  1. “JoJo: the best friend I could ever ask for.” This is a beautiful sentiment to honor your sweet pup.
  2. “Let’s go, boy!” or “Let’s go, girl!” This a lovely phrase all dog owners have probably uttered a few, if not several times, whenever it’s time to go for a walk or go anywhere for that matter.
  3. “Sophie: The light of my life.” Dogs can be the center of a pet owner’s world. This can be a very fitting statement.
  4. “Thank you for sharing your love with me.” Offering gratitude to your beloved pet is a beautiful way to show your love and appreciation.
  5. “Sunshine: The best snuggler in the world.” Engraving a remarkable trait is a lovely way to celebrate your beloved pet’s life.

5 Messages for Cats

  1. “You strayed into my heart, and you stayed forever.” Sometimes the pet chooses us. For those who have had an unexpected chance encounter with a stray cat, this might feel right.
  2. “You left your pawprint on my heart.” Cats notoriously leave paw prints just about everywhere. Our hearts are no exception.
  3. “Having you in my life has been pur-fect.” A cute but genuine pun can be an uplifting way to express your grief.
  4. Willow: “Never met a window sill she didn’t like.” Immortalizing a cat’s most common behavior can offer a soothing balm to your grief.
  5. “Thank you for never judging me.” Our pets always accept us for who we are. However, cats can seem like they are quietly considering us. So this sentiment may be genuine or slightly tongue and cheek.


Engraving the coordinates of a special place on your memorial jewelry can be a beautiful and meaningful way to honor your pet. This could be one of their favorite places, such as a park, a favorite hiking trail, or an enjoyable lounging spot. It could also be the area where you choose to commit their remains. Having coordinates added to your memorial jewelry can serve as a reminder of the profound impact your beloved pet has had on your life. Ultimately, it can provide comfort and solace as you recall the special moments you shared together.


Sometimes words just won’t do. A symbol can be a very powerful statement when honoring the life of your pet. They have a way of saying so much more than words. You can choose a symbol that represents your pet’s favorite activity.

A few examples could include:

  • A toy such as a ball
  • A small tree branch or stick can signify the love of the outdoors. This could be the shared value of your family or simply just your pet.
  • A piece of furniture: Many pets enjoy basking on a favorite chair.
  • A Window: This could signify a cat’s love of window sills
  • Waves: Your beloved pet may have loved being in the water

There are several meaningful ways you can honor your departed pet through memorial jewelry engravings. With memorial jewelry, the spirit of your beloved pet can live on in everlasting remembrance. The bond you share will continue to burn bright. Customize a pet memorial jewelry piece by The Living Urn to honor your furry loved one today!

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