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Memory of a Lifetime Pendant

What's the Difference Between Cremation Jewelry and Memorial Jewelry?

Losing a loved one can leave an inescapable void in our hearts. As we look to manage the grief that comes with the departure of a friend or family member, an overflowing fountain of emotions can present itself. Feelings of powerlessness or loss of control can be common for most grief-stricken individuals. With the absence of a loved one, reclaiming a sense of stability is essential as we absorb and process our grief. One way to do so is by embracing cremation jewelry or memorial jewelry. They both can ground us in a way that offers solace and comfort in a time of great upheaval.

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Cremation Jewelry vs. Memorial Jewelry: Differences

Cremation jewelry is often called memorial jewelry, which makes them technically one and the same. Cremation and memorial jewelry are also called funeral jewelry or remembrance jewelry. They are all part of the same family since they provide an everlasting tribute to our departed loved ones.

However, cremation jewelry and memorial jewelry begin to part ways in one fundamental way - ashes. Cremation jewelry specifically refers to jewelry that can hold a small portion of a loved one’s ashes. Memorial jewelry does not always offer the ability to carry ashes. You are still welcome to refer to cremation jewelry as memorial jewelry, yet, the ability to carry or not carry ashes truly sets them apart.

Wearing cremation jewelry containing ashes can offer the wearer a deeper connection to their loved one. Not only are you memorializing their spirit, but you’ll also carry a physical part of them wherever you go. The chamber that holds ashes is small, sealable, and very discreet. Usually, people will have no idea that your cremation jewelry contains ashes. No tell-tale sign announces cremation jewelry as something different from other jewelry pieces. It is a subtle, tasteful, and elegant way to honor a loved one. With ashes, cremation jewelry is truly a one-of-a-kind, priceless piece.

If carrying ashes in your jewelry makes you uncomfortable or isn’t something of particular interest to you, that’s ok. Memorial jewelry can be customized in several ways, making it equally a one-of-a-kind, invaluable piece of jewelry. There are endless ways to enhance your memorial jewelry, such as engraving names, dates, and coordinates or adding charms.

Memorial Jewelry vs. Cremation Jewelry Similarities

Memorial and cremation jewelry allows the wearer to hold their loved one in everlasting remembrance. There is no right or wrong way to do so. How a loved one is commemorated is a personal choice for the bereaved. Choosing a design for memorializing the vibrant life of the departed is as varied as the person who wears it. From necklaces, bracelets, charms, and more, there are several ways to create and customize your personalized piece of cremation or memorial jewelry.

Remembrance jewelry has a way of fortifying the eternal bond we share with the departed. As an eternal vigil, cremation and memorial jewelry continually keep the departed’s spirit close to our person wherever we go throughout the day. Keeping a reminder of our loved one on our person can ground us and provide peace and calm as we come to grips with their loss. They are ever-present in our hearts and minds.

Choosing the Best Memorial or Cremation Jewelry

So how do you choose the best memorial or cremation jewelry? Well, what makes something the “best” really depends on you. There is no right or wrong answer. Here are a few tips to help lead you down the right path of self-discovery:

Personal Taste

What type of jewelry do you prefer to wear? Necklaces are popular for memorial jewelry since they can keep your loved one physically close to your heart. Cremation jewelry, such as bracelets, can also be a beautiful way to hold your loved one in remembrance subtly.

Naturally, the heart signifies love. Engraving your memorial jewelry with your loved one’s fingerprint will make a bold statement about the impression your loved one has had on your heart.

The Cuff Bracelet can carry a small portion of your loved one’s ashes. Choose from gold, black, or silver to tastefully accessorize nearly any desired outfit.

Loved One’s Life

A thoughtful way to commemorate your loved one is to instill an element of their life into your memorial or cremation jewelry. Infusing a characteristic of your loved one into your remembrance jewelry’s design strengthens your bond and truly makes it a unique piece.

This coordinate pendant is a great choice for those seeking a piece of memorial jewelry that reflects their loved one’s military experience or love of the outdoors. It can be engraved with any longitude and latitude coordinates you wish. The location can be their final resting place or a site with special meaning. The pendant can also be engraved with attributes such as their name, dates, or sentiment.

You can add a small portion of your loved one’s ashes to your cremation jewelry and accessorize it with your loved one’s birthstone. The meaning of birthstones is quite significant. They are known to reflect the qualities of the person born in that month and offer healing properties.

Jewelry Tone

Does religion play a part in your life? Was it important to your loved one? Your memorial jewelry can offer a clear religious tone, offering further support. If a universal theme is more comfortable, cremation jewelry can also reflect that.

Displaying a clear connection to the Christian faith, your silver sterling cross can be enhanced with your loved one’s fingerprint. Peace and comfort can surround you with this beautiful memorial piece by leaning into your faith.

The incredibly versatile Bronze Tree Cremation Pendant holds a small portion of your loved one’s ashes and more! You can interchange the display with a silver or bronze tree of life or a photo of your choosing. The Tree of Life signifies universal spiritual themes that span several religions.

The Living Urn carries an extensive line of cremation jewelry and memorial jewelry. Our exquisite pieces are handcrafted by skilled artisan jewelers with high-quality materials such as sterling silver and stainless steel. Your unique remembrance piece can be handed down as a family heirloom, bringing comfort and solace to future generations.

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