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When a Golden Retriever Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Golden Retrievers are intelligent, lively, sociable, lovely, and very loyal. No wonder why they are one of the most popular family dogs! When they cross the rainbow bridge, many families look for special Golden Retriever Memorials to honor their beloved four-legged family members.

The Golden Retriever: A Great Family Dog

golden retrievers

Originally developed for strenuous physical jobs of retrieving fowl for hunters, a Golden would be the happiest and healthiest when offered a physical exercise each day. This could be a walk or a run, or even some nice playtime in the home or yard.

Golden Retrievers always strive to be a special part of your family. They are family dogs and enjoy love and pampering like nothing else. Goldens are highly compatible and are relatively easy to train - they will easily get along with a new family or home. They love to play with kids and are very shielding of their families. As they were originally bred for tedious jobs, they excel at physical tasks and are great at retrieving game for hunters, tracking, sniffing, and as rescue dogs.

Goldens are slow at maturing and show puppyish traits until they are three to four years of age. They retain their playful silly nature like that of a pup almost all their lives. With their friendly, lively demeanor, they are a perfect choice for family pets!

Golden Retriever Memorials

golden retriever memorials

We share a bond of profound love with our Goldens. Unfortunately, they typically don’t outlive us and have an average lifespan of only 10 to 12 years. As they’re an integral part of our lives and a beloved member of our family, it can be an extremely hard time when they cross the rainbow bridge.

When this happens, many families want to honor their beloved four-legged family members in a dignified and special way. The Living Urn recently introduced a line of Golden Retriever Urns that help families do this – these include an engraved portrait of a Golden Retriever and can be customized with your Golden’s name, date of birth and passing, and a short phrase. This special Golden-specific memorial line includes the following:

The Golden Retriever Living Urn

golden retriever living urn

With this special urn, you can grow a tree or shrub memorial in your Golden’s favorite place in the yard or at another special place. Choose from over twenty tree and shrub options available in your area and have the entire kit delivered directly to your doorstep, ready to plant. You can involve family and friends in the planting process and also grow a living memory of your beloved four-legged family member!

The Golden Retriever Scattering Urn

golden retriever scatter ashes

Many Golden families choose to scatter their ashes at a special place in the yard, by a favorite hiking trail, or at another special place they would visit together. Our unique scattering urn is eco-friendly and gives you the ability to scatter with ease!  This special urn has a proprietary open and close mechanism on top that allows you to scatter at one location then re-secure the remaining ashes in the urn to scatter at at one or more other locations.

The Golden Retriever Water Urn

golden retriever water burial

What Golden doesn’t love the water?  With our eco-friendly Golden Retriever Water Urn, you can memorialize them in a beautiful way as you spread their ashes in water. This special urn floats upright (similar to a buoy) and, within a few minutes, gracefully release their ashes into the water below. It comes packaged in an attractive engravable casing. In adding, you have the option of writing special messages on the urn itself prior to scattering.

The Golden Retriever Home Urn

golden retriever home urn

If you prefer to keep some or all of your Golden’s remains in the home, the all-natural Golden Retriever Home Urn is a great option. This special urn is made entirely from bamboo, a sustainable resource, and also includes rooms for balls or other special toys or momentos.

The Golden Retriever Burial Urn

As Goldens love to be outside, burying their ashes in a special biodegradable burial urn for pets can be a great way to memorialize them. This can be done at a special place in the yard, in a park (of course, with permission), or at another special place. Some families will choose to include notes, balls, or other toys in the urn with their beloved Golden’s ashes.

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History of the Golden Retriever

golden retriever history

Golden Retrievers originate from Guisachan, Scotland - in 1865, Sir Dudley Marjoribanks was out on a walk and came across a golden-colored wavy-coated dog that belonged to a local cobbler. During that time, black dogs were loved, while any other shades in well-bred litters were usually left out. Mr. Marjoribanks acquired the golden-colored dog and cross-bred it with Belle, a Tweed Water Spaniel. This outstanding combination that crossed a retriever with a water spaniel ended up creating a robust hunting dog. Had Marjoribanks not done so, we might not have had these friendly warm-colored family members with us today!

The famous 1868 litter of Marjoribanks contained the first-ever Golden Retrievers, which were officially recognized as a distinct dog breed by the England and American Kennel Clubs in 1911 and 1932, respectively. Originally this breed was simply known as a 'Retriever - Yellow or Golden' and in 1920 it was officially renamed the 'Golden Retriever'.

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