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Why Tens of Thousands of Families Have Chosen The Living Urn Bio Urn

Why Tens of Thousands of Families Have Chosen The Living Urn Bio Urn

Tens of thousands of families have planted The Living Urn biodegradable urn and planting system with a loved one’s ashes to grow a tree memorial and this unique tree urn has quickly become the bio urn of choice of U.S. funeral homes. But why?

There are many reasons, and we’ve outlined some of the most common ones below:

It’s Memorable – A tree is a living memorial that can grow and thrive for generations. Just like people, all trees are unique and the different tree types display different ‘personalities’. Some flower with unique branch configurations, while others stay green year-round with great symmetrical shape. Families can have picnics below their loved one’s tree memorial, read a book while leaning against the trunk, have a drink by it and reflect on the memories, or simply sit and enjoy the true beauty that trees provide.

It’s Tangible – A tree memorial is something that can be present in a backyard, at a church, a golf course, cemetery, a large pot, or wherever a family chooses to plant. It’s something that can be touched and cherished by all who see it.

It’s Affordable – Where other memorials can cost thousands of dollars, The Living Urn is an affordable uplifting option for families. It gives families of almost every economic status the ability to grow a living tree memorial of a loved one. And, the extra money saved can be put toward a child or grandchild’s education, donated to a favorite charity, etc..

The Living Urn® is an All-In-One System – The patent pending Living Urn® is the only bio urn that comes with everything needed to grow a living tree memorial. This includes a special bio urn made only from recycled plant materials and no glues or chemicals, RootProtect™, a proprietary soil additive to help a tree thrive in the growing environment containing a loved one’s ashes, a premium growth mix, aged wood chips, and is packaged in an all-natural bamboo container. In addition, The Living Urn® can be purchased with a tree seedling of choice that will arrive fresh from the nursery and ready to plant.

The Living Urn® was Designed to Work with Live Trees, Not Seeds – The Living Urn® is the only bio urn specifically designed to be used with live trees and not seeds. This is important because it can be a challenge to grow a tree memorial from an urn only containing seeds.

The Living Urn® is a U.S. Based Company with Customer Service in Denver – At a time of loss, families want to be able to speak with a live person who they can understand and who can answer their questions on the spot. That is why The Living Urn® has invested in a dedicated Denver-based customer service team who are available to answer any and all questions Monday through Saturday by simply calling (800) 495-7022.

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