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What Does Growing a Tree Memorial of a Loved One Mean to You?

What Does Growing a Tree Memorial of a Loved One Mean to You?

Cremation rates in the U.S. are on the rise, primarily due to cremation cost vs. burial and people who are less traditional. Along with this trend, tens of thousands of Americans have planted a living tree memorial of a loved one with The Living Urn biotree urn and planting system containing a loved one's ashes. These families now have beautiful tree memorials growing of a loved one. Each of these memorials brings different meaning and emotions to different people.  Here are some examples of a few of the more common ones.

The Tree Memorial Symbolizes Life

Many families love the idea and symbolism of new life that is present and growing from a bio urn containing a loved one’s ashes.  It is something tangible that they can visibly see, touch, care for, and watch grow. It is something that current and future generations can all enjoy.

The Tree Memorial is a Rebirth

Depending on one’s beliefs and religion, some people believe that a memorial tree is a rebirth or symbolizes a rebirth of a loved one.

The Tree Memorial Gives Back

A tree provides a substantial amount of benefits to the environment and for mankind. It takes in harmful emissions and provides oxygen. In addition, a tree can serve as food and a habitat for wildlife, help prevent erosion, help clean the groundwater, serve as a windbreak, and provide shade and shelter. Trees also beautify the surroundings and make the world a much more enjoyable place for current and future generations.

The Tree Memorial is Peaceful

Sitting by or beneath a tree is a beautiful, tranquil place to relax, read a book, or take a nap on a warm summer day. The presence of a tree can help provide thought provoking ideas and clarity. 

The Tree Memorial is Beautiful

The brilliant colors, shapes, and uniqueness of each and every tree makes a beautiful site to see and beautifies any landscape.

The Tree Memorial is a Place to Reflect and Remember

People love to sit by, or under, a memorial tree of a loved one to reflect on memories and the great person that he or she was. It’s a beautiful place that allows them to clear their mind and remember their loved one. Many people set up permanent benches or other seating areas adjacent to the tree to have their morning coffee, or an occasional afternoon drink next to the tree.

The Tree Memorial Symbolizes a Deceased Loved One’s Personality

Similar to people, trees have unique personalities. Some are almost always happy which can be related to bright colors being displayed, others are more serious, while others are givers and help at every chance, and some tree types are resilient and can survive in almost every element. The connection between people and trees are strong and, yes, unique personalities exist for both. Figuring out the right tree ‘personality’ match for you or your loved one is easy and just requires a simple internet search.

Now, not only can you grow a living memory with a tree memorial outdoors, you can also have a tree memorial indoors with The Living Urn Indoors, a new indoor tree urn that can grow bonsai trees, house plants, or even serve as a vase for cut flowers!

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