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How and Where to Display Modern Urns

Following cremation and the selection of a cremation urn, you have many choices for placement and display of your loved one’s urn. Modern urns are especially suitable for display, whether that is in a columbarium niche, an ancestor table, or a favorite place in the home. Here is an overview of some of the options available for choosing where to display your loved one’s urn.

Where to Display Modern Urns

modern urns

When considering the placement of your modern urn, consider the convenience and safety of the location you choose. Also, it is important to consider the material the urn you have chosen for your loved one is made. For instance, being that glass and ceramic are very popular media to create modern urns, you will want to be sure they are in a place where they will not get upset or broken.

Displaying your loved one’s modern urn is a highly personal choice. Your loved one’s wishes are important to consider, however, family members must live with the choice that is made, and most loved ones want the remembrance that their family chooses to be peaceful and not stressful. Keep this in mind while honoring your loved one’s wishes and balancing your personal tastes and desires.

Displaying a Modern Urn on the Hearth or Fireplace Mantle

Modern urns can be placed just about anywhere in the home. A good starting point is the cliché of displaying your loved one’s urn on the hearth or fireplace mantle. This space can be a focal point of the home and allows regular remembrance of your loved one. Perhaps considering an ancestor table that has mementos of your loved one or family remembrances incorporated as part of the display. A very popular example of this is the offrenda in Mexican culture when remembering loved ones on Dia de los Muertos.

Modern Urns in a Locked Display Cabinet

A locked display cabinet in your home can also keep your loved one’s cremated remains safe. Displaying your modern urn in such a place with photographs and mementos of your loved one can create one of the most classy and elegant displays.

Displaying a Modern Urn on a Pedestal or Table

If you have space in your home, consider placing your loved one’s urn on a pedestal or table that stands alone. This is an especially good option if the modern urn you have chosen is artistic in nature. Displaying the urn in such a way makes it a focal point in the room in which it is placed and gives you the opportunity to honor the urn while displaying its beauty and artistry.

Displaying a Modern Urn in an Outdoor Space

If your home has an outdoor space, consider displaying your loved one’s modern urn in the outdoors. If you have a garden or an outdoor sitting area, consider placing your loved one there if their urn is a durable material like metal or cultured marble. This allows the elements to add character and distinction to the urn you have chosen over time.

Modern Urns in a Cemetery Setting

The most secure placement option is placing the urn in a cemetery setting. If you choose to bury the urn in the earth, consider placing the urn in a vault to maintain its beauty prior to burial. Also, many cemeteries offer the option of indoor placement of the urn in a glass or closed-fronted niche in a mausoleum or columbarium. Unique to cremation, placement in a columbarium niche allows a permanent and public place for your loved one’s urn to be admired and displayed in a secure environment. Check with your local cemetery to see what options might be available for placement of the modern urn in their care.

Dividing Ashes in Multiple Modern Urns

One of the benefits of dividing your loved one’s ashes among multiple modern urns or keepsake urns is that your options and opportunities for meaningful placement multiply, allowing you to accommodate placement in multiple locations. This opportunity cannot be given when a loved one chooses to be buried in a casket. Having multiple modern or keepsake urns allows multiple family members to create their own meaningful memorial in the way that they are most comfortable.

Things to Consider When Choosing Where to Display a Modern Urn

Some things to consider when choosing a resting place for your loved one’s urn:

  • Consider if there are other family members who would like the opportunity to visit the loved one’s resting place.
  • If the urn is kept in the home, what is the long-term goal for future generations and the urn? Will other family members have the same connection and want to keep the urn?
  • If there are multiple keepsake urns, consider the various options available and choose the ones that are most meaningful for you and your family.

It is most important to remember that the urn you choose is the resting place for your loved one – it is not just a work of art, but it is also a memorial that is a tribute to your loved one. Displaying and placing your loved one’s modern urn in dignified and safe surroundings will give you peace of mind and allow your loved one to rest peacefully.

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