Scattering Ashes - Choose Your Perfect Urn!

Our proprietary eco-friendly urns for scattering ashes are growing in popularity and have quickly become the leading choice of funeral homes and cremation providers nationwide! Scattering ashes is easy when you use a special urn designed for this purpose. Simply fill the urn with the ashes (or have your funeral home or crematory do this for you), then follow the simple instructions provided to scatter with control and ease!

There are many places where families choose to scatter the ashes of a loved one. Some popular places include a special place in the ocean, on a mountain, on a hiking trail, at a designated area in a cemetery or memorial park, in a local, state, or national park, at a favorite vacation destination, or in the yard at the home of family member or friend, among many other places. If you decide to scatter ashes of a loved one on a property you don’t own, it’s always recommended to get permission first and check to see if there are any local rules or regulations.