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This was an easy and affordable option for cremation. Other urns can be way more expensive and this allows your loved one's remains to become something beautiful. While I am still deciding what to plant, the instructions are clear and the bamboo outer urn is very lovely.
Karen Didion
I've had my Daddy's ashes in the original box on a shelf in my home for the past 15 years. The idea of moving his ashes to something nicer always seemed weird because it was too permanent, as much as that doesn't make sense. Last week, I finally used the living urn I got about a year ago. It's so silly, but even after ordering it last year, I wasn't ready. I still really wasn't ready when I finally ordered the tree 3 weeks ago, but I knew that if I could put it off, I probably would. Well, the tree came a week ago so I put on my big girl pants and planted the gardenias, with my Daddy's ashes in the living urn, on our deck, overlooking the lake. I think he'd be happy that his tree is where we make great memories, and that he can be apart of that in a way now. Instead of sitting on a shelf, inside, away from friends and family.
Amanda Anderson
My brother passed away in front of me a few days after his 34th birthday. He had Sarcoma for a little over a year. Two years earlier, after our uncle's funeral, we casually talked about what we wanted to happen if we were to die. My brother said he wanted to be buried in a cloth, straight into the ground. He wanted to become a tree. We did not discuss this further until his last week of life, when I knew what was coming. I had to ask him what he wanted and told him he can't be a tree in our state. I told him our state did not allow burials outside of a casket. He said he wanted to be cremated anyway and that he didn't care what I did with him after that. (It wasn't the best conversation we could have had.) After losing him, I got to work on the next process. I discovered the living urn. I couldn't believe it. I could give my brother exactly what he wanted. I'm just sorry he didn't get to know it. I contacted the cemetery where our mother is buried and they agreed to let me 'turn my brother into a tree.' : ) I wanted a permanent place for him. I contacted the living urn and they responded very quickly. They helped me through the process and made sure I got everything, including the tree, in three days time. The tree was in great shape. At the beginning of this idea, it freaked me out a bit. Now, I think it is the most beautiful thing to do. It is the only way I can guarantee he will literally continue to live on. It is better for our environment, which we both care about. I watched him grow from the moment he was born, and now I get to do it again. I can't recommend this company or this option more. Now I just have to figure out how to landscape and add a memorial marker.
Jami Cooper
Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion. My mother, in her last days fighting cancer, wanted to become one with the earth and have a calm comforting place for family and friends to come and remember her. We planted her in a beautiful park, and she will be a beautiful piece of the planet for generations to come.
Nikki Schmidt
We lost our pup Aticus to cancer in May 2016. He was a therapy dog at a wilderness rehab facility here in the mountains of NC. He was a loving family member and coworker. We were trying to think of something special to do for Aticus to honor him at work so we purchased the Living Urn. We had a ceremony for him with some of his coworkers. It was such a special moment to remember this awesome dog. Aticus is now a beautiful blueberry bush and will give back each year! Thank you so much for this amazing idea! I can not think of a better way to honor someone you have lost!
My experience with the Living Urn and Mike has been so positive and rewarding that we now have a tree planted with my husbands cremains on the golf course right outside our fence line on the 17th fairway. I can see the tree from every window at the back of the house. Because we were planting on a golf course, we needed to plant a sustainable tree, one that would stand up to the rigors of golfers, carts, and balls coming from various directions. My husband, George, was not an avid golfer but he was an avid gardener and spent many happy hours in our yard overlooking the 17th fairway. The golf course GM knew which house was ours because he recalled how well maintained our yard always was and how my husband was always out there puttering. The golf course could not have been more cooperative and supportive once I explained about The Living Urn and what I planned for my husband's cremains. On September 8, 2016, we planted an October Red Maple with George's cremains. The funeral director came to the house and prepared the urn which was not a difficult thing to do. The directions were very clear and the biodegradable urn was large enough to contain the cremains, the mixture, and the topsoil. I have attached pictures from the planting. The golf course invited us to participate in the planting so our children and I were able to actually place the urn with the tree root ball. It was a very moving experience and was attended by the immediate family, some close friends and a few neighbors. On September 18, 2016, we had a celebration of life at the golf club and shared the experience with the individuals who attended via a slide show presentation, still pictures, and comments explaining what The Living Urn is and the alternatives for cremains it offers. I can't tell you how comforting it is to look out each day and see the tree, knowing George is part of a new life. I will watch the tree as it grows straight, and tall, and strong, just like my husband, George! Thank you!
Very thankful that we found The Living Urn. Great product, well packaged, clear instructions and great communication regarding delivery. It provided for a great memorial for our dog and family member "Karma". It may for a very comforting experience for my family, especially our children. Sincerely - P. O'Hara and family
P. O'Hara
I just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you of the Celebration of Life we had for my Mother May 12, 2018. The Living Urn was such a beautiful expression of her life and its lasting reminder that she is still with us in some way is very comforting. The event was beautiful and moving to every single person there. The lights at the bottom of the tree had a name card on each one of them with the name of the Child who lost their Mother before mine and their Mothers name on it. We recognized and celebrated all of those Mom's as well during this beautiful day. Thank you!!!
Christina Stark
I've been thinking for a long time that there must be a better alternative to memorializing a family member than a headstone and casket. The expense notwithstanding. When my father passed away he meant a great deal to many people. He was a loved and respected man where he served as Fire Chief for almost 30 years. He was loved and respected by his wife of almost 40 years. He was loved and respected by his children and grandchildren. My wife and I just purchased our first home shortly after my father was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer, so he was never able to come and see our home. I know he would've been proud. Thanks to The Living Urn my father will be part of our family, looking down on us for decades to come, memorialized in a Magnolia in our front yard. While it's only a sapling now, it will always be a constant reminder to nurture our family as it grows to be rich and full and strong, just like the bonds we hope to share throughout our lives. Thank you for your email about planting a tree in his honor. I can't express how much it meant to me. Thanks, Aaron Metzger
Aaron Metzger
My Neice, Shyan, tragically lost her battle with addiction about a year ago, on Mother's Day. She was a vibrant soul with a great laugh and a smile that was infectious! She lived and loved life hard. Somewhere along the way, she found out about The Living Urn, and told her mother that when she died she wanted to be a tree! She spent time in a recovery home for women at a remote location in Tennessee. While there, she regained her sobriety and sense of well being. She told her mother that she felt at peace while there, and her soul was at ease. We decided to plant her there! I just visited her on the anniversary of her death, and she is in bloom! Even though she is missed everyday by her loved ones, we have a beautiful reminder of her!
I ordered the Living Urn after my daughter, Amber, passed away on May 10th. After her husband passed away in January, 2017, and with her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, Amber made me aware of her wishes if something happened to her. She wanted half of her ashes to go back to Hawaii to be with her husband, Stuart, and the other half of her ashes in a Living Urn. When she first mentioned it to me, I was not aware of the Living Urn but Amber provided me with information from the website. She did not make it known to me where she wanted the tree planted. Amber had two connections in her life. She was born in Yankton, SD, attended school and then graduated from the University of South Dakota. The other connection was in Oahu, as she moved there in 2002, met her husband and lived there until after his death. Due to her health issues, we moved Amber to Arizona and she lived with her brother, his wife and I was nearby. After some thought and talking with her brother, I decided the Living Urn and half of her ashes needed to go back to Yankton, SD. My first call was to a Yankton funeral home and they directed me to the Parks and Recreation Department. To my surprise, Yankton has a memorial tree program, but they were not aware of The Living Urn. I completed all the paperwork and was approved for the tree planting with half of Amber’s ashes. The date that was chosen was September 15th. The Living Urn Company was very helpful in getting this approved with the City. The Living Urn also provided me with a name and number of a contact person from the company so that the Parks and Recreation department could address any concerns or questions. Lisa Kortan from the Yankton Parks and Recreation called and talked with Mike at the Living Urn, as she had questions regarding the size of the urn and other details. She stated that he was very helpful. Lisa also picked out the tree, which was an Amur Flame maple, as she is aware what type would work with the weather and soil conditions. The Memorial Tree planting took place at Westside Park, which is a beautiful park with a duck pond and Amber also played there as a child. It was a great way to honor Amber and with lots of family and friends attending. I have told so many people about the Living Urn and the great customer service that was provided by the company. The Living Urn is a great way to honor someone’s life.
L. Welnick
We lost our both our pups to cancer just 17 months apart. They both loved hiking and being outdoors so when I recently heard about The Living Urn I knew exactly what I wanted to do with there remains. They are now outside both as beautiful rose bushes, the picture of the boys are with the first roses to bloom just a couple of weeks ago...thank you all at the Living Urn
Ray Rangel
My five siblings and I purchased living urns to create memorials to our parents. Although we will place a marker at the cemetery, we felt that the living urns provided a more personal tribute to our mom and dad. I chose an August Beauty gardenia tree and will keep it as a patio tree.
Margaret Moir
My late husband Wes had secondary progressive MS. We both new what was in store and Wes was able to tell me what he wanted to do with his remains. He donated his body to our local medical college for the physicians program. When the program was complete they cremated his remains and sent them home. When his family was all available I knew exactly what to do. Wes had asked me to purchase a BioUrn and a tree from our local nursery. Today we placed it in the front yard. Our 8 year old son can now visit his daddy any time he chooses. We can't wait to watch it grow and blossom! When it is big enough I plan to place a bench at it's base to sit and reflect...
J. Smith
My daughter, Angela, expressed her desire to be a tree upon her passing. After intensive investigation into available options, The Living Urn allowed our family to honor her wishes. The system was easy to use and we are given the comfort of knowing she would be pleased. Thank you Living Urn!
Cindy Nichols
I lost my Mom in August it was very unexpected. It was devastating my whole world fell apart. I was with Mom a lot, we talked everyday several times a day. She lived just right down the road from me. I can't get home without passing her house. The morning came when my brothers and I had to me her arrangements. We knew she wanted to be cremated but we wanted her viewed for closer so we did both. The funeral director which was a friend of our family started telling us about all of our different options to have lasting memories. We had some of her ashes put into necklaces, her fingerprints on a necklace for the kids and the living Urn my brother and I got and we love them. I love having a piece of her growing in my front yard. I can watch her grow and bloom. It's AMAZING it's the best thing we could have ever done! I'm so thankful that Pile Funeral told us about all the different options. Thank you for planting another tree in her memory as well Thank You Beverley Burrus
Beverley Burrus
We used The Living Urn with my grandma's ashes to plant a rose bush with orange roses. Orange was her favorite color. This is such a great way to keep her memory alive.
My Aunt Shelia was always a giver. Her life's work as a firefighter and EMT was saving others. In her spare time she volunteered at animal shelters and did anything she could to help someone in need. After an unexpected death, she saved 3 lives with her organs and countless other burn victims through tissue donation. She was an avid hiker and loved the outdoors, so when the time came to decide what to do with her cremains the choice was easy. The Living Urn allowed us to continue her legacy of giving and help her give back to the earth. We chose a Cypress Tree, secured a permit to plant the tree and cremains from our local Cremation Funeral Establishment, and selected the perfect spot along a favorite hiking trail in a National Park. As a family we hiked the trail, planted the tree and cremains in their forever home, and documented the event through photos. We look forward to hiking this trail often and watching her grow into a beautiful tree in a place that is special to us all.
Maggie Holbert
Forever in our hearts, we remember you with love and affection my dear husband. It was a beautifully warm and sunny day. It is also a day in which my promise to honor Bryan’s final wish is fulfilled. When we learned of this memorial called “The Living Urn”, Bryan loved this idea. He wanted his ashes placed here in the mountains that he fell so deeply in love with. I found a wonderful place where the tree will grow and flourish. Making sure it would be taken care of properly I planted this lovely apple tree in a spot that will provide it plenty of water year round. The tree will grow tall and full. It will bloom Radiant pink flowers in the spring. Each flower will grow into an apple. The fruit will provide a welcome meal for birds, deer, elk, moose, and many small animals who live in the area. The circle of life continues on in his loving memory... Forever in my heart
Virginia Stallard
Living urn was exactly what we wanted, and our daughter requested in her last wishes. Well worth the money. We purchased a tree locally due to our climate.
Peter Fish
Wrigley you were our favorite hello and our hardest good-bye! Thank you The Living Urn!!!#indoorbonsaiurn
Jessica C.
We lost our 7-year-old Yellow Lab, Owen, in June 2018 after a brief series of unexpected medical issues. Owen had been abused the first 8 months of his life before he joined our family and despite that rough beginning, grew into a loving, sweet, funny dog. He loved the outdoors, playing fetch, going for walks. The Living Urn gave us a beautiful and unique way to remember this incredible dog who meant so much to our family. Owen's ashes were buried beneath a Prairie Fire Crabapple tree in view of the bedroom window where he would sit when the weather was bad and he couldn't be outside. The Living Urn ordering process was quick and easy, and the directions for use were clear and simple. We purchased a tree locally to ensure it would grow in our zone and when we had questions about the tree requirements, the Living Urn staff were very helpful. If you're looking for a living tribute for your loved one, the Living Urn is an excellent option.
Kelly and Jeremy Thompson
We lost my dad to dementia February of this year, six months later my mom passed away from AML. Before my mom passed away she told us she wanted to be buried next to my dad's Living Urn maple tree but she didn't want a tree but just to have her urn placed in the ground next to him. They were married 58 years. These living Urns are an awesome way of preserving memories of loved ones. We had some a great experience with both of our purchases. Highly recommend this company and product. Great service.
Barb Walz
Thank you for helping us create a living legacy for our daughter. Everything went so smoothly. We couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Excellent customer service. Very knowledgable and compassionate staff.
Heidi Slone
Father’s Day has always been a very difficult day for me these last 4 years. The Living Urn was incredibly accommodating in helping me plant a tree for father's day in remembrance of my dad. I found the website quite late (about three days before fathers day) and The Living Urn was able to send my urn extreemly quick, and even with Saturday delivery to help me get it on time. This was such a special way to always remember him and a beautiful reminder he is always near. My old man Willy had such a big heart for nature, especially trees. He would be so happy to see this Willow tree grow in his remembrance. I would recommend this process to anyone, it is so sentimental and very unique. So thankful.
Makayla Willett
We've lived in our home 30 years and my husband loved everything about our home. We raised our own beef and he had the best garden anywhere. Every year he said he would reduce the size of his garden, and every year he expanded it more. When he passed away in May 2018, I heard about Bio Urns and started looking - I was thrilled to find this site because of the wider variety of plants! Now they even have a Living Urn Indoors! That sounded great but I wanted to place my husband outdoors in the place he loved to be, his garden. We chose a Red Maple because I wanted the color but I also wanted a fast-growing, large-growing tree - we are surrounded by huge Pine Trees all around us. I want my husbands tree to be able to hold it's own in central Mississippi. I wanted a tree that would change colors in the fall, even if we don't get a cold snap. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Steve was very helpful in picking out a tree. Thank you Steve. The tree arrived yesterday and measured 28" and was firmly supported by a pole. Today I prepared the hole and when I took the tree out of the pot, I was pleasantly shocked by the roots! I was supposed to separate them, but this is a well rooted tree and even had 1 red leaf. Of course, it's too soon to tell, but it really should be able to survive as well rooted as it is. If you're on the fence, this is a #1 Site and will do all they can to help you in your hour of need.
RayLin Stephens
Mom passed away in January. We discussed her funeral arrangements before she passed. She said she wanted to be cremated. I introduced this idea to her, and she loved it. She picked the tree out and in the middle of March we planted her tree. It is beautiful and gives me peace.. Thank you.
Elizabeth Rimmer
Planting of our mom in the urn was a great way to honor her and we love the alternative option to a traditional burial Thank you for making it easy
Family of Janet Mindeman
When my husband Charlie found an article about the Living Urn, it captured his attention, and we both agreed that there was something compelling about returning to the earth, nurturing a tree and giving back to the planet. Little did we know that it would be a reality in only a year. To honor my late husband, we purchased the Living Urn for his ashes and planted not one tree, but two, in two very special locations that were close to his heart. One was a church camp where he was active from childhood to the present, as camper and counselor. The other was at a family friend's farm, where he had spent so much time as what they called their "fifth child." Both sites sport flowering trees -- a Japanese Cherry at one and a set of three Kousa Dogwoods at the other.The attached photo is of me (with the shovel) and his sister planting the main dogwood with my sister (the expert planter!) overseeing. The service at both sites was casual, filled with remembrances and stories. The Living Urn absolutely made it very easy to plan and orchestrate these memorials.
Jennifer Crow
Nothing is harder than burying your child. But this tribute reflects his belief in protecting nature and doing more to making this a better world for future generations. We selected a gingko because of it's life history and its ecological paradox of surviving in environments that have been disturbed. I believe my son would have approved. Thank you Living Urn for your assistance at this difficult time. Thank you for also planting a tree in his memory.
Cynthia Littleton
I lost my father to kidney disease back in September 2016. I was having trouble in deciding on what to do with his ashes. While doing some online searching, I came across the Living Urn website and I knew this would be the perfect way to memorialize my dad. A year & a half later, I was finally able to plant his ashes with a rose bush using the Living Urn kit and I couldn't be happier. His roses are now blooming in the backyard. Thank you, so much for such an amazing way to memorialize loved ones!
Maria Segovia
I told my elderly aunt months ago about the living urn and she thought it was a lovely idea. When I asked her what tree she would want to be buried under, she said"an oak, but my wish is to be donated to UT science department and did not want to have a funeral service." Shortly thereafter she was admitted to hospice and passed a few weeks later. Then we found out that Hospice would not take her remains. We had n choice but to cremate her remains. My sister and I decided to purchase the living urn and plant her favorite flower, the sweetpea flower over her urn in a large planter. The biggest bonus was learning that the living urn has planted a tree on her behalf in Tahoe National Forest. This was truly a blessing and I know she would approve and feel good about the choice we made. God bless
Leslie A Tsuchimoto
My sister Kathleen died in a car accident on May 6, 2016. Our family knew that cremation was the best option for our situation, but we really didn’t have any experience with cremation as most of our family members who had passed had opted for traditional burials. When the time came to choose an urn, my sister’s fiancé said that The Living Urn really spoke to him as being something that she would have wanted. She was a very giving person in life, and this would be a way for her to continue giving even after her death. We all agreed that we were open to this option, as long as we could find the right place to plant the tree. We wanted to make sure that the tree wasn’t planted on land that would be sold in the upcoming years, and it needed to be somewhere that would allow access to whoever wanted to visit. In the end, the right place ended up being on our church property (with their blessing, of course). Our congregation was blessed to have a couple acres of land, and it is the same church that baptized Kathleen in 1984 and where our family still attends. We wanted to choose a tree that had pink or purple blossoms (her favorite colors), and the wonderfully helpful staff at The Living Urn suggested the Redbud tree. The tree arrived at the funeral home with everything we needed to plant. We all gathered together on a June evening – our parents, Kathleen’s children and fiancé, along with other family members and friends. As much as we expected this to feel like a traditional burial, it was so different – it wasn’t that we were burying the person we loved, we were starting a new life with her remains, something that would grow and flourish. She would live on not only in our hearts but through this tree as well. I will not soon forget watching her 12-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son as they help to dig and fill in the hole for their mother’s resting place. We were still feeling sadness, sure, but there were no tears because it wasn’t the end – it was just the beginning. She rests on the crest of a hill just to the west of the sanctuary were we attended church. The tree overlooks the old church building where she was baptized. Within two weeks of planting, the tree had sprouted little heart-shaped leaves, which are now larger than my hand. The trunk of the tree was skinnier than a pencil when we planted, but is now at least an inch in diameter. The tree is thriving! We visit her every Sunday when we come and go from church. It’s a continual connection with Kathleen, and has really been a positive silver lining on the dark cloud of her death. The Living Urn was the perfect choice for us and we would definitely recommend it to others considering their aftercare options. The staff was so helpful and patient with my endless questions, and the bamboo urn holder was a beautiful addition to the funeral ceremony. On behalf of our family, thank you for offering this wonderful alternative to traditional burial, and thanks to your staff for their excellent and compassionate service.
We were relieved to find out about this option because it gave our family a sense of perpetuity. When we described what we were doing to our friends at my wife's memorial many said they wanted to do that. We split my wife's ashes and did three urns. We set a small amount aside in a scattering urn for the close family to scatter in her beloved ocean. The rest we dived into two trees, one on the west coast and one on the east coast where her family and friends were split. We did a memorial ceremony with each. Both sites are magnificent. It was all too difficult to find a site that would allow this but we did. In the west coast it is a religious retreat (see below) and on the east coast a local cemetery that will provide perpetual care. (The larger cemeteries didn't know how to accommodate it ). our children especially enjoyed the thought of their mother would grow into a tree rather than just decay in the ground. We chose trees that would be strong and live long in the local environment. On the east coast we purchased several inexpensive ($600 ea) adjacent plots in a small town cemetery and chose a ginkgo biloba because they can live for many hundreds or thousands of years. Multiple urns can be added to the plots in the future. This is a brilliant idea. Much better than the way I buried my parents.
Jeffrey Fischer
Our daughter Alyssa suddenly passed away recently and luckily not to long ago we had a conversation about what her wishes were when she died. Without much thought and knowing that my husband and I liked cremation she said buried I guess. Well in order to honor her wishes and to not have her in a grave left behind if we were ever to leave the area. We found the Living Urn. We were able to cremate her and use the biodegradable urn to put her remains in a beautiful pot that we keep filled with plants and flowers and that sits in our living room. We have honored her wishes by burying her ashes and this way she will also go where we go.
Sharon spradley
I purchased a Bio Urn for my mother as we loved the idea of her ashes being used to support the growth of a tree. Today I received an email saying that a tree was planted in her honor at the Tahoe National Forest. This doubles the impact on the earth that we were hoping for. Great company. Great service. Gorgeous container for the urn. Great experience!!
Jenna Lank
On April 21, 2017, I had to make the difficult decision to euthanize my beloved dog, Clarice. I felt the best way to honor her memory was to plant a tree using The Living Urn. I ordered The Living Urn and it arrived in a few days. Clarice was a coonhound mix, so I decided to plant a Quaking Aspen tree that has white bark with golden leaves to match her coloring. The Arbor Day Foundation shipped the tree at the perfect time for optimal planting several days later. I followed the The Living Urn's detailed and easy to follow directions for preparing and planting the biodegradable urn. On May 7, 2017, I planted the tree. It has only been a couple weeks and you can see from the pictures that the tree is thriving! I am so glad I decided to honor Clarice with The Living Urn.
Tamara Hartz
I just wanted to take a second to write a little testimonial on a truly beautiful one-of-a-kind gift. My father suddenly passed two years ago and I wanted to make his two year remembrance special, I wanted to do something different, something my dad would love and appreciate, something to lift our spirits. My coworker had mentioned seeing something like this and after much research and screening reviews, I decided to put my faith in the living urn and I am so happy that I did! I chose a Blossoming Cherry Tree, my dads favorite, this picture does not do this beautiful idea justice but it's the best one I could find that everyone could agree with (minus my brother who was taking the photo). As a family we prepared the urn/tree while sharing memories of my dad, laughing at some, crying at others. It was a beautiful thing and together we planted it in our front yard. It's only been a few months since we've planted the tree and it has grown so well! I can't wait for it to mature and grow cherries and pretty flowers and attract the birds that my dad loved to watch! Every time I look at it I will think of my father and how much he would love this. I would and have recommended this company and product to many people and will continue doing so, it has brought my family much joy in such a painful time.
This was planted at my Lake with my Step Fathers remains (cremated remains) under it. I choose the WEEPING WILLOW. Great product! I highly recommend it to honor someone or a pet that you choose to honor by having a tree supplied from The Arbor Day Foundation for free. One of the best investments I have made into a deceased loved one, because the tree gets higher and my memories get fonder!
My husband was on a waiting list to receive a heart. So we had discussed his wishes if anything were to happen. Unfortunately his heart quit working before we were able to complete the transplant referral process. He didn't want to "be in a box in the ground." We both decided cremation was our preferred option. My niece had heard of people planting trees with the ashes of their loved ones, so after his death, I began my internet research. There are slot of places to help people do just that, but The Living Urn provided me with a ecologically safe and affordable option. Couldn't ask for an easier process. We opted to buy a large tree to plant and had our small family memorial as we did. Thank you The Living Urn for allowing me to have a constant reminder of my husband and the love we shared.
Amy Weathers
I have had a wonderful experience with the living urn. Not only the kit itself and easy to follow instructions but with the helpful staff through emails and phone calls. It was very emotional planting the tree with my father's cremains but as I look at it everyday I feel so thankful and grateful that there was a way for me to feel he is with me forever. My dad loved nature and trees...he had planted many pines himself at his home. I chose a Redwood Dawn pine for him to grow with and to become part of.
Gina Biondo
It has been 4 years since our daughter passed away. It has been a very long road, but once I saw the Pink dogwood on your website it just felt right. My husband an I searched for quite some time. It just never felt right as a mother in my heart. Being able to plant my daughter has given me what I have been longing for. I can finally watch her grow. I only got 2 weeks with her. Given the circumstances one can understand the need to see my child grow. Her tree has just started sprouting leaves an it brought tears of pure joy to my eyes. Thank you for giving me what I have wanted so badly. Words can never express the gift you have given.
F. Purvee
This was one of the most positive experiences I have ever had. From the first call I made to place my order, customer service was great and the guy was so helpful and understand of my needs and wants. I received the urn set first and the tree arrived two days before it was time to plant so that it would be vibrant and healthy. I'm so glad I decided to fulfill my dad's wishes since trees were his fascination and he always wanted to be with the trees, now he is!!! I chose a beautiful red maple to stand out ?. Thanks #TheLivingUrn for making everything a pleasant experience.
S. Stremmel
We purchased the Living Urn system to honor my husband's love of nature and outdoor activities. The system was easy to use and arrived quickly. The spruce sapling was healthy. We planted the spruce in his hunting grounds
I wanted to write and personally thank you for making such an amazing product. My wife Jane and I were high school sweethearts, married at 18, and were married for 52 years until she passed after a long battle with cancer. I was devastated and didn't know what to do and how to honor her until my grandson told me about the Living Urn - wow! This was the perfect memorial! Jane is now growing into a beautiful tree in our backyard and generations can remember what a great person she was. The tree looks amazing and I'm at peace now knowing that she's with me at home. I have attached a picture of the tree. Again, thank you Living Urn.
A while ago after I lost my step father, my mom started looking into after death options. She faced a burial with plaque and spent over 15 thousand dollars on my step father's funeral. She didn't want us kids to have to go through that. She researched the living urn and really fell in love with the whole idea. We joked around about it but, it really seemed like a neat idea. Well, she broke her hip about 4 months after that. An infection ended up taking her life. That's the hardest thing to have to deal with. After some grieving, I was determined to fulfill her last wishes. I purchased the pink dogwood (that's exactly what she wanted)!! The customer service was excellent. I must say they made it so easy.. And that's what people need when there world is turned upside down. I don't have a good picture of the tree at this moment because it's early spring and we still have 2 inches of snow on the ground.
D. Anderson
I would like to tell you my story about how The Living Urn has helped my family. I lost my husband suddenly. He wanted to be cremated but never said what he wanted me to do with his ashes. When I found The Living Urn, it was as if it was made just for him. He loved to take trips out west to take pictures of mountains, trees and streams. His favorite saying was "Take The Scenic Route". We bought a Dogwood tree and had a large stone carved with his words...the kids and grandkids took his ashes, the stone and a bottle of wine to our property and planted the tree with the Urn. It was just what we as a family needed. Thank you, from all of us, for helping our family find the answer.
Barbara F.
My wife passed a few months back and I've been searching for the perfect memorial. The Living Urn is just it! She loved to go hiking, biking and skiing and always treasured nature. Now, I have a pine tree growing in my backyard in her memory. Thank you for offering such a wonderful product.
I haven't had the pleasure of using my Living Urn yet, as I bought it for myself. It's comforting for me to know that, when the time comes, my son won't have to wonder what to do or what I want. I kind of display my urn, and refer to it as my casket. Everyone important to me knows where it is and what to do with it. It has been suggested to me that I let people write on it, kind of like a living eulogy. I'm considering this, but haven't decided yet. By next year, I plan to have all of my funeral and cremation services planned and paid for, so when I do go (hopefully many years from now) my son can concentrate on missing me and not have to worry about all the other details. Plus: I'm going to be a tree! How cool is that to say?
This is an awesome concept. I love it and I love my living urn. What a great way to keep your loved ones memory.