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My Aunt Shelia was always a giver. Her life's work as a firefighter and EMT was saving others. In her spare time she volunteered at animal shelters and did anything she could to help someone in need. After an unexpected death, she saved 3 lives with her organs and countless other burn victims through tissue donation. She was an avid hiker and loved the outdoors, so when the time came to decide what to do with her cremains the choice was easy. The Living Urn allowed us to continue her legacy of giving and help her give back to the earth. We chose a Cypress Tree, secured a permit to plant the tree and cremains from our local Cremation Funeral Establishment, and selected the perfect spot along a favorite hiking trail in a National Park. As a family we hiked the trail, planted the tree and cremains in their forever home, and documented the event through photos. We look forward to hiking this trail often and watching her grow into a beautiful tree in a place that is special to us all.
Maggie Holbert
I have had a wonderful experience with the living urn. Not only the kit itself and easy to follow instructions but with the helpful staff through emails and phone calls. It was very emotional planting the tree with my father's cremains but as I look at it everyday I feel so thankful and grateful that there was a way for me to feel he is with me forever. My dad loved nature and trees...he had planted many pines himself at his home. I chose a Redwood Dawn pine for him to grow with and to become part of.
Gina Biondo
I lost my Mom in August it was very unexpected. It was devastating my whole world fell apart. I was with Mom a lot, we talked everyday several times a day. She lived just right down the road from me. I can't get home without passing her house. The morning came when my brothers and I had to me her arrangements. We knew she wanted to be cremated but we wanted her viewed for closer so we did both. The funeral director which was a friend of our family started telling us about all of our different options to have lasting memories. We had some of her ashes put into necklaces, her fingerprints on a necklace for the kids and the living Urn my brother and I got and we love them. I love having a piece of her growing in my front yard. I can watch her grow and bloom. It's AMAZING it's the best thing we could have ever done! I'm so thankful that Pile Funeral told us about all the different options. Thank you for planting another tree in her memory as well Thank You Beverley Burrus
Beverley Burrus
My daughter, Angela, expressed her desire to be a tree upon her passing. After intensive investigation into available options, The Living Urn allowed our family to honor her wishes. The system was easy to use and we are given the comfort of knowing she would be pleased. Thank you Living Urn!
Cindy Nichols
My husband was on a waiting list to receive a heart. So we had discussed his wishes if anything were to happen. Unfortunately his heart quit working before we were able to complete the transplant referral process. He didn't want to "be in a box in the ground." We both decided cremation was our preferred option. My niece had heard of people planting trees with the ashes of their loved ones, so after his death, I began my internet research. There are slot of places to help people do just that, but The Living Urn provided me with a ecologically safe and affordable option. Couldn't ask for an easier process. We opted to buy a large tree to plant and had our small family memorial as we did. Thank you The Living Urn for allowing me to have a constant reminder of my husband and the love we shared.
Amy Weathers
We choose a hydrangea tree to plant with the urn containing my daughter's ashes. The directions were clear and easy to follow. We should see the flowers next spring/summer. They should change colors and last throughout the season to remind us of Laurels vibrant spirit.
Dianne VanGemert
My late husband Wes had secondary progressive MS. We both new what was in store and Wes was able to tell me what he wanted to do with his remains. He donated his body to our local medical college for the physicians program. When the program was complete they cremated his remains and sent them home. When his family was all available I knew exactly what to do. Wes had asked me to purchase a BioUrn and a tree from our local nursery. Today we placed it in the front yard. Our 8 year old son can now visit his daddy any time he chooses. We can't wait to watch it grow and blossom! When it is big enough I plan to place a bench at it's base to sit and reflect...
J. Smith
My five siblings and I purchased living urns to create memorials to our parents. Although we will place a marker at the cemetery, we felt that the living urns provided a more personal tribute to our mom and dad. I chose an August Beauty gardenia tree and will keep it as a patio tree.
Margaret Moir
On April 21, 2017, I had to make the difficult decision to euthanize my beloved dog, Clarice. I felt the best way to honor her memory was to plant a tree using The Living Urn. I ordered The Living Urn and it arrived in a few days. Clarice was a coonhound mix, so I decided to plant a Quaking Aspen tree that has white bark with golden leaves to match her coloring. The Arbor Day Foundation shipped the tree at the perfect time for optimal planting several days later. I followed the The Living Urn's detailed and easy to follow directions for preparing and planting the biodegradable urn. On May 7, 2017, I planted the tree. It has only been a couple weeks and you can see from the pictures that the tree is thriving! I am so glad I decided to honor Clarice with The Living Urn.
Tamara Hartz
This was planted at my Lake with my Step Fathers remains (cremated remains) under it. I choose the WEEPING WILLOW. Great product! I highly recommend it to honor someone or a pet that you choose to honor by having a tree supplied from The Arbor Day Foundation for free. One of the best investments I have made into a deceased loved one, because the tree gets higher and my memories get fonder!
My sister Kathleen died in a car accident on May 6, 2016. Our family knew that cremation was the best option for our situation, but we really didn’t have any experience with cremation as most of our family members who had passed had opted for traditional burials. When the time came to choose an urn, my sister’s fiancé said that The Living Urn really spoke to him as being something that she would have wanted. She was a very giving person in life, and this would be a way for her to continue giving even after her death. We all agreed that we were open to this option, as long as we could find the right place to plant the tree. We wanted to make sure that the tree wasn’t planted on land that would be sold in the upcoming years, and it needed to be somewhere that would allow access to whoever wanted to visit. In the end, the right place ended up being on our church property (with their blessing, of course). Our congregation was blessed to have a couple acres of land, and it is the same church that baptized Kathleen in 1984 and where our family still attends. We wanted to choose a tree that had pink or purple blossoms (her favorite colors), and the wonderfully helpful staff at The Living Urn suggested the Redbud tree. The tree arrived at the funeral home with everything we needed to plant. We all gathered together on a June evening – our parents, Kathleen’s children and fiancé, along with other family members and friends. As much as we expected this to feel like a traditional burial, it was so different – it wasn’t that we were burying the person we loved, we were starting a new life with her remains, something that would grow and flourish. She would live on not only in our hearts but through this tree as well. I will not soon forget watching her 12-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son as they help to dig and fill in the hole for their mother’s resting place. We were still feeling sadness, sure, but there were no tears because it wasn’t the end – it was just the beginning. She rests on the crest of a hill just to the west of the sanctuary were we attended church. The tree overlooks the old church building where she was baptized. Within two weeks of planting, the tree had sprouted little heart-shaped leaves, which are now larger than my hand. The trunk of the tree was skinnier than a pencil when we planted, but is now at least an inch in diameter. The tree is thriving! We visit her every Sunday when we come and go from church. It’s a continual connection with Kathleen, and has really been a positive silver lining on the dark cloud of her death. The Living Urn was the perfect choice for us and we would definitely recommend it to others considering their aftercare options. The staff was so helpful and patient with my endless questions, and the bamboo urn holder was a beautiful addition to the funeral ceremony. On behalf of our family, thank you for offering this wonderful alternative to traditional burial, and thanks to your staff for their excellent and compassionate service.
We lost our both our pups to cancer just 17 months apart. They both loved hiking and being outdoors so when I recently heard about The Living Urn I knew exactly what I wanted to do with there remains. They are now outside both as beautiful rose bushes, the picture of the boys are with the first roses to bloom just a couple of weeks ago...thank you all at the Living Urn
Ray Rangel
It has been 4 years since our daughter passed away. It has been a very long road, but once I saw the Pink dogwood on your website it just felt right. My husband an I searched for quite some time. It just never felt right as a mother in my heart. Being able to plant my daughter has given me what I have been longing for. I can finally watch her grow. I only got 2 weeks with her. Given the circumstances one can understand the need to see my child grow. Her tree has just started sprouting leaves an it brought tears of pure joy to my eyes. Thank you for giving me what I have wanted so badly. Words can never express the gift you have given.
F. Purvee
This was one of the most positive experiences I have ever had. From the first call I made to place my order, customer service was great and the guy was so helpful and understand of my needs and wants. I received the urn set first and the tree arrived two days before it was time to plant so that it would be vibrant and healthy. I'm so glad I decided to fulfill my dad's wishes since trees were his fascination and he always wanted to be with the trees, now he is!!! I chose a beautiful red maple to stand out ?. Thanks #TheLivingUrn for making everything a pleasant experience.
S. Stremmel
A while ago after I lost my step father, my mom started looking into after death options. She faced a burial with plaque and spent over 15 thousand dollars on my step father's funeral. She didn't want us kids to have to go through that. She researched the living urn and really fell in love with the whole idea. We joked around about it but, it really seemed like a neat idea. Well, she broke her hip about 4 months after that. An infection ended up taking her life. That's the hardest thing to have to deal with. After some grieving, I was determined to fulfill her last wishes. I purchased the pink dogwood (that's exactly what she wanted)!! The customer service was excellent. I must say they made it so easy.. And that's what people need when there world is turned upside down. I don't have a good picture of the tree at this moment because it's early spring and we still have 2 inches of snow on the ground.
D. Anderson
On one of the hardest days I never thought I would live. On July 27th, 2016 my son, just two days shy of turning 11 months old passed away. Sadden & trying to get information about leaving more of a memory for my son. I contacted The Living Urn & got a direct call from the owner Mark. After speaking with him & telling him my sons story of being born with an hypoxic brain injury & living in the Hospital for 9 months of his life. I checked my email the next morning for a coupon, that he said I could get to help with expenses for the urn. Instead Mark had decided to donate & send the living urn & tree seedling free of charge!! I couldn't believe that it was true ! I was so touched I cried; Aneferri's name is eygption and means "God of the Land"! So this natural way of repurposing His ashes couldn't be a better away to show of love for him. His cypress tree seedling arrived 2 days before his 1st birthday on August 29th. My husband and I planted the living urn & tree seedling into a giant planting pot. Then we took his 2 yr old sister to the park across the street to write messages on balloons to send the her brother in heaven. Thank you deeply Mark & the entire Team @ The Living Urn for your gift of passion that is a gift of love & gives our daughter a great way to remember her baby brother.... From the Porter Family with Love!
LaChanda White
My experience with the Living Urn and Mike has been so positive and rewarding that we now have a tree planted with my husbands cremains on the golf course right outside our fence line on the 17th fairway. I can see the tree from every window at the back of the house. Because we were planting on a golf course, we needed to plant a sustainable tree, one that would stand up to the rigors of golfers, carts, and balls coming from various directions. My husband, George, was not an avid golfer but he was an avid gardener and spent many happy hours in our yard overlooking the 17th fairway. The golf course GM knew which house was ours because he recalled how well maintained our yard always was and how my husband was always out there puttering. The golf course could not have been more cooperative and supportive once I explained about The Living Urn and what I planned for my husband's cremains. On September 8, 2016, we planted an October Red Maple with George's cremains. The funeral director came to the house and prepared the urn which was not a difficult thing to do. The directions were very clear and the biodegradable urn was large enough to contain the cremains, the mixture, and the topsoil. I have attached pictures from the planting. The golf course invited us to participate in the planting so our children and I were able to actually place the urn with the tree root ball. It was a very moving experience and was attended by the immediate family, some close friends and a few neighbors. On September 18, 2016, we had a celebration of life at the golf club and shared the experience with the individuals who attended via a slide show presentation, still pictures, and comments explaining what The Living Urn is and the alternatives for cremains it offers. I can't tell you how comforting it is to look out each day and see the tree, knowing George is part of a new life. I will watch the tree as it grows straight, and tall, and strong, just like my husband, George! Thank you!
I just wanted to take a second to write a little testimonial on a truly beautiful one-of-a-kind gift. My father suddenly passed two years ago and I wanted to make his two year remembrance special, I wanted to do something different, something my dad would love and appreciate, something to lift our spirits. My coworker had mentioned seeing something like this and after much research and screening reviews, I decided to put my faith in the living urn and I am so happy that I did! I chose a Blossoming Cherry Tree, my dads favorite, this picture does not do this beautiful idea justice but it's the best one I could find that everyone could agree with (minus my brother who was taking the photo). As a family we prepared the urn/tree while sharing memories of my dad, laughing at some, crying at others. It was a beautiful thing and together we planted it in our front yard. It's only been a few months since we've planted the tree and it has grown so well! I can't wait for it to mature and grow cherries and pretty flowers and attract the birds that my dad loved to watch! Every time I look at it I will think of my father and how much he would love this. I would and have recommended this company and product to many people and will continue doing so, it has brought my family much joy in such a painful time.
Thank you guys for the whole Living Urn concept. It really made for a very profound and sweet way for us to preserve my Dad's ashes close to our home. We feel more connected and at peace this way. As you see, our Crepe Myrtle seedling is just starting out, we planted at beginning October using the living urn additives and urn. I'm very hopeful the tree has optimal conditions to grow well.
"How much time do we have together"? My brothers and I asked the Doctor. "Not long, maybe 4-8 weeks" the Doctor responded. A terminal diagnosis and 39 days later our Mother passed away. Our Mom LOVED the vibrant Autumn colors that draped across the woodlands of the place she called home in northern Minnesota. Mom had a special place along a lake shore where she wanted her ashes scattered. The Living Urn was a creative, easy to use and lasting memorial that allowed my siblings and I to carry out our Mothers final wishes.The Living Urn allowed us to take it one step further and use her ashes to plant a Red Maple tree. What a wonderful tribute and memorial to our beautiful Mother.
Kim Johnson
Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion. My mother, in her last days fighting cancer, wanted to become one with the earth and have a calm comforting place for family and friends to come and remember her. We planted her in a beautiful park, and she will be a beautiful piece of the planet for generations to come.
Nikki Schmidt
I would like to tell you my story about how The Living Urn has helped my family. I lost my husband suddenly. He wanted to be cremated but never said what he wanted me to do with his ashes. When I found The Living Urn, it was as if it was made just for him. He loved to take trips out west to take pictures of mountains, trees and streams. His favorite saying was "Take The Scenic Route". We bought a Dogwood tree and had a large stone carved with his words...the kids and grandkids took his ashes, the stone and a bottle of wine to our property and planted the tree with the Urn. It was just what we as a family needed. Thank you, from all of us, for helping our family find the answer.
Barbara F.
We lost our pup Aticus to cancer in May 2016. He was a therapy dog at a wilderness rehab facility here in the mountains of NC. He was a loving family member and coworker. We were trying to think of something special to do for Aticus to honor him at work so we purchased the Living Urn. We had a ceremony for him with some of his coworkers. It was such a special moment to remember this awesome dog. Aticus is now a beautiful blueberry bush and will give back each year! Thank you so much for this amazing idea! I can not think of a better way to honor someone you have lost!
We purchased the Living Urn system to honor my husband's love of nature and outdoor activities. The system was easy to use and arrived quickly. The spruce sapling was healthy. We planted the spruce in his hunting grounds
This is an awesome concept. I love it and I love my living urn. What a great way to keep your loved ones memory.
I've been nursing this seedling all summer, now the challenge will be getting it through a Michigan winter. Our family gathered for the planting on June 19, and everyone is watching the progress. We split my husband's cremains so that each one of us had some to plant with their tree. My daughter and son (who is waiting for a white dogwood) in Michigan will be planting their trees soon. I will be going to Denver in October. My son who lives there is getting a tree that is native to CO and we will plant his tree while I am there. It's been a wonderful experience. I water and chat with his tree daily and somehow feel he isn't completely gone. Thank you.
My father passed away almost 4 years ago and I was having the hardest time trying to figure out what to do with his ashes. He was a person that loved being outside and I couldn't live with the idea of his ashes sitting in a jar in our house. One day, while I was searching for ideas of what to do with his ashes, I came across the Living Urn website and absolutely loved the idea! I chose to put his ashes in a planter since I rent my home and wanted to be able to take him with us if we move. I love that his ashes are able to help provide life to a living plant and I can memorialize him in a very beautiful way. I have had the Living Urn for several months now and my plants continue to thrive! Thank you The Living Urn for providing a great alternative to traditional urns!
Heather Dills
The crepe myrtle doing great where my brother rests. Thank you for this fabulous idea.
I purchased the living urn as my dog of 15 years had recently passed. It was a tough loss as I had him for the majority of my adult life and when my husband and I tried to figure out the best way to honor his love, devotion and loyalty, we decided to purchase the living urn. It's beautifully packaged, instructions are easy and we have started to see a little sprout in the citrus tree we decided will be with our family for many more years to come. It's a great way to remember him and a great way to have him still be a part of the family.
We have been pleased with our memorial trees . As a family we choose to honor our mom with the memorial trees. They we quick to put together. My tree , a sugar maple, started off slow in fact I thought I lost it. But with patience good soil the tree is quick healthy! We are starting to get the tree winter ready.
I haven't had the pleasure of using my Living Urn yet, as I bought it for myself. It's comforting for me to know that, when the time comes, my son won't have to wonder what to do or what I want. I kind of display my urn, and refer to it as my casket. Everyone important to me knows where it is and what to do with it. It has been suggested to me that I let people write on it, kind of like a living eulogy. I'm considering this, but haven't decided yet. By next year, I plan to have all of my funeral and cremation services planned and paid for, so when I do go (hopefully many years from now) my son can concentrate on missing me and not have to worry about all the other details. Plus: I'm going to be a tree! How cool is that to say?
Losing my dog was an extremely painful experience, but purchasing a living urn somehow made it just a little easier. The thought of growing a tree from his ashes was comforting. I planted it in his favorite spot in the yard where I can visit it every day with his sisters. I hope that I don't lose either of my other dogs anytime soon, but when I do, I'll be back to order from The Living Urn.
I thought you might enjoy these pictures of the tree I purchased from you in April. As you can see, it is thriving and has grown even more since these pictures were taken about a month ago. My husband was an artist and we planted the tree on the property in the Eastern Sierras that he used as his studio. As you can see, he enjoyed himself very much there and his tree will be a perfect remembrance for all those who loved him. The stones have personal message written by friends and family. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service to those of us who have lost a loved one.
I wanted to write and personally thank you for making such an amazing product. My wife Jane and I were high school sweethearts, married at 18, and were married for 52 years until she passed after a long battle with cancer. I was devastated and didn't know what to do and how to honor her until my grandson told me about the Living Urn - wow! This was the perfect memorial! Jane is now growing into a beautiful tree in our backyard and generations can remember what a great person she was. The tree looks amazing and I'm at peace now knowing that she's with me at home. I have attached a picture of the tree. Again, thank you Living Urn.
My wife passed a few months back and I've been searching for the perfect memorial. The Living Urn is just it! She loved to go hiking, biking and skiing and always treasured nature. Now, I have a pine tree growing in my backyard in her memory. Thank you for offering such a wonderful product.
Hello, I wanted to write and let you know how happy we are to have found the Living Urn. Our grandmother passed about a year ago and her remains have been sitting on the shelf ever since. She always wanted to be scattered among rose bushes and we've been waiting for that perfect opportunity. Now, rather than just being scattered, she's actually growing into that perfect rose bush! Also, our 8 year old daughter, Isabella, wanted to send you a note as her own special way of saying thanks for what this means to her and her best friend - her great grandma!
We used the Living Urn for my mother. She was adamantly opposed to an kind of formal burial and wanted cremation and a "remembrance party". In addition my mother wanted her ashes under a plant of some sort and she already had a spot picked out. Until I read your ad I had no idea how to do that. When the package came it was exactly as needed. I built a pergola large enough to hold a small table and two chars that would overlook Crape Myrtle Tree we planted. With your Urn we were able to fulfill her wishes. Her tree sits in the spot she originally picked out and with your "kit" I was able to prepare the ground. It was and is a perfect memorial for someone that wants an option for burial. Thank you.
Dear Living Urn, We recently bought the Living Urn for Pets after our family lab, Marley, passed unexpectedly from a cancerous tumor. We only had 9 short but amazing years with her and she will truly be missed by our entire family. Marley was a rescue that we got at a local shelter and it was love at first sight. She loved family hikes and would never leave my daughter's side (even if it meant knocking others off the trail!). She also loved playing fetch, camping, chasing the kids around the yard, and long car rides. We lost an amazing member of the family way too soon and didn't know what to do with her remains until we found The Living Urn. We planted the Living Urn with Marley's ashes in her favorite corner of the yard. Of course, nothing will bring back our sweet Marley but we feel it's truly a blessing to have a living memorial of her. From the bottom of our broken hearts, we thank you for making such a wonderful product! I've attached a pic of Marley and the pine sapling just planted that's growing from Marley's remains! Thank you!
I think the living urn is a really nice idea and I appreciate that you have created such a wonderful product. When my father passed away I was inspired to give back to him with a special memorial tree and to God and the earth which provides for us by planting new life. I have planted a bald cypress in an area he loved. Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know this is a nice product that you offer that serves a purpose for others.
The urn worked wonderfully! Mom is now resting in the Rocky Mountains where she wanted to be, surrounded by the pine trees in a place she so loved. Mom always said she wanted to be with the pines. Now she can be part of one. Thank you for such a great product. It was appreciated by me and my family.
We ended up just buying the Urn, and purchasing our own tree separately. Your company provided us with great customer service and a great product. Thanks and really appreciate it!
Our Buttercup is growing... #thelivingurn #ourbelovedbuttercup #sohappy #memories Thank you!!!
Guys, thanks. I appreciate all of the help on the phone. I just got it in the mail and wow! We're planting it tomorrow with a spruce. Great way to remember our dad. Keep doing what you are doing.
We used The Living Urn with my grandma's ashes to plant a rose bush with orange roses. Orange was her favorite color. This is such a great way to keep her memory alive.
After researching other biodegradable urns that claim to grow a tree from a seed (which by the way is very very hard), I found the Living Urn...great product that comes with a tree seedling from the Arbor Day Foundation - brilliant!!! Just ordered 2 - one for my lab that passed last yr and another for my 12 year old beagle. Thank you for such a beautiful product!
Our grandfather (Papa) passed away last month and our family has been devastated. We didn't want to put him in a boring urn on the mantle because that just wasn't his personality. Thank God we found the Living Urn - a great way to have a beautiful living memory grow from his remains. Now our kids, grandkids, great grandkids and many future generations will have a great way to remember such a great man! Thank you!!!
My lab and best friend just passed and I wanted to do something special in her memory.. she loved the outdoors and this is so fitting. I'll now have a special place to remember her. Thanks!

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