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The Living Urn Biodegradable Urn and Planting System Announces its New Product Offering

In response to overwhelming customer demand for plant and flower options, the Living Urn has developed a new planting system that allows a customer to grow plants or flowers from their pet’s cremated remains.

Mike Walas, The Living Urn’s co-founder commented, “The response to our biodegradable urn and planting system that includes a tree seedling has been great, however, we have also been getting thousands of requests for roses, tulips, plants, etc. and we want to be able to provide these options for our customers. In addition, some customers do not have the right size yard for a large tree and prefer to grow a plant or flowers from a pot or in a small area in the yard. For these reasons, we just finished the development of a new planting system that gives the customer the ability to grow their favorite plant or flowers from the remains of their family member. This planting system comes with our biodegradable urn and includes similar additives as our version that grows a tree, however, with some slight variations. Similar to our Living Urn planting system for trees, the key for us is to ensure our biodegradable urn and planting system allows for successful plant and flower growth. This system also gives the customer flexibility to plant The Living Urn including their loved ones cremated remains in a large pot. We are extremely excited to launch this new product and look forward to announcing additional product offerings over the next few months."

To order a Living Urn and grow a plant or flowers, simply select No Seedling at checkout and purchase your favorite plant or flowers at your local nursery. Planting and care instructions are included with your Living Urn system.

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