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9 Reasons Why Fall is a Great Time to Plant a Tree Memorial

9 Reasons Why Fall is a Great Time to Plant a Tree Memorial

Fall is a season full of beauty and change. Cooler temperatures begin to set in and people are motivated to head outdoors and enjoy the beauty displayed by the Fall colors. In most parts of the country, vibrant red, yellow and orange foliage provides breathtaking scenery.

Fall is also one of the best times to plant many trees and a fantastic time to grow a living memory of a loved one with The Living Urn!  Here are a few important and interesting reasons why Fall is such a great time for a tree burial with The Living Urn…

9) Trees can focus on root growth only – In the Fall, deciduous trees drop their leaves and enter into dormancy. This allows the newly planted tree to focus all of its energy on expanding and growing its root system which it continues to do all through the winter. Other times of the year, trees need to divide their energy between shoots and leaves in addition to roots. Also, in the Fall, the soil stays warm well after the air temperature cools, which also encourages root growth. With a strong and robust root system, your tree will be well set to take off in the Spring!

8) Less watering - Increased rainfall and cooler temperatures means less watering time for you!

7) Improved drought tolerance - Trees planted in the Fall are better equipped to deal with heat and drought in future seasons. Compared to trees planted in the Spring or Summer, trees planted in the Fall get an extra 6 to 8 months of initial root growth before the Summer heat sets in.

6) Pleasant temps for planting – Spending time outdoors and digging a hole for your tree and Living Urn is much more pleasant in the Fall when temperatures are mild, compared with summer when it’s hot or winter when it is cold. In addition, the soil is typically easy to work with and less soggy than it can be in the Spring.

5) Fewer insects – Leaf chewers and other insects are less active in the Fall and Winter months. This means less stress for newly planted trees and plants.

4) A perfect time for an outdoor ceremony – With cooler, comfortable temperatures, it’s a great time to hold a Living Urn planting ceremony with family and friends. Planting ceremonies are becoming a more and more popular alternative to a traditional funeral and many people love having family and friends participate in the planting process.

3) Tree availability – The Living Urn tree nursery is currently well stocked and has thousands of healthy 2-4’ trees available and ready to ship! Simply pick out your loved one’s favorite tree and have it shipped to your doorstep or location of your choosing ready to plant with the special biotree urn containing a portion or all of your loved one’s ashes. Are you looking for something special not on website – we can help!  Just send an email or give us a call.  It’s likely we grow it or can find it for you!

2) Tree guarantee – Quality is of paramount importance to The Living Urn. There’s a stringent quality control process in place and every tree is checked carefully before it ships to you. All of the trees provided with The Living Urn have a strong and robust root system to make it easy for you to successfully grow a beautiful and healthy memory tree that will grow and thrive. If for some reason your tree does not take within the first few months after planting, we’ll replace it!

1) Helping the environment – The sooner you plant, the sooner your loved one’s memorial can give back to Mother Nature and future generations. Trees provide oxygen, clean the air, support wildlife, and add striking beauty to any landscape. In addition, for every tree planted with The Living Urn, we will plant a second tree in one of America’s forests in need of reforestation – just our way of helping to double the impact of your loved one’s memorial!

There are many compelling reasons to plant a tree memorial this Fall, however, if the ground has already frozen where you live, or if you prefer to wait to plant until the Spring or Summer, you can still purchase a Living Urn and simply have your tree shipped later when you are ready to plant. The Living Urn biotree urn System is shipped the same day you order and your loved one’s cremated remains can be placed in the proprietary bio urn (and the bio urn in the decorative bamboo case) until you are ready to plant the memory tree. The tree or shrub you select is shipped separately on the date of your choosing. If you do not know yet when you want to plant, simply ask for a tree voucher which can be redeemed on demand when the time is right for you!

Click here to select that perfect living memory tree!

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