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Can You Gift a Tree in Memory of Someone?

When a friend or family member suffers a loss, the grief they experience can be quite overwhelming. Life as they know it is forever changed. Even though you try to find the right words to soften their anguish, there are none. An encounter with grief can leave the bereaved, as well as their supporters, feeling completely powerless. We can’t change what has happened, but we can choose how to respond to it. Gifting a tree in memory of the departed can be a moving and thoughtful gesture of love and support for the bereaved.

gift a memory tree

Is Gifting a Memory Tree a Good Idea?

Also known as living urns, memory trees are planted in biodegradable urns containing cremated ashes. The bio urn, or tree pod, is buried in a special spot in the earth. Over time, the tree pod begins to break down naturally. With The Living Urn’s patented BioUrn®, the ashes, special RootProtect® additive, and premium growth mix work to support the robust roots of the young tree. As the tree grows, the legacy and memory of the departed lives on.

Trees elegantly symbolize the circle of life. Gifting a memory tree to honor the departed is a beautiful way to show your love and support for the bereaved. As a gift that keeps on giving, it helps the bereaved regain agency in their lives. It starts by allowing them to choose a meaningful place to plant their sacred tribute. There are several wonderful options, such as their backyard, a Memory Forest™, a national park, a church, or a sacred spot. From there, your gift recipient can have a planting ceremony to commemorate their unique memorial. If the tree pod is planted at their home, they’ll be comforted knowing they can visit with their loved one anytime. Watching the tree grow over the years can bring peace and serenity to their life. The long life of trees allows future generations to bask in the splendor of the living memorial.

Choosing Your Memory Tree Gift

When choosing your memory tree gift, you’ll want to consider which tree might best suit the bereaved and their departed loved one’s relationship. Here are three tips to help you pick the right tree for your grief-stricken family member or friend:

The Area’s Growing Zone

Different species of trees need to be in the right growing zone to thrive. This easy tool from The Living Urn can help you determine the most suitable tree for the bereaved’s particular region.

Tree Type

What kind of tree do you think would be meaningful for the bereaved? There are several to choose from, such as evergreen, flowering, shade, nut, and fruit trees. Hardwood trees like oak or pecan can live a long, hardy life of around 100 to 150 years on average. Even though they live a shorter life, fruit trees can bring community by inviting family and friends to pick their nourishing treats. If the departed was fond of animals, nut trees will attract all kinds of wildlife, such as squirrels and birds. It may bring your gift recipient joy to know their loved one has a hand in providing sustenance to beautiful woodland creatures. Flowering trees can bring peace and tranquility with their soothing scents and stunning colors. With evergreen trees, their dependable, unchanging beauty during all seasons can symbolize resilience and perseverance.

When You’re Unsure

Choosing a tree may be difficult if you aren’t sure what the bereaved would like. If that’s the case, you can still order The Living Urn System on its own if you think the bereaved would enjoy choosing a tree themselves from their local garden center. Another great choice is to purchase The Living Urn System with a Tree Voucher. That way, your gift recipient can simply turn in the voucher with The Living Urn for a tree of their choice whenever they're ready to hold a planting ceremony.

How To Gift a Tree in Memory

While a memory tree is a thoughtful and loving gift, the bereaved may have strong feelings about how the departed is to be memorialized. To successfully gift a memory tree, having a few important bits of information is helpful. Was the departed cremated? How does the gift recipient feel about the commemoration of ashes? Once you have a fair sense that the gift recipient would be receptive, you can order a memory tree and have it shipped directly to them or present it in person!

Memory Tree Gift Options From The Living Urn

You have several meaningful options when you order a memory tree from The Living Urn. Unless otherwise specified, each Living Urn® tree urn comes with a 2 to 4-foot tall living tree. It’s thoughtfully placed in a pot to support the tree’s robust root system. With over 50 tree and shrub types, you can use your zip code to narrow down the best tree for your gift recipient’s specific region. If you’d like to learn more about our special memory trees, visit our store today!

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