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The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Tree Burial Pods

In an age where climate change permeates nearly every facet of life across the globe, many people are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional burial practices. One innovative approach is the concept of tree burial pods. This unique and eco-friendly practice helps the departed return their bodies to nature in a thoughtful and meaningful way. While environmentally responsible and sustainable, the emerging trend of tree burial pods also has the power to transform how we view loss and the circle of life. Even though our departed loved ones have left their earthly bodies, their memory and spirit live on through the radiance and beauty of their living memorial.

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Tree Burial Pods

Also known as biodegradable or bio urns, tree burial pods are a sharp departure from traditional burial practices. Instead of utilizing a conventional coffin, tree pods carrying the cremated remains of the departed are buried in the earth. Next, a young tree, seed, or sapling is planted above it, waiting to receive the ashes from the bio urn as it breaks down. However, with The Living Urn®, the concept of a tree pod is taken a step further. The Living Urn® is a biodegradable urn specifically designed to house cremated ashes and a young, living tree. The patented The Living Urn® and planting system makes it easy to transform the ashes of your lost loved one into a beautiful, eco-friendly living tree memorial. Here are five eco-friendly benefits to using tree burial pods:

Reduced Carbon Footprint

With traditional burial methods, a lot of non-biodegradable materials are used, which contribute heavily to a significant carbon footprint. Most coffins are made of metal or hardwood that contains harmful varnishes and chemicals. Often, these coffins are lowered into a concrete vault for burial. In contrast, tree burial pods are designed and crafted from biodegradable materials, minimizing the impact on the environment. Once planted, the bio urn simply decomposes naturally, supporting the growth of a young tree and offsetting carbon emissions like those produced by traditional burial practices.

Forest Regeneration

One of the most exciting aspects of tree burial pods is their role in fostering forest regeneration. Families or individuals can choose from a wide variety of trees or shrubs for a sacred living memorial. The Living Urn offers over fifty options from our award-winning nursery. Bio urns can accommodate them all! As the popularity of tree pods continues to grow, so do Memory Forests™. A Memory Forest™ is an innovative approach to providing sacred land for memorializing the departed through tree pods. Instead of elaborate tombstones and cemeteries, Memory Forests™ provide trees and forests! As the living memorials mature, they contribute to the restoration of ecosystems, supplying a valuable habitat for wildlife and enhancing biodiversity. This innovative approach transforms cemeteries into vibrant, living memorials that celebrate life and the sustainability of our planet.

Preservation of Green Spaces

Traditional cemeteries need large amounts of land to house coffins. Maintaining these grounds requires a significant amount of upkeep. On the other hand, tree pods support the preservation of green spaces. When tree pod burials are integrated with existing forests or used to create a natural burial ground, it ensures that the final resting place of our departed loved ones remains a part of the natural landscape. The delicate balance between environmental preservation and urban development is well-supported thanks to this sustainable approach.

Connection to Nature

For families that choose to honor their loved ones with a memorial tree, it can open a deeper connection to nature. Whether the tree pod is planted at home, in a Memory Forest™, or another sacred spot, it invites the bereaved to experience the peace and tranquility that nature provides. The circle of life is on full display. Even though the departed have committed their bodies back to the earth, they have rejoined the natural cycle by nourishing the soil and supporting the growth of a wonderous tree. As a living tribute, the memorial tree fosters a sense of continuity and interconnectedness with the environment. Your loved one’s participation in a living memorial helps promote eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Inspiring future generations to be environmentally conscious is a beautiful, lasting legacy for your loved one.

Shifting Perspectives on Loss

One of the beautiful things about tree pod burials is that they challenge long-held views on traditional burial practices. As challenging as losing a loved one can be, it is possible to embrace a positive and life-affirming perspective. Cemeteries no longer need to be perceived as somber and static. Rather, the presence of thriving trees can be invigorating. After all, trees symbolize renewal, growth, and the ever-present cyclical nature of life. Spending time with a memorial tree or a Memory Forest™ can be a cause for celebrating the beauty of life and the precious time we have on this Earth.

The Living Urn is America’s leading Bio Urn & Planting System. We specialize in helping individuals and families create a meaningful, eco-friendly living memorial. To learn more about how to honor a loved one with a living tribute, visit our store today!

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