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Christian Cremation Jewelry: Benefits & Where to Find Them

Cremation jewelry has become an extremely popular and comforting way to memorialize loved ones. Also known as remembrance, funeral, or memorial jewelry, cremation jewelry can offer solace and support for those in grief. Cremation jewelry pieces can be worn at all times, allowing you to always hold your loved one close in remembrance wherever you go. From necklaces with ashes, bracelets, and charms, these beautiful jewelry pieces can be customized to reflect the unique qualities, personality, and beliefs of your loved one. That includes representing their Christian views. Whether you choose an obvious or discreet way to do this, religious cremation jewelry is a beautiful way to honor your loved one.

Sunset with Cross Pendant

Religion and Cremation Jewelry: Do They Mix?

Although the Bible does not expressly forbid cremation in any of the texts, several Christian denominations were historically opposed to cremation. Many Catholics, for instance, believe that there is an eternal home for both body and soul. The best example is the resurrection of Christ. If Jesus had been cremated, would he have been able to rise from the dead? There are several other references to God raising bodies throughout the Bible. However, death and the circumstances surrounding it can be quite complex. In some cases, bodies suffer catastrophic tragedies making them unavailable for last rites. More and more denominations have recognized and accepted the challenges this represents, offering flexibility to memorializing the departed. Today, cremation is embraced by many Christians and has become quite popular. How an individual wishes to commit their body to its final resting place is quite personal. Ultimately the decision rests on their conscience and personal belief.

Memorializing a loved one through religious cremation jewelry is perfectly acceptable. Creating a unique religious memorial piece is a dignified and loving way to carry the eternal spirit of your departed loved one. When a person experiencing grief wishes to honor a loved one genuinely, there is no wrong way to do it.

Examples of Christian Cremation Jewelry

There are several ways to acknowledge and represent the Christian values of your loved one. Choosing the religious symbol best suited to represent your loved one comes down to a few things: your taste and the meaning the symbol holds for you and your departed loved one. Let’s look at three of the most common Christian symbols in cremation jewelry.

  • Cross - immediately recognizable as a Christian symbol of faith, the cross is a powerful reminder of the Crucifixion of Jesus and the redeeming qualities of his Passion, death, and resurrection. It represents freedom, forgiveness, and, ultimately–rebirth. Through Jesus’ death, all sins are absolved, and spirits are reborn anew. For cremation jewelry, it represents your loved one’s rebirth in the Kingdom of God while celebrating the life they lived.
  • Tree of Life - finding its biblical origin in the Book of Genesis, the Tree of Life represents eternal life. The Tree of Life is typically depicted with a strong trunk, strong roots, and flourishing branches while enclosed in the circle of life. It can offer several interpretations, such as our interconnectedness, strength, family, fertility, stability, growth, and peace.
  • Circle of Life - the circle of life represents the continuous cycle of life, death, and rebirth. For Christians, this is clearly defined in Jesus’ crucifixion. No matter what happens, Love never dies. With a circle, there is no beginning, and there is no end. Offering support, protection, and safety, the circle of life in cremation jewelry is a powerful reminder of our fortified connection to our departed loved ones.

Where to Find Christian Cremation Jewelry

The Living Urn offers several exquisite Christian cremation jewelry options to honor and memorialize your departed loved one. Here are three popular choices:

Cross Fingerprint Pendant

The 925 silver sterling cross is an elegant and tasteful way to represent your loved one’s faith in Christ while honoring the indelible impact of their life. The cross can be personalized by engraving your loved one’s fingerprint in the center, enhancing your memorial jewelry.

Tree of Life Pendant

If you are looking for a more subtle expression of religious faith in your cremation jewelry, the sterling silver Tree of Life Pendant is a wonderful choice. This superb piece of jewelry can be enhanced by adding your loved one’s ashes inside its sealable holding chamber. Close to your heart, the Tree of Life Pendant allows you to feel the comfort and support of the vibrant bond you share with your loved one.

Circle of Life Pendant

While having valuable meaning in Christianity, the Circle of Life Pendant also reflects symbolism spanning countless religions and beliefs. If your loved one’s spiritual views follow a broader range, this pendant may feel more suitable as a memorial piece. Complementing Christian values while embracing a unified approach, the circle of life encompasses love and its eternal presence.

This beautiful sterling silver pendant can also be enhanced by including a small portion of your loved one’s ashes. Enrich your memorial piece further by adding a radiant birthstone! Displaying your loved one’s birthstone is a powerful way to share the vibrancy of their life with the world.

The Living Urn offers several high-quality pieces of cremation jewelry. Hand-crafted by our skilled artisan jewelers, your cremation jewelry can be an heirloom, honoring your departed loved one for generations. To learn more about how our remembrance jewelry can be a perfect tribute to your loved one, visit our store today!
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