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Planting a Living Urn Tree Memorial This Fall

Fall is a beautiful time of year when temperatures cool and trees show off their amazing orange, yellow and red colors creating stunning visual displays throughout the country! After a long hot Summer, people are relieved by the cool off the Fall season brings and are motivated to head outdoors and take a hike, exercise, or drive to enjoy the scenery. In addition to its sheer beauty, the Fall season is also a great time to plant a tree and grow a tree memorial of loved one with The Living Urn’s patented bio urn and planting system.

The Living Urn receives questions every day around when to plant a tree. Below we’ve provided answers to the most common questions related to planting a tree in the Fall.

What makes Fall such a great time to plant a tree?

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Many arborists consider the Fall season to be the best time of year to plant a tree. Nationwide, September and October are great months to plant and this ideal planting time can be stretched later into the season, especially if the Winter cold is delayed. In addition, planting into November and December is common in many Western and Southern states such as California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Louisiana.

Fall is a great time to plant a tree for many reasons. Below we’ve highlighted two of the most important ones.

  • Trees Focus on Root Growth: With the cooler weather, deciduous trees basically shut themselves down above ground and shed their leaves in the Fall and Winter seasons. They use this time to focus on growing their root base. For trees that are newly planted, this is a great advantage as they can spend all of their energy getting established in the new environment (which is different than the Spring and Summer seasons, where they are focused on both, above ground growth and root growth).
  • Less Stress on the Tree: The Fall season is situated between the extreme heat from the Summer and the frigid cold of Winter with relatively mild weather. This puts much less stress on the tree, especially for trees that are planted in a new environment. This mild weather helps the tree establish itself and also helps promote root growth so the tree can grow and thrive!

In summary, planting a tree in the Fall season can help the tree get established and develop more and stronger roots so it is well positioned to grow in its new home in the Spring! Therefore, the Fall season is considered by many as the best time of year to plant a tree memorial of a loved one with The Living Urn’s bio urn and planting system.

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How late can we plant a tree?

In general, if the ground is not frozen you can still plant a tree. However, in order to help the tree ‘root in’, it is recommended to plant a tree at least a few weeks before the ground freezes or before extreme cold weather sets in.

This is useful information for many places in the Midwest and Northeast, however, in warmer states such as California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Hawaii, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Tennessee, the same rules do not apply. In these states you can successfully plant trees later in the Fall season (throughout November and into December).

If we plant a tree in Fall, what needs to be done to prepare the tree for Winter?

In general, trees are extremely resilient and can adapt to deal with many different conditions (including the freezing temperatures Winter can bring). However, if you plant a new tree, it is still recommended to give it a little bit of help before it becomes completely self-sufficient. If you perform a planting in the Fall season, it is recommended to water the tree weekly (taking into account any rainfall) and to keep watering even after the leaves have dropped. It is recommended to continue watering into the Winter season until the point at which the ground freezes. This helps support the tree’s root growth and gives the tree the important oxygen and moisture needed to expand.

In addition to watering, it is important to follow the instructions that come with The Living Urn to properly mulch around the tree. By mulching, you’re able to keep the soil surrounding the roots of the tree moist, which is important in its development. The mulch also serves as an insulator, protecting the soil from various changes in above ground temperatures. Furthermore, mulch helps prevent weeds from growing and competing with the tree for nutrients and moisture in the soil.

What do I do if the ground is already frozen where I live?

If you live in the Northern section of the U.S., the ground will most likely be frozen by the end of Fall (with many other areas of the country following shortly thereafter). If the ground is frozen where you live, and you still want to plant a living tree memorial of a loved one, you have multiple options. This includes choosing one of the following:

The Living Urn with a Tree (with a future tree ship date): With this, you receive your Living Urn bio urn and planting system right away and the tree you choose will be delivered to your doorstep ready to plant at a date of your choosing (which can be easily specified at checkout or by giving The Living Urn’s customer service team a call at (800) 495-7022, ext. 0).

The Living Urn with a Voucher for a Tree: With this, you receive The Living Urn right away along with a voucher that lets you select the tree type and tree ship date at a future date. This give you more flexibility if the tree type is not yet determined.

The Living Urn System Only: With this, you receive The Living Urn bio urn and planting system right away. You can then visit your local nursery when the time is right to plant to pick up a small tree, shrub, rose bush, etc. and follow the detailed instructions provided to plant with The Living Urn.

The Living Urn Indoors / Patio: Receive a high quality porcelain urn (in either white, blue, or beige) and plant a houseplant or bonsai tree in the center of this special planter cremation urn to honor your loved one in the home or on a patio!

The PlantUrn: This designer wooden indoor planter urn is made from premium rescued California Sycamore and FSC Certified Black Walnut with a smooth surface expressing the vibrant grains and natural beauty of the wood. It holds a small succulent or other plant on top and is a beautiful decorative piece to honor a loved one in your home.

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