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Sleeping Angel Child Statue

Finding Cremation Jewelry for Remembering a Child

The loss of a child is devastating. Filling the void a child leaves behind in the wake of their passing is an impossible pursuit. How we pick up the pieces of our lives and move forward in their absence takes immense courage, strength, and support. Although nothing can replace the loss of a child, wearing cremation jewelry in loving remembrance can help to soften the blow of their immeasurable loss. Several meaningful cremation jewelry options can be personally customized to serve as an everlasting reminder of the eternal bond you share with your beloved child.

Sleeping Child Angel Statue

Examples of Memorial Jewelry for Remembering a Child or Infant

When choosing memorial jewelry to commemorate your child, it’s helpful to consider some personal qualities you would like to see reflected in the piece. These attributes could include elements of their personality, a physical touchstone, or a symbol of the bond you share with your child or infant.

Heart Fingerprint Pendant

Choosing a heart-shaped pendant symbolizes your eternal love for your child. Forever in your heart, this lovely necklace rests physically close to your heart as well. This pendant can also be personally customized by engraving the fingerprint of your beloved child. Never far from you, this one-of-a-kind memorial piece can provide comfort in the challenging times ahead.

Circle of Life Cremation Pendant

With several unique features, the Circle of Life Cremation Pendant offers a vast array of possibilities for your special memorial. The circle of life represents your dearly departed child's miraculous and eternal spirit. This pendant can hold a small portion of your child’s ashes while keeping the very essence of your child close to your heart at all times. To display the remarkable radiance of your child’s spirit, add their birthstone to the center of the circle of life pendant. Each of the twelve birthstones is known to offer unique healing properties. Wearing your child’s birthstone can bring you renewed energy, strength, and support.

Tree of Life Cremation Pendant

The Tree of Life has traditionally held several rich and powerful meanings throughout the history of humanity. In memorial jewelry, it represents the deep connection and bond that each member of the family tree shares. Strong in the foundation and fruitful with abundance, it symbolizes the never-ending support and nurturing qualities a parent showers upon their beloved child. Enclosed within the circle of life, the Tree of Life Cremation Pendant can house a small portion of your child’s ashes. This pendant is a beautiful and heartfelt celebration of the parent-child bond.

Infinity Loop Pendant

The infinity symbol represents eternity. It’s an extremely powerful yet simple declaration of a parent's unending love for their child. This elegant piece can also hold a small portion of your child’s ashes. Forged in high-quality stainless steel, the Infinity Loop Pendant commands a strong, unwavering dedication to keeping your child’s memory alive in eternal remembrance.

Custom Cremation Pendant Vial

The Custom Cremation Pendant Vial offers the wearer several ways to memorialize your child. You can fill the vial with a small amount of your child’s ashes or something else that may hold special meaning to you. For instance, it could be a few strands of hair, soil from the burial site, or soil or water from the scattering site. Your unique cremation pendant can also be engraved in several ways, including your child's name, birth and death dates, and either a short sentiment or their resting place coordinates.

How Wearing Child Memorial Jewelry Can Help

Choosing and customizing your child memorial jewelry is a way of taking control and ownership of your grief. Remembrance jewelry offers the wearer a chance to find healing, strength, and solace during the grief process in several ways.

  • Offers Comfort - wearing memorial jewelry in honor of your child is a way to keep them close to your heart at all times, wherever you go. Knowing that their spirit is part of your everyday experiences can comfort you. Your child is with you whether your day brings you joy or sadness.
  • Always a Parent - even though your child has passed, that doesn’t mean you stop being a parent. Cremation jewelry honors your child's life, but it also serves as a reminder that the parent-child bond is eternal. They will always be your child, just as you will always be their parent. Nothing can change that.
  • Keep Their Memory Alive - one of the many great qualities of memorial jewelry is that it can be with you anywhere. Keeping a tangible touchstone of your child’s life upholds a constant and unending memorial. Never far from your thoughts, cremation jewelry fortifies the eternal bond with your child and includes their memory in your daily life.
  • Share Stories - wearing memorial jewelry can inspire conversation. It’s common for people to be moved by the beauty and uniqueness of remembrance jewelry. If you are comfortable doing so, this can be a wonderful way to share stories about the extraordinary life of your beloved child. Sharing memories and stories can be cathartic for those experiencing the loss of a child.
  • Ashes - for those who choose to include a small portion of ashes in their memorial jewelry, it can be a powerful experience to know that their child is with them forever in spirit and physically. Some family members also choose to divide and share the child’s ashes among themselves so that all can maintain an everlasting memorial. Shared memorial jewelry can be a very moving tribute for a parent experiencing the loss of a child.

With various elegant, beautiful, and unique cremation jewelry pieces, The Living Urn is here to support you in holding your beloved child in eternal remembrance.

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