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Have Your Tree Memorial Planted and Thrive at a Memory Forest Near You!

Have Your Tree Memorial Planted and Thrive at a Memory Forest Near You!

Cemeteries have been around for centuries without much change…until now. The launch of Memory Forest has put a beautiful spin on death and is part of a dramatic shift for the funeral industry nationwide. Instead of series of tombstones or markers, imagine a place where your loved ones can walk through and visit the gorgeous bio urn tree that was born out of your passing in the middle of a forest full of other memorials!

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In death, you can now give back to the earth and give your family a place to visit that memorializes you. The gorgeous setting is a comforting place to take children and allows family and friends to celebrate your life with a growing, living memorial.

With its initial launch of 30 locations nationwide, Memory Forest along with The Living Urn are rethinking traditional burials and give you a new way to honor your loved ones after they pass. You can have a memory tree planted and cared for as it grows from a Living Urn that contains your loved one's ashes. After The Living Urn is planted, the tree will grow and become part of something much bigger - it will become part of a forest full of other memorials dedicated to lost family members and friends.

The Living Urn is a great option for those who want an eco-friendly burial, want to be a part of nature, want to do something more affordable, or want to do something new. There are many reasons to go with The Living Urn as a memorial, and with Memory Forest, you now have even more options on where you can have a tree memorial planted. Give yourself or your lost loved one a permanent resting place as you would in a traditional cemetery, and have the memory tree cared for and thrive!

Mark Brewer, company President commented, “Memory Forest is an exciting new part of the modern cemetery and we now have locations throughout the country. With the surge in cremation, families are looking for that special memorial for their loved one. Many families plant The Living Urn in their yard or a large pot, and now, with Memory Forest, they have more options on where to have their loved one’s tree memorial.”

Brewer continued, “With The Living Urn and Memory Forest, we’re providing families who choose cremation with beautiful cremation memorial options. We envision a future with more trees and less tombstones – we think that’s a beautiful thing.”

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