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How to Store Cremation Jewelry

Your cremation jewelry is priceless. And, if it contains cremation ashes, it is potentially irreplaceable. Indeed, it is a unique and precious jewelry piece requiring special care. Learn how to store your cremation jewelry and care for it in this article from the jewelry experts at the Living Urn. 

Storing Cremation Jewelry

storing cremation jewelry

When storing priceless jewelry, it’s essential to keep it dry. This is especially important if your cremation jewelry contains human remains such as ashes or hair. Anything designed for storing jewelry is appropriate, such as a jewelry box (not in a bathroom) or the case it came in. Another good option is a jewelry bag specially designed to protect precious metals. For example, there are bags designed to protect sterling silver from tarnishing. You could place the jewelry bag into a box or rigid container for security. 

Can You Display Cremation Jewelry?

You can display your cremation jewelry. Many people prefer this option over wearing it daily. Displaying your cremation jewelry keeps it safe and sound while allowing you to enjoy its beauty and comfort. You can also display it in a way that makes it easy to wear once in a while on special occasions. Here are some popular display options.

  1. Display in a jewelry case.

  2. Use a glass dome.

  3. Create a shadow box.

  4. Place inside a picture frame.

  5. Hang off a piece of art.

  6. Place next to your loved one’s urn.

  7. Hang on a framed photograph of your loved one.

  8. Pin onto a stuffed animal. (This recommendation is more for children, though some adults might find a stuffed animal comforting.)

  9. Place inside a scrapbook.

When Do You Need to Take Cremation Jewelry Off?

Of course, many people prefer to wear their cremation jewelry every day. Wearing cremation jewelry gives many people a great deal of comfort, which is a good thing after a loss. However, like any fine jewelry, certain activities could damage it. And some cremation jewelry is quite delicate, such as wearable urns or cremation glass pendants. It’s essential to take extra care of your cremation jewelry to ensure it lasts a lifetime. 

It's a good idea to carry a pouch or jewelry bag with you if you’re taking off your cremation jewelry somewhere other than home. This will protect it from damage and being lost. Here are times to take off your cremation jewelry and store it safely:

Whenever there is water involved.

    Do not shower or swim with your cremation jewelry. Water can damage some metals or finishes, as can the chemicals and salt found in swimming pools, bath products, and the ocean. Plus, it is easy to lose your jewelry when water is involved. Prevent panicked searching of a swimming pool or calls to a plumber by storing your cremation jewelry safely before entering the water.

    Whenever sweat is involved.

      Take off your cremation jewelry before you get sweaty. Store it safely at home or in your gym bag before you get your exercise in. Sweat from your skin can damage your jewelry, plus vigorous physical activity raises the risk of your jewelry being broken or lost. If you love the great outdoors, leave your cremation jewelry at home. Hunting along the ground after a 5-mile hike is no one’s idea of a good time. 

      When it’s time for bed.

        Any jewelry should be removed before bed. Sleeping in jewelry, especially necklaces with ashes, can damage them. Pieces with delicate chains can easily break or become tangled while you sleep. You can always store it on your nightstand, so it’s close by. If you have cats, put it in the nightstand drawer. 

        Shop Stunning Cremation Jewelry at The Living Urn

        Cremation jewelry is meaningful and powerful. Choose from a wide variety of high-quality pieces at reasonable prices at the Living Urn. 

        Cremation urn pendants

          Always wear a part of your loved one close to your heart with one of these gorgeous cremation pendants. Each beautiful necklace comes with a small fill kit that lets you store a small portion of your loved one’s ashes in the necklace. Choose from high-quality urn necklaces made from stainless steel, sterling silver, and bronze. Our circle of life pendant comes with the option to include your loved ones birthstone. 

            1. Tree of life pendant
            2. Coordinates pendant
            3. Circle of Life pendant

          Fingerprint necklaces

            Fingerprint necklaces are a truly unique type of cremation jewelry. You get to wear the image of your loved one’s fingerprint, which was solely their own. These stunning fingerprint pendants are made from sterling silver. Using the lost wax casting method, a crisp image of your loved one’s fingerprint is etched onto the surface. These kinds of necklaces are also not immediately identifiable as cremation jewelry. 

              1. Heart
              2. Cross
              3. Oval
              4. Teardrop

            Coordinates Dog Tag

              This high-quality dog tag necklace is engraved with the coordinates of your loved one’s resting place. While anyone can wear this necklace, it is particularly appropriate for a more masculine style, given its classic military shape. Made from stainless steel, this necklace is made for daily wear and will help you honor and remember your departed beloved.
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