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Memorial Jewelry for the Loss of a Mother

Memorial Jewelry for the Loss of a Mother

Losing a parent is never easy, even though it is likely something many of us will experience. Your mother helped shape you into the person you are today. Mothers are incredibly important people and to lose one is to experience tragedy. Many people who have suffered the loss of a mother choose to remember her with a piece of memorial or cremation jewelry. There are many kinds of memorial jewelry for the loss of mother; this handy guide can help you decide what kind is the right choice for you.

Why Get Memorial Jewelry for the Loss of a Mother

memorial jewelry for the loss of a mother

You can help yourself grieve and remember your loving mother with a piece of memorial jewelry for loss of mother. Memorial jewelry is often engraved and holds or uses cremation ashes. Many people find memorial jewelry comforting in a time of terrible sorrow. While it’s not the same as having coffee with your mom in person, a piece of memorial jewelry always allows you to keep a bit of her with you. It’s also a tangible way to honor the life of a wonderful person like your mom.

Types of Memorial Jewelry for the Loss of a Mother

One of the most common types of memorial jewelry is the cremation pendant. While often engraved with the departed loved one’s name or initials and dates of birth and death, its main purpose is to hold a small portion of cremation ashes. These wearable urns are a physical reminder of your mother, and many find that having a cremation pendant close to their heart is deeply comforting.

Other types of memorial jewelry for loss of mother include fingerprint jewelry, cremation glass jewelry, and cremation gemstones. 

Fingerprint jewelry is jewelry with the image of your mother’s fingerprint etched or cast into metal like sterling silver. It comes in many styles and types, making it appropriate for anyone. You can find fingerprint rings, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, and tie-tacks. The most popular kind of fingerprint memorial jewelry is the fingerprint pendant. 

    When shopping for a fingerprint pendant, it is important to check their reviews and make sure it is something that will be the quality you're expecting. If you don’t have copies of your mom’s fingerprints on hand (check her files - it’s actually common for people to have fingerprint images), the funeral home can likely provide them. Or, depending on her job, there might be fingerprints on file there. 

    Cremation glass jewelry is another kind of unique memorial jewelry. Glass jewelry makers will add a small amount of your mom’s cremation ashes to hot glass in a decorative fashion. The heat from glass blowing will purify the cremation ash, giving it a bright white color as carbon is burned away. The glassmaker will then shape the glass with ash into jewelry like a pendant or small pieces that can be fitted onto a ring, bracelet, or earrings.
    Another type of memorial jewelry for loss of mother is a cremation gemstone. A cremation gemstone is made in a lab with cremation ashes. You can have gemstones of all colors and sizes created and use them for a piece of memorial jewelry. 

      Memorial Jewelry for the Loss of a Mom

      Stainless Steel Cremation Pendant

        This gorgeous, unisex stainless steel cremation pendant can be engraved with the coordinates of your mother’s final resting place. This is wherever she was buried, scattered, or grown into a tree. A small glass vial for holding ash, earth, or water nestles inside this pendant. Stainless steel, with its shine and durability, makes excellent memorial jewelry. 

        Sterling Silver Tree of Life Pendant

          Embrace the natural cycle of life with this beautifully crafted sterling silver tree of life cremation pendant. Worn on a fine chain around the neck, it rests close to your heart. The Celtic tree of life symbolizes how life and death are part of the same, greater rhythm of life. It comes with a small kit to make filling the pendant with ashes easy and simple. 

          Sterling Silver Fingerprint Pendant

            These stunning, one-of-a-kind pendants are made with the lost wax casting method out of sterling silver. Keep a unique part of your beloved mother close at hand with one of these pendants. Choose from oval, heart, cross, and teardrop shaped pendants or a dog tag pendant.

            Cremation glass jewelry

              Choose from a wide variety of cremation glass pendants; you can likely find any style or color you can think of. Cremation glass isn’t limited to jewelry; choose from Living Glass orbs, hearts, or touchstones. Cremation glass, since it uses a very small amount of ash, is a beautiful way to share a tangible memorial with people who loved your mother.

              Cremation Gemstones

                Made from the carbon leftover in a departed person’s ashes, cremation gemstones are real diamonds, even though they are created in a lab. Many people find the brilliance of a gemstone a fitting way to memorialize a beloved mother.

                No matter what type of memorial jewelry you choose, you’re doing something that will help you grieve while remembering and honoring your amazing mother. Join the many people honoring and remembering the mother they lost with memorial jewelry from the Living Urn.
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