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Memorials When Your Dog Crosses Over the Rainbow Bridge

Memorials When Your Dog Crosses Over the Rainbow Bridge

Our dogs deserve a special remembrance when they cross over the rainbow bridge. They spend their lives trying to make us happy, showing us unconditional love, and are always there to greet us when we get home.  On average, dogs live 10 to 15 years, and even though it’s only a short time, their unique personalities and all the love they share makes each and every dog special.

When a dog passes, they leave a hole in our hearts. We need a way to let them go and to say good-bye to our furry companions. This is a very personal decision and there is no right or wrong way to celebrate your dog’s life. 

Below we highlight some of the more popular ways people memorialize their beloved dogs.

Hold a service

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The continued growing demand from people selecting cremation for their pets has given rise to an many new ways to incorporate their cremated ashes into meaningful memorials and ceremonies.

A memorial service is a great way to remember our beloved dogs when they cross the Rainbow Bridge. You can make this as formal or informal as you like and only include yourself or choose to involve family and friends. Many people decide to have their dog’s memorial service outdoors in their yard, at a park, a beach, or on a favorite hiking trail. During the service it is common to incorporate an event that creates a resting place for your dog – this can include spreading your dog’s ashes, planting a tree, or burying some or all of the ashes.

Create a work of art

Another personal way to memorialize your dog is to create a piece or art to remember them by. Consider having a portrait of them painted. You can do this yourself if you are artistically inclined or hire someone to have it done for you. A photo of them hung on the wall or a plaster cast of their paw print in their favorite spot are just a few artistic ways to remember your pet. Alternatively, many people choose to gather photos of their dog and create a picture collage that they can put in a special place in the home to remember and reflect on their beloved dog.

Send them off at sea

Did your dog love the ocean? Do you have wonderful memories of running along the beach together or playing fetch in the water? A unique way to send your dog over the rainbow bridge is to scatter their ashes on the ocean or send a special burial pod across the ocean. This can be done with friends as part of a memorial service, or by yourself. There are also a number of ash scattering services that can help you with the scattering event at sea.

Donate your time

Shelters are often in desperate need of volunteers. According to the humane society as many as 1.6 million dogs will enter animal shelters this year. These animals come to shelters abandoned and desperate for love and attention. With a quick internet search, you can typically find one near you that is accepting and welcoming volunteers. 

Another way to donate your time is to become a foster “parent” for a rescued dog. Oftentimes puppies need special attention or certain dogs needs some extra training and attention before going to a permanent home. This might be the perfect way to say good-bye to your own dog while helping someone else find their perfect companion.

Grow a tree or plant

An incredibly unique way to create a memorial for your beloved dog is to grow a tree in their honor. Did your dog have a favorite spot to nap in the yard or a special place where they loved to run? Plant a tree at that special place to remember him by.

With The Living Urn for Pets, the Living Urn Indoors for Pets and the PlantUrn burial pod you can watch a tree or plant grow in memory of your beloved dog. These options provide a memorial that can be a great alternative to a traditional gravesite. They help sustain new life and allow your dog’s remains to grow into a beautiful lasting living memory.

Get a tattoo

A very permanent and unique way to remember your beloved dog by is to get a tattoo. For some people, a tattoo is a memorable work of art to remind them of something meaningful and special. This is one of the most personal ideas for saying good-bye but it might be the perfect way to say good-bye to your canine companion. There even some places that will incorporate some of your dog's ashes into the tattoo.

In summary

In summary, there is no right or wrong way to send your dog over the rainbow bridge. It is a very personal decision for you and your family to make.  However you decide how to memorialize your pet, know that you are making the right decision.

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