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New, Uplifting Memorial Options Now Available

New, Uplifting Memorial Options Now Available

Death is a part of life, however, it is something that we rarely think or talk about. For many of us, it isn’t until a friend or family member passes that we think about death. This seems to last only a few days to a few weeks then life’s daily routine takes over again and the thought of dying is pushed out of mind. In most cultures, death is a subject that’s not discussed openly and something that people don’t like to think about. However, as a part of life, it is something that needs to be addressed and with simple planning can help family members left behind experience less stress, and less guessing, during a time of grieving.  

If you choose to be buried, with some simple planning you can pick out casket, vault, and plot ahead of time. If you choose cremation, you can pick out a memorial for your cremains.  Today, there are a number of interesting and uplifting options for you and your family - your ashes can now grow, float, swim, fly, or be transformed…

Grow you can grow new life with a Living Urn bio urn and your favorite tree, plant or flowers!

Swim scatter your ashes with a scattering urn in special lake or the ocean or be part of an artificial reef in the ocean!

Fly you can be included in a firework, or be launched into space!

Be Transformed you can be included in a diamond or a glass decorative piece!

Of the unique options listed above, to “grow”, is gaining a significant amount of interest as it’s an affordable option that allows friends or family to grow a tree from ashes and create an uplifting living memorial - a place where friends and family can visit to remember you for the rest of their life.  In addition, The Living Urn recently came out with a unique Pre-Planning Program where you plan ahead and pay for everything now so it’s not a burden or a source of stress on family once you pass.

All of these memorial options tailored to those who choose cremation can be much more affordable alternatives compared with burial (except, of course, being launched into space).  You can be memorialized in a way that’s unique to you and the money saved can be used by family or friends, or donated to your favorite charity to help others.

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