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Red Maple: One of The Most Popular Tree Memorials in North America

Red Maple: One of The Most Popular Tree Memorials in North America

Vibrant during all seasons, the Red Maple tree is a beautiful tree and a great way to celebrate the life of a loved one while giving back to nature. The beautiful changing colors make the Red Maple perfect for any season. It grows fast and provides a place to gather under the shade. Find yourself at peace as you read beneath the red leaves during the Autumn months or enjoy a picnic among the foliage during Spring.

The strong and resilient red maple tree withstands droughts and braves the cold. Low maintenance, the Red Maple is a great fit for those who love nature and have busy schedules. You will have more time enjoying the many benefits of the tree instead of overworking yourself to maintain your red maple. Capable of surviving in any climate, you won’t have to worry as the weather changes. The red maple adapts to its environment and will work with various soil types.

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The red maple is native to the Eastern portion of the US. From Maine to Florida the images of red leaves paint the perfect picture. Abundant and widespread, the red maple also exists in certain parts southwest of Florida and northwest of Maine. Found in Michigan, Kentucky and even Texas, the red maple proves its adapting qualities. No matter the state you live in, consider adding a red maple tree memorial with The Living Urn biodegradable urn and planting system to your or a family member's plans.

Growing up to three feet per year, the red maple changes things fast. It is aesthetically pleasing, adding a touch of elegance to any yard. It provides food for our favorite woodland creatures, including deer and rabbits. Its beauty adds a sense of calm to the environment making it a perfect place to catch your breath.

Choosing to grow a Red Maple memorial with a Living Urn tree urn, you know that you will be a part of one of nature's most beautiful creations and that, even in death, you can paint the town red. 

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly burial and a way to make an impact and give back to future generations, a red maple tree memorial is a wonderful option. Thousands of families have chosen to plant a tree memorial with a Living Urn bio urn and I expect this number will continue to grow as more people become aware of this uplifting option.

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