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The Importance of The Biodegradable Urn Provided By Denver-Based Living Urn

The Importance of The Biodegradable Urn Provided By Denver-Based Living Urn

The Living Urn® is the only biodegradable urn on the market today that was designed to be used with live trees, and not just seeds. The unique biodegradable urn is all natural – it’s made from recycled plant materials with heat and pressure, no glues or toxic agents. In addition, the urn is designed to be rigid prior to planting, but break down quickly after being buried in the ground. Also, the urn’s design does not inhibit root growth – roots are allows to grow freely through the urn wall.

Mark Brewer, co-founder and President of The Living Urn® commented on the uniqueness of the biodegradable urn, “Our BioUrn is definitely unique. It was developed in conjunction with material engineers and arborists to make sure that it held up to one hundred percent of the cremated remains of a person along with our proprietary additives, but did not inhibit root growth and biodegrades quickly underground. This is an important part of our system as it’s designed to be used with live trees with roots that are already established and growing, and not just seeds.”

Brewer continues, “Our biodegradable urn is an important part of The Living Urn system, but it’s not the only part that’s important. We also provide customers with a premium growth mix, wood chips and an ash neutralizing agent called RootProtect. This proprietary soil agent helps counter certain properties in cremated remains, including the pH and sodium levels, to help the tree thrive in the growing environment. In addition, the urn and all of the additives are packaged in an eco-friendly bamboo container that families can keep for years to come. We’re the only bio urn on the market that comes with everything needed to help ensure that a memory tree can grow and thrive.“

“The biodegradable urn and planting system that we developed is something that we stand behind.   We’re  providing families with a high quality biodegradable urn system that’s designed to work, and proven to work. This is critical as we want to ensure that our customers have a good experience and are able to grow a beautiful memorial of a loved one who has passed.”

Brewer continues, "we receive great feedback on a daily basis from customers, funeral homes, and other wholesale partners we work with. This is important as it validates our product and that we’ve developed a planting system that’s able to provide families with an enduring living memorial.”

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