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The Living Urn® Continues to Grow Its U.S. Based Customer Service Team

The Living Urn® Continues to Grow Its U.S. Based Customer Service Team

The Living Urn, the leading bio urn and planting system in the U.S., continues to grow its Denver-based customer service team to field calls and e-mails from its expanding customer base. 

We asked Mark Brewer, company President and co-founder of The Living Urn about their customer service team and its growth, “We’re committed to having a strong customer service team and are in the process of hiring more service representatives to keep up with the growing demand for The Living Urn and the number of customer and potential customer contacts we’re fielding daily. It takes a special person to field calls and emails from families who just lost a loved one and help them at their time of grief.  I’m proud to say that we have a great customer service team who truly care about others and have a passion for helping people. Any new hires go through a lengthy vetting process and, if hired, an extensive training to make sure whoever is answering the phones or responding to customer e-mails is able to keep up our high level of service for each and every customer.”

Brewer continues, “We’re committed to always keeping our operations, including customer service, based here in the U.S. Our customer service representatives need to be available during U.S. business hours and speak clearly and understand the customer, and the customer also needs to understand them. This is a critical part of The Living Urn as we’re frequently speaking with families who just lost a loved one and they call or e-mail us with questions that they need answers to and deserve answers to right away. This includes learning more about our bio urn and planting system and the various soil additives we provide, which tree to select, clarify any planting instructions and watering instructions, et cetera. Our dedicated customer service team is top-knotch and continues to provide exceptional service that many customers note in their product reviews and testimonials.”

Brewer concludes, “We’re growing our customer service here in the U.S. and are not interested in saving money by outsourcing it offshore. While many companies outsource customer service to other countries as they grow, we feel this would not only take jobs away from the U.S., but it would also be a true disservice to our customer base. We want to keep The Living Urn brand and our level of service at the highest possible level for our current and future customers.”

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