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What Does It Mean to Be America’s Leading Biodegradable Urn?

What Does It Mean to Be America’s Leading Biodegradable Urn?

The Living Urn®, based in Denver, is the leading Biodegradable Urn of choice in the U.S.  How has it earned this important recognition? Mark Brewer, The Living Urn’s co-founder and President, explains, “Our customers are interested in The Living Urn because they want to give back or truly honor a loved one they have lost with a special, beautiful and enduring living memorial. We take this responsibility very seriously. The Living Urn is not just a bio tree urn - it’s a completely unique planting system that took years to develop. We worked with arborists, soil scientists, and material engineers to create our patent pending product that has strong advantages in terms of design, performance, and value. I’ll highlight a few important reasons why we are the top choice of families and funeral homes…”

Proprietary Design

“The Living Urn is the first and only biodegradable urn specifically designed to be grown with living trees, and not with seeds. We learned quickly during our development phase that designing our biodegradable urn to be used with living trees was critical. Growing trees from seeds can be a challenge and we wanted our customers to have successful outcomes. We’re proud that we developed a system that works with live trees and, because of this, we continue to get great feedback from customers.”

All-In-One System

“The Living Urn is the only biodegradable urn that comes with everything needed to grow a healthy tree. This includes our proprietary BioUrn®, which is made from eco-friendly, all natural recycled plant materials using only water heat and pressure, with no glues or binding agents.  Our special BioUrn® is strong and rigid and can be stored for many years.  However, once it’s planted, it instantly begins to soften and break down so it will not impede root growth. 

Also included is RootProtect™, our proprietary ash agent and soil additive, that serves to counter certain properties in the cremated remains that could make the growing environment harsh for trees and plants.

We also provide premium growth mix, wood chips, and planting instructions - and all packaged in an attractive, eco-friendly bamboo urn case. Our customers appreciate the bamboo urn case and use it for keepsakes or for presentation purposes in planting/memorial ceremonies. 

Lastly, we offer each of our customers a customized menu of approximately 20 tree options best suited for their area based on their zip code.”

US Based Customer Service

“From day one, customer service has been a main focus of our company and we continue to invest in growing our Colorado based customer service team in line with our expansion. We receive a lot of calls and emails every day from families and want to make sure they get all of their questions answered and, if needed, have the opportunity to get answers directly from our arborists. Providing the best possible customer service is important to us and we’re proud to have such a great team helping families with their loved one’s memorial.”

Satisfied Funeral Home Customers

“The Living Urn is sold by hundreds of funeral homes throughout the country and we’re signing up more daily. We get regular feedback from our funeral home partners who love the fact that our system is designed to be used with tree seedlings, instead of seeds. In addition, they love the fact that we take care of their customers and give them access to our US based customer service team to answer any questions they may have. The daily re-orders we’re getting from funeral homes is a true testament to the adoption of The Living Urn.”

Customer Testimonials

“We continue to get wonderful testimonials and reviews from customers throughout the U.S. Many share their loved one’s story and send pictures of their tree memorial. Our strongest advertising has been word-of-mouth referrals from real customers and this is spreading quickly throughout the country.”

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