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Jeweled Bar Cremation Pendant

What is a Cremation Ash Pendant?

Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one can be a difficult process. There’s no way of knowing how we will respond when faced with a world without the departed. Grief can leave the bereaved untethered and overwhelmed with many strong—and often conflicting—emotions. The special bond we share with the departed cannot be quantified or compared to any other person. While we can’t bring back our loved ones, we are able to honor, cherish, and memorialize the essence of their lives. Cremation ash pendants have the ability to ground us during a time of upheaval. They symbolize the eternal light of our loved ones. By celebrating the lives of our departed loved ones, we keep their spirits alive. When we hold the departed in everlasting remembrance, we ensure the legacy of their unique impact on this Earth continues to reverberate for many years to come.

cremation ash pendants
Cremation ash pendants serve as an eternal tribute to our departed loved ones. Often referred to as cremation jewelry, remembrance jewelry, funeral jewelry, or memorial jewelry, cremation ash pendants hold a small amount of the departed’s ashes within the pendant. Typically, a small, sealable screw will ensure the safety of the ashes, preventing them from spilling out of the pendant—even after several years. For most cremation ash pendants, only a pinch of ashes is needed. Adding ashes to their new permanent home within the sanctuary of your cremation ash pendant is a somber and significant moment for many people. The handling and transfer of a loved one’s ashes is sacred and personal. While it can also be intimidating for some individuals, it’s a simple and straightforward process. Most cremation ash pendants are sold with a cremation fill kit for your convenience.

Types of Cremation Ash Pendants

The beauty of cremation ash pendants is that they can come in various customizable designs. No matter what your style may be, there is an exquisite cremation ash pendant available to represent the one-of-a-kind bond you share with your departed loved one. The Living Urn’s exclusive Adventure Collection offers a remarkable line of cremation ash pendants.

Tree of Life Cremation Pendant

Handcrafted in sterling silver by our skilled artisan jewelers, the Tree of Life Pendant represents several symbolic meanings. Whether you have a strong connection to Christianity or other spiritual beliefs, the Tree of Life has a rich and meaningful history that spans countless cultures and religions. With robust roots and sprawling branches, the Tree of Life extends itself both inward and outward, interconnecting us to the physical world as well as the spiritual realm. From immortality to family to creation to oneness and more, the Tree of Life is teaming with countless ways to express the significant relationship you share with your loved one. The Living Urn also offers an exciting variation on the Tree of Life with the Bronze Tree Cremation Pendant.

The Circle of Life Cremation Pendant

Similar to the Tree of Life, the circle of life embodies countless universal meanings for those who wear it. With no bounds to any one culture or religion, the circle of life can represent fundamental themes such as timelessness, the endless interconnection of the life cycle, wholeness, unity, and completion. The circle of life has no beginning and no end, fortifying our eternal bond with our loved ones. The Living Urn’s Circle of Life Pendant can be customized by adding your loved one’s birthstone to the center of the pendant. The exquisite beauty of birthstones represents the exceptional qualities of a person. It is believed that each birthstone has special healing properties for those who wear them!

Jeweled Bar Pendant

The elegance of a Jeweled Bar Pendant is a stunning sight to behold. Even though a bar is not necessarily rooted in a religion or spiritual practice, it can still bear significant meaning for the wearer. Some people prefer a pendant that is clear of preconceived notions or beliefs. The jeweled bar pendant allows for fresh interpretations.

Infinity Loop Pendant

The infinity symbol is an extremely popular design that holds special significance for those encountering grief. Similar to the circle of life, the Infinity Loop Pendant has no beginning and no end. It can represent the never-ending love you share with your departed loved one. A striking image, the infinity symbol intertwines like a figure 8. It’s an everlasting symbol of an undying bond.

Circle Pendant

While the Circle Pendant is very similar to the Circle of Life Pendant, it offers a unique stylistic design that sets it apart. The top of the circle is much more narrow, giving it an extra layer of symbolism. To some, the Circle Pendant represents the ebb and flow of life. Much like cascading waves that reverberate endlessly, the loss of a loved one leaves an indelible mark on those left behind.

Teardrop Pendant

Losing a loved one can fill the bereaved with endless sorrow as well as a void that can never be filled. A Teardrop Pendant is a strong representation of that grief. While the ashes are subtly held within the pendant, the teardrop is a bold statement of loss. The Living Urn offers the Teardrop Pendant in two beautiful colors: rose and gold.

How to Choose the Best Pendant for Cremation Ashes

As the healing process begins, cremation ash pendants can provide a soothing balm for those encountering grief. While there are many wonderful pendants to choose from, there is no right or wrong way to pick one. It all depends on what feels right for you. Here are a few things to consider to help narrow your choices:

  • Symbolism - is there a particular theme that resonates with you? If so, consider pieces that reflect those elements. The unending love you have for your departed loved one can easily be symbolized in several elegant pendants, such as the Tree of Life, Circle of Life, or Infinity Loop pendants. For those looking to showcase the indomitable spirit of a loved one, the Jeweled Bar Pendant could be a fitting choice.
  • Fashion - cremation ash pendants allow wearers to hold their loved ones in eternal remembrance wherever they go. Choose a piece you feel comfortable wearing in your daily life. Consider where you will showcase your cremation ashes jewelry, such as work, social events, and everyday tasks.
  • Representation - when choosing a remembrance piece, it can be helpful to consider design elements that represent your departed loved one. Not only is the Tree of Life an important symbol of our interconnectedness, but it can also express your loved one’s love of nature. The Bar Pendant may represent the boldness of your loved one, while the circle of life birthstone may display special qualities you admire.

Cremation ash pendants make a moving tribute to our departed loved ones. From friends to coworkers to strangers, your remarkable piece has the power to captivate the curious and allow you to share the vibrant story of your loved one’s life. Visit our store today to learn more about our incredible cremation jewelry collection!

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