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The Ultimate Guide to Cremation Ashes Jewelry

Commemorating our departed loved ones can be a challenging yet cathartic way to process their loss. By facing our grief we can begin to heal and find a way forward with our lives. Cremation ashes jewelry offers us a unique and meaningful way to honor the departed while holding them in eternal remembrance. Even though they are no longer with us in body, their spirit lives on. With cremation jewelry, the significance and vibrancy of their lives will never be forgotten.

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What is Cremation Ashes Jewelry?

Cremation ashes jewelry goes by many names. It can be called remembrance jewelry, memorial jewelry, funeral jewelry, or, quite simply - cremation jewelry. What sets cremation ashes jewelry apart from regular jewelry is the inclusion of ashes. As a unique keepsake, cremation jewelry allows the wearer to carry a small portion of their departed loved one’s ashes within the jewelry. Typically, this is done by creating a small, hollow section within the jewelry to house the ashes. A tiny screw safely seals in the cremains to prevent any possibility of ashes spilling out. Hidden from plain sight, the ashes remain undetectable to the casual observer. For many grief-stricken individuals, the subtle display of cremains can offer relief; it may be challenging to speak about the loss. Of course, it all depends on how comfortable the bereaved is with sharing their grief with others.

Adding ashes to cremation jewelry is a somber and significant moment for most people. While the idea of handling cremains may be intimidating for some folks, it’s actually a simple process. Most jewelry that holds ashes is sold with a cremation fill kit for your convenience. Only about a pinch of ashes is needed to fill the chamber within your cremation jewelry.

Why Choose Cremation Ashes Jewelry

The grief process is unique for each individual experiencing a loss. While some folks may have encountered grief before, no two losses are alike. The bonds we share with our loved ones are one-of-a-kind, which makes their departure all the more challenging. Even though our departed loved ones may be gone from the Earth, we still must grapple with the void they left behind. Ash jewelry can provide much-needed relief and support in our hour of need. Here are seven reasons why the bereaved choose ash jewelry:

Keep the Departed Close

Whether the loss of a loved one is sudden or expected, it can still leave the bereaved feeling overwhelmed with sadness, shock, and emptiness. With your departed loved one’s cremains in your unique ash jewelry, they are always close to you. For many, cremation jewelry necklaces offer added comfort by having the cremation pennant physically close to the heart. Like a gentle hug, the necklace hangs comfortably around the neck. You can hold your special keepsake in the palm of your hand whenever you want, giving it a gentle squeeze to calm and soothe your heart.

A Meaningful Call to Action

Losing a loved one can make us feel completely powerless. As we grieve our loss, we have to face the reality that there is nothing we can do to bring our loved ones back. Creating a unique and beautiful everlasting tribute is how we take charge of our grief and face it head-on. Pouring our creative energy into customizing an ash jewelry piece can be a meaningful way to honor our loved ones. While they may be gone, they will never be forgotten.


Committing the earthly remains of the departed can be challenging, especially if final wishes have not been determined beforehand. With cremation, the departed’s ashes can be laid to rest in several ways, such as internment, scattering, or displayed at home. Ash jewelry offers a more flexible option by allowing the wearer to connect daily to their loved one’s ashes. No matter where they go throughout the day, your loved one is always with you. The ability to commute to work or travel across the world with your loved one close to your side can bring great comfort and relief.

Provides Comfort

The unique bond you share with your departed loved one is eternal. Ash jewelry is a tangible and constant reminder of that connection. Even though their earthly trappings have been shed, your departed loved one’s spirit continues to shine bright. Your ash jewelry can support and strengthen that sacred bond, bringing peace and comfort to you.


Cremation jewelry comes in several different styles to suit any fashion. While some may prefer a subtle memorial, others can display their remembrance jewelry boldly. From pennants to vials to bracelets, you can personalize your special piece in a number of ways, such as including ashes, engraving a message, or adding a charm like birthstones.

Inspires Conversation

The stunning and elegant look of your unique ash jewelry will undoubtedly catch the attention of others. Even subtle pieces have a way of leaving folks in awe. As they remark on your exquisite piece, you have a wonderful opportunity to share the inspiration for your jewelry. Most people will not know that ashes are contained within your piece. The subject of cremains may be very personal to you, and it may feel appropriate to safeguard that detail. You can still speak about how your jewelry is a personal tribute to your loved one without mentioning the ashes. Sharing the remarkable life of your loved one can be cathartic. When we speak of our loved ones, we ensure their memory lives on. If you aren’t up for a conversation, that’s okay, too. A person complimenting you on your beautiful jewelry is enough sometimes. If nothing else, it may help improve your mood or bolster your pride in your one-of-a-kind memorial.

Everlasting Memorial

High-quality, handcrafted ash jewelry is designed to last very long. Jewelry can be a symbol of the rich tapestry of your family heritage. Each piece has a special meaning and tells an important family history story. Ash jewelry only heightens the significance of jewelry as a family heirloom. There is simply no other piece in the world like your cremation jewelry. Passing ash jewelry down from one generation to the next is a remarkable testament to the cherished life of your loved one.

Types of Cremation Jewelry for Ashes

When it comes to creating unique cremation jewelry for ashes, there are several types available. From pendants to vials to bracelets, you can pick ash jewelry that represents the bond you share with your departed loved one best. Adding ashes, charms, or engraved sentiments ensures your special cremation piece is like no other. The Living Urn’s exclusive Adventure Collection offers high-quality cremation jewelry to honor your loved one in a unique, meaningful, and special way.


Ash jewelry pendants are designed to hold a small portion of your loved one’s ashes. They can come in countless exquisite styles to help you create a breathtaking tribute. One of several popular pendant designs includes the Circle of Life Cremation Pendant. Made from 925 sterling silver, our artisan jewelers handcraft this stunning pendant with care. The timeless circular design symbolizes unity and the continuity of life, making it a powerful reminder of the unbreakable bond you share with your departed loved one. You can enhance the pendant further by including your loved one’s birthstone, displayed elegantly at the circle's center.


Cremation vials offer a wide range of possibilities. While most folks prefer to add ashes to their vial, you can also choose other significant elements to honor your loved one. Vials can accommodate water, soil, and even hair with a slightly larger storage compartment. Our Custom Cremation Pendant Vial allows for a deeply personalized tribute to the one you lost. The discreet glass vial can house ashes, soil from the burial site, or soil or water from the scattering site. The glass vial can then be housed inside its durable stainless steel casing. Transform it into a meaningful memorial by adding a beautiful engraving of your choice.


Cremation bracelets offer yet another beautiful way to honor your loved one. Like pendants and vials, they can house a small portion of ashes. Our elegant and tasteful Cuff Bracelet is no exception. Available in gold, black, and silver, the beautiful stainless steel cuff bracelet is hand-crafted by our artisan jewelers. Its versatility can help you complement any fashion choice.

How to Use Memorial Jewelry for Ashes

While ash jewelry is usually worn, it may feel more appropriate for you to find an alternative display. For some, damaging or losing the ash jewelry by wearing it may be a concern. That’s quite alright! There are several moving ways to display your unique memorial piece. Here are three lovely examples:

Glass Dome Display

Laying your ash jewelry under a glass dome can enhance the memorial's elegance. Encircled by glass, your one-of-a-kind piece is safe from harm. It adds a certain reverence to the display, much like a masterpiece in a museum. As light enters through the glass, it may offer stunning brilliance, symbolizing the illustrious life of your lost loved one.

Display Urns

While only a small portion of cremains are used for ash jewelry, the main portion may still be housed in a permanent urn. You can add your cremation jewelry to the urn by draping it over the top, attaching it to the urn, or simply laying it right next to the urn. Ash jewelry can be a wonderful complement to the larger urn, making the display a stunning sight to behold.

Special Objects

Your departed loved one may have left behind items that have significant value to you, such as a journal, a piece of clothing, or even a favorite coffee mug. Adding your ash jewelry to these special items will greatly enhance the display.

Choosing the Right Type of Ash Jewelry

As you begin to look at ash jewelry, remember one thing: There is no right or wrong choice. Choosing ash jewelry is subjective. What speaks to you may not speak to another person. You've found a wonderful cremation piece if it feels good and brings you peace. Here are three elements to help narrow down your search:

Personal Taste

Do you have a particular fashion style? When buying cremation jewelry, consider how you want to display it. If you wear it, will it be more comfortable to go with a necklace or perhaps a bracelet? You can find a piece that suits your style with several options available.


Is there anything you want to engrave on your ash jewelry? You can add your loved one’s name, dates, location coordinates, or even a special sentiment. Depending on how you display your cremation jewelry, folks may see your engraving and be interested in hearing more about your loved one.

Your Departed Loved One’s Taste

It may offer comfort to include elements that are significant for your loved one. For instance, a cross may be appropriate for your loved one if they observed Christian values. Also, a circle pendant or tree of life design has several symbolic meanings that span many religions.
A jeweled bar pendant may speak to you if your loved one was bold and larger than life.

How Cremation Ash Jewelry is Made

The Living Urn’s exclusive ash jewelry collection is handcrafted with the highest quality metals, such as 925 sterling silver and stainless steel. All engraving and assembly are performed by our skilled artisan jewelers in our facility in Denver, CO. Adding ashes is a sacred occasion. We send your unique ash jewelry to you with a cremation fill kit for you to add the ashes personally. The steps are very easy to follow. With our high-quality craftsmanship, your sacred cremation piece is designed to last for several generations, creating an invaluable family heirloom. With several styles and personalized options to choose from, The Living Urn is here to help you find a meaningful way to hold your loved one in eternal remembrance. Visit our store today to learn more about our exquisite line of handcrafted ash jewelry!

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