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All About Cremation Jewelry

All About Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is a popular, meaningful way to memorialize your departed loved one. After a loss, you can purchase a piece for yourself or purchase several pieces to make special gifts for family and loved ones. There are many cremation jewelry styles, including pieces for those with more masculine tastes and some that suit everyone. Cremation pendant jewelry often acts like a miniature urn, holding a small portion of your loved one’s ashes or cremated remains. Many people choose custom cremation jewelry since it allows them to use the rest of the ashes in another meaningful way. Since so little ash is used to fill cremation jewelry, the rest of the ash can be buried, turned into a tree, or displayed in the home in an urn.

Some cremation jewelry comes as a hollow pendant, allowing you to fill it with cremation ash. By purchasing a piece of cremation jewelry, you are giving yourself a tangible piece of your loved one to keep close to your heart every day. Many people find this comforting, especially in the early stages of grief. Eventually, your cremation jewelry will become a touching reminder of your love for the one who has departed.

What is Custom Cremation Jewelry?

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Custom cremation jewelry is cremation jewelry that has been customized in some way. This often looks like engraving the name, dates of birth and death, and a sentimental saying. Any filled piece of cremation jewelry is already one of a kind, but you can customize it even further by adding your departed loved one’s details to the piece of jewelry.

How is Custom Cremation Jewelry Made?

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Custom cremation jewelry is similar to regular jewelry. Here are ways custom cremation jewelry is made.

  • Engraving

Metal jewelry is engraved with a loved one’s name, birth and death dates, a sentimental saying, etc. Some pieces allow you to have an image engraved as well.

  • Cremation ash

Cremation jewelry that holds ash can often be engraved if metal, or if it’s glass, glass blowers can make it with a loved one’s favorite colors. Glass cremation jewelry can also be made with cremation ash.

Unique Personalized Cremation Jewelry

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Here are a few examples of personalized cremation jewelry.

  • This simple yet stunning stainless steel customized cremation pendant suits all tastes and styles. It comes on a fine, stainless steel chain that will stand up to daily wear and look good the whole time. An engravable stainless steel cylinder protects a small glass vial with a cork stopper. You can fill this vial with your loved one’s ashes and seal the stopper with glue. This incredibly secure cremation pendant comes engraved with your departed beloved’s name, birth and death dates, and the coordinates where they were laid to rest. If you don’t want to use coordinates, a sentimental saying can be substituted.
  • Blown glass pendants are another popular style of customized cremation jewelry. These pendants are often made from handblown glass, which is not as secure as a metal cremation necklace. They are, however, quite beautiful and easy to customize. Customizing a glass cremation necklace is a popular way of using your loved one’s favorite colors. Another way to customize glass cremation jewelry is with cremation ash. Glass blowers will add a tiny portion of your loved one’s cremated remains to the glass pendant. The heat from the glass blowing turns the ashes into a vibrant white color.
  • Fingerprint jewelry is a popular type of custom cremation jewelry. Your loved one’s fingerprint is cast or engraved onto a piece of jewelry like a pendant or cufflinks. Since every fingerprint is unique, every piece of fingerprint jewelry is one of a kind.

Why Get Customized Cremation Jewelry?

Your loved one was a one-of-a-kind person, and you can honor them with a piece of personalized cremation jewelry. A piece of jewelry is something tangible to hold onto. And, since it’s an item you can wear every day, it will allow you to keep your loved one close at hand. Custom cremation jewelry also makes a meaningful gift to friends and family.

Where to Buy Custom Cremation Jewelry

America’s leading tree urn company, The Living Urn, also offers quality, custom cremation jewelry. Their unisex cremation pendant is made from beautiful and durable stainless steel. The small cylinder holds a small glass vial that you can fill with your loved one’s ashes. Customize with your loved one’s personal information or a sentimental saying.

Glass Keepsake Urns

If you like the idea of personalized cremation jewelry, but want something a little bigger, consider a glass keepsake urn. These miniature urns hold a small portion of cremation ash. Glass keepsake urns are ideal for smaller homes and make lovely gifts to friends and family. Many people choose glass keepsake urns so that everyone who wants part of their loved one’s ashes can keep a portion for remembering. 

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