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Cremation Bracelet

Choosing Between a Cremation Necklace vs a Bracelet

Cremation jewelry offers the bereaved a chance to connect with their departed loved ones in a meaningful and loving way. Also known as remembrance jewelry, funeral jewelry, and memorial jewelry, cremation jewelry serves as an everlasting tribute to those we’ve lost. While they have left their earthly bodies, our departed loved ones live on in our hearts and memories. For many, the ashes of the departed provide solace and stability in a time of great emotional upheaval. After all, life for the bereaved is forever changed. The presence of ashes in memorial jewelry can remind us that we are not alone. When it comes time to choose your one-of-a-kind cremation jewelry piece, cremation necklaces and bracelets represent two of the most popular and remarkable options.

Cremation Bracelet and Plant

Cremation Necklace vs Cremation Bracelet: Differences

Cremation necklaces and cremation bracelets both contain hidden compartments to house a small amount of ashes. While the exact amount can depend on the size of the cremation jewelry piece, only a pinch or less is usually required. Adding ashes is very easy whether you choose a cremation bracelet or necklace. Each piece comes with a small funnel and instructions to guide you through the process. A small screw is used to close the chamber and safely secure the ashes.

While there are many similarities to cremation necklaces and bracelets, the differences between the two revolve around how they are displayed.

Cremation necklaces are designed to be displayed in a few different ways. Most people prefer to wear their necklace around their neck, which allows their loved one to remain close to their heart physically and spiritually. The length of the necklace can vary. It can hang high near the base of the throat or much lower toward the chest. It all depends on the comfort of the wearer. Also, necklaces can be hidden from sight underneath layers of clothing or proudly displayed on the outside.

For those who prefer to display their unique cremation necklace without wearing it, The necklace can be showcased in a jewelry case or placed within a glass dome for added reverence. If you have an indoor urn, the necklace can be tastefully hung on it or placed next to it. Of course, displaying your unique cremation necklace can be done in any way that feels right for you! Other ideas include hanging it on a framed photo of your loved one or on a piece of art that connects you to the departed.

Cremation bracelets offer an elegant display for your one-of-a-kind tribute. Primarily worn on wrists, cremation bracelets offer wearers more of a minimalist expression. Generally, the eye is drawn up toward the head when noticing unique fashion accessories. Whether casual or formal, the elegance of cremation bracelets allows them to be paired with a wide range of fashion choices. Also, bracelets can complement any other fashion choice, such as necklaces, rings, or earrings.

Pros and Cons of Choosing a Cremation Necklace

The versatility of cremation necklaces makes them one of the most popular forms of cremation jewelry.

Unlimited Possibilities

Cremation necklaces can come in several amazing designs, materials, and accessories. Whether you prefer a necklace with religious tones or something more universal, there are no shortage of options. Cremation necklaces allow the bereaved to attach several kinds of stunning pendants. For instance, The Living Urn’s Circle of Life pendant can be customized with your loved one’s birthstone, giving it a radiant display. Birthstones are known to possess healing properties as well as reflect certain qualities of your loved one. Along with engraving special sentiments, dates, names, or locations, it’s possible to engrave your loved one’s fingerprint. For those who don’t wish to add ashes, fingerprint cremation necklaces may be a lovely choice.

Invite Conversation

Wearing a cremation necklace can captivate onlookers and inspire a conversation about the origin of your unique piece. When we share the story of our departed loved one, we keep their memory alive. For those who knew the departed, it can invite them to share a favorite memory or express how knowing them has impacted their life. Sharing memories has a way of fortifying relationships and providing peace and solace to a broken heart.

Peace and Comfort

Wearing a cremation necklace is like receiving a warm hug from your loved one. As it encircles your neck, the unique design rests close to your heart. Its special design and secured ashes make your cremation truly priceless and one-of-a-kind. Wherever you go, your cremation necklace is there to support you.


Cremation necklace designs can provide endless interpretations for the wearer. For instance, an Infinity Loop Pendant can represent the everlasting endurance of the human spirit. With its robust roots and sprawling branches, the Tree of Life Pendant reflects the interconnection of our physical realm with that of the spiritual. From family to immortality to oneness to creation and more, cremation necklaces can hold significant meaning and interpretation for each wearer.


The loss of a loved one can make us feel powerless. While we can’t bring our loved ones back, cremation jewelry can help us take ownership of our grief process. Wearing a cremation necklace can help us face our feelings and acknowledge our loss. When we give ourselves permission to process our grief, we begin to heal. Although we never truly get over a loss, it is possible to find joy and happiness once again.


While cremation necklaces are often made with durable materials, such as 925 sterling silver or stainless steel, they can still be susceptible to damage. It is possible for necklaces to get snagged during daily activities. For those who wear cremation necklaces during exercise, sweat can tarnish the necklace. It’s important to be mindful of activities to ensure your cremation necklace is handled with care.

Pros and Cons of Choosing a Cremation Bracelet

Cremation bracelets make a moving tribute to your loved one. There are several reasons why the bereaved may choose to honor their lost loved one in this way:


Cremation bracelets come in a wide range of styles, materials, and colors. From stainless steel to gold to silver and more, you can find a material that suits your vision. Engraving a special sentiment, names, dates, or even coordinates can be added to enhance your special piece further. If your loved one had a beloved hobby, interest, or profession, there are charms available to accentuate your cremation bracelet.

Minimalist Display

How you choose to honor your loved one is a personal choice. Sharing the story of their loved one may be difficult. Many grief-stricken individuals prefer to display their memorials subtly. Cremation bracelets offer wearers the ability to honor their loved ones without drawing overwhelming attention. Of course, it may come down to how the bracelet is accessorized. In most cases, observers are unaware that your special bracelet houses the ashes of your loved one.


Cremation bracelets can be worn with just about any fashion choice, which allows the bereaved to wear their unique cremation bracelet anywhere they go. Having your loved one close to you at all times can bring immense comfort and peace to your day. Some days may be more difficult than others. Cremation jewelry can be a wonderful support system.

Everlasting Tribute

Cremation jewelry pieces make priceless family heirlooms. Your unique cremation bracelet can keep the memory of your loved one alight for generations. Our loved one’s spirits are as eternal as the legacies they leave behind.

Shared Memorial

Cremation bracelets only require a pinch of ashes. Many families choose to share the ashes, making one large memorial over several cremation jewelry pieces. A cremation bracelet can be part of that moving tribute. Wherever you go, you can find comfort in knowing that others are also honoring the spirit of your loved one.


While cremation bracelets are a beautiful choice for honoring your loved one, some people may find them uncomfortable to wear. Bracelets may be abrasive on the wrist, particularly those made of metal. If you plan on wearing your cremation jewelry often, you may want to consider your long-term comfort.

Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Cremation Jewelry

Choosing the right memorial necklace or bracelet is deeply personal. The most expensive or the most elaborate piece is not necessarily the best. It all depends on what feels most right or comfortable for the wearer. There is no right or wrong way to honor your loved one through cremation jewelry. Here are a few tips to help narrow down your choices:

Personal Taste

If you intend to wear your cremation jewelry, then it’s important that you choose a piece that you’ll be comfortable displaying regularly. Do you prefer the feel of a bracelet or a necklace? Consider your fashion style and how your unique piece will complement it.

Bold or Subtle Display

How would you like your remembrance jewelry to be displayed? Cremation jewelry with engraving such as dates or fingerprints may be more obvious in their display than other pieces. Observers of your unique piece may be interested in learning more about it as well as the person it memorializes. Talking about the departed can be cathartic for the bereaved; however, some grief-stricken people may find it difficult to engage in stories of their lost loved ones.

The Life of the Departed

When picking a design for your cremation jewelry, it helps to consider the qualities of your lost loved one. For instance, a Jeweled Bar pendant may reflect the “larger-than-life” elements of those with magnetic personalities. The Bronze Tree cremation pendant may invoke your loved one’s passion for nature or universal spiritual themes. Including elements of your loved one’s personality helps make them an active participant in their memorial, which can help strengthen the eternal bond you share.

Whether you prefer necklaces, bracelets, or other cremation keepsakes, The Living Urn is here to help you memorialize your loved one with dignity, grace, and elegance. Our exquisite pieces are handcrafted by skilled artisan jewelers with high-quality materials such as sterling silver and stainless steel. Visit our store today to learn more about the different ways you can hold your departed loved ones in everlasting remembrance!

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