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Comprehensive 2023 Guide to Dog Urns

Dogs are family. When they pass many people look to honor their beloved dog in a dignified and special way. There are a number of unique dog urns available that give families the ability to do this and below we’ve highlighted some of the most popular urns that involve your pet's ashes.

Popular Dog Urns in 2023

dog urns    

The Living Urn® for Pets       

Planting and growing a living tree memorial with The Living Urn® for Pets has become a popular option chosen by families throughout the country. This patented bio urn for dogs and cats gives families the ability to honor their beloved pet in a unique and dignified way. It comes with everything needed to grow a tree memorial, including a special biodegradable urn, a proprietary soil additive, wood chips, and easy to follow instructions for planting. It also comes packaged in an attractive cylinder case made from bamboo, perfect for ceremonies and to transport the urn to that special location to plant. In addition, families can choose from over fifty tree options, which are separated out by zip code to the ones that grow best in each area of the U.S. The trees provided are two to four feet tall and are shipped fresh directly to your doorstep.

Scattering Urns for Dogs

Scattering ashes of a beloved dog is one of the most common things families do after they pass. This can be done at a special place of your choosing and many people do this in their own yard, at a park, in the mountains, in the ocean, at the beach, among many other places. If you’re unsure if scattering is allowed at a place you prefer, it is always best to check first and get permission when needed.

Some families use containers found around the house to scatter, or the temporary container provided by the veterinarian or crematory. However, these can sometimes create issues when transporting the ashes and the shape of these containers can increase the risk of blow back (when the ashes are blown back on the person scattering). An affordable alternative to this is the Eco Scattering Urn for Pets. This is a new urn that has quickly become a leading choice of pet care providers nationwide. It is made from bamboo, a sustainable and eco-friendly resource and has a long cylindrical shape – an important design so people can scatter away from themselves to help prevent blow back of the ashes. In addition, it comes with a unique open and close locking mechanism on top that allows you to securely transport the ashes to that special place and gives you the ability to scatter with control and ease. The patented Eco Scattering Urn for Pets comes in two sizes for dogs, a small version for dogs up to 50 lbs. ($49) and a large version for dogs up to 100 lbs. ($59).

Another scattering urn for pets that is increasing in popularity is the Eco Water Urn for Pets designed to do a dog’s burial at sea. This unique biodegradable urn floats like a buoy for up to a few minutes, then gracefully disperses the dog’s ashes out of the bottom of the urn and into the water. It comes packaged in a sleek bamboo container, perfect to securely transport the urn holding your dog’s ashes to that special place for the water burial.

Indoor Planter Urn for Pets

Many people connect with the idea of a living memorial, however, don’t have a special place to plant a tree memorial. An alternative to this that’s growing in popularity is The Living Urn’s indoor planter urn for pets. This unique urn is made from high quality porcelain and comes in three colors (white, blue and beige) and can be used with bonsai trees on the patio or indoors or houseplants. The center of the urn can also be used as a vase for cut flowers – providing year-round color to your home!

Traditional Indoor Urns for Dogs

For people who prefer to keep their beloved dog’s urn in the home, there are many options available online and at most pet crematories. This includes ones that can be engraved with your dog’s name and a saying, and others that include the option to place a photo or your dog on the urn. There are also some non-traditional indoor urns available that are more like a piece of art rather than an urn. A quick online search can find many indoor urn options for your beloved dog.

Burial Urns for Dogs

Burying some or all your beloved dog’s ashes is also an option chosen by many families. This can be done at a special place in the yard or other area of your choosing. There are options that come in a vault and are kept secure over time, and other options that biodegrade. One of the most popular biodegradable pet burial urns is the Eco Burial Urn. It is a unique cylinder-shaped urn made from bamboo, a sustainable resource, and is large enough to hold the ashes of up to two pets. In addition, and given its unique appearance, many families will also opt to keep this urn in the home. This special urn can be laser engraved with your dog’s name, a saying, image, and/or symbol. Offered at $69, it’s an affordable option for most families.

Dividing Up Dog Ashes

Dividing up a dog’s ashes into multiple urns and memorials is commonly done by families. There are many reasons for this, including if you prefer to have multiple memorials for your dog, or if each member of a family wants a portion of the ashes for their own special memorial.

Additional Options for Dog Ashes

In addition to the dog urns mentioned above, there are many other options available that can memorialize your dog. This includes having a beautiful glass decorative piece infused with a portion of the ashes, include part of the ashes in a piece of jewelry, create a diamond out of the ashes, include in a fireworks display, and even launch the ashes into space.

Which Option is Right for Your Dog?

There are no ‘right’ choices when it come to a memorial for your beloved dog. It just depends on your personal preference and budget. Some people will choose to do one or multiple memorials for their dog right after they pass, while others will simply hold on to the ashes in the container provided by the veterinarian or crematory until they’re ready to do a special memorial. If you prefer to wait, that’s completely fine as ashes do not have an expiration and can be used in any memorial at any time.

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