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Buying Guide: How to Shop for Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is a unique and special way to honor and memorialize your departed loved one. The biggest stand-out feature of traditional cremation jewelry is its ability to house a small portion of your loved one’s ashes. This empowers the wearer to always keep their loved one close at all times. Cremation jewelry can be expressed in many forms, such as necklaces, bracelets, and charms. It is also called memorial jewelry, funeral jewelry, or remembrance jewelry. By whichever name you choose to call it, cremation jewelry can offer a source of comfort while tastefully and thoughtfully holding your loved one in eternal remembrance.

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How to Shop for Cremation Jewelry

Shopping for a cremation jewelry piece is a personal journey. There is no right or wrong answer to how you memorialize your departed loved one. It really depends on what speaks to you. To help narrow it down, there are a few things you can consider:

Personal Taste

Is there a particular style of jewelry you like to wear? Perhaps you’re fond of necklaces. Or, maybe you’re more comfortable wearing bracelets. Cremation jewelry can be designed into a piece that complements your personal taste, style, and comfort.


How would you like to display your cremation jewelry? Necklaces, for example, can be hidden underneath clothing or worn openly. Also, depending on how you customize your memorial jewelry, it can be quite apparent or very discreet. The ashes held in cremation jewelry are not readily visible. Most people would never know that it even contained ashes. Cremation jewelry that is engraved can be easily observed as memorial pieces. When experiencing grief, you may find that you prefer conversation about your departed loved one. If you wish, cremation jewelry can serve as an icebreaker for recounting the remarkable life of your loved one.

Uniquely Your Own vs. Shared

One of the beautiful things about cremation jewelry is its ability to be customized. If you choose memorial jewelry that can hold a portion of your loved one’s ashes, you have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to design it with other family members. For example, some choose to purchase duplicate pieces of the same jewelry piece and divide the ashes amongst themselves. This creates a very powerful memorial. Not only is your departed loved one’s memory kept alive, but the bond between your family is fortified. All are kept close together in your heart. You can also divide ashes with your family but still create your very own personal piece of remembrance jewelry. Both are thoughtful ways to honor your departed loved one.

Your Departed Loved One’s Taste

When looking for a way to memorialize your loved one, an interesting choice can be to create a piece that is more in their style. Maybe necklaces aren’t necessarily your favorite way to express yourself, but it was for your loved one. Picking their style is a meaningful way of celebrating their life.

No Ashes Please

Although traditional cremation jewelry holds ashes, not all cremation jewelry does so. If ashes make you uncomfortable or it simply isn’t a choice that speaks to you, there are several other wonderful ways to memorialize your loved one with remembrance jewelry. Some options include fingerprint jewelry and unique pieces that are offered with optional engravings.

Fingerprint jewelry is a thoughtful way of memorializing your loved one. Although no ashes are needed, it does require a copy of your loved one’s fingerprint so that it can be engraved onto your cremation jewelry. There are several ways to obtain a fingerprint.

Personalized jewelry is another meaningful way to honor your loved one. This type of cremation jewelry doesn’t need ashes or fingerprints. They are simply engraved with details of your choosing. From names to birth dates and death dates to coordinates and sentiments, there are several ways to personalize your unique piece of cremation jewelry.

Tips for Buying the Right Cremation Jewelry

The right remembrance jewelry is the one that meets your personal needs. Think about the way you wish to memorialize your loved one and how it relates to your sense of style. Generally, men and women may favor slightly different forms of cremation jewelry.

Cremation Jewelry for Men

Cremation jewelry for men tends to lean towards a more masculine or neutral style. Stainless steel is unisex, but it can offer the feeling of a more masculine metal. From the boldness of the military-style dog tags pendant to the more subdued faith-driven fingerprint cross, there are several beautiful pieces of memorial jewelry for men to honor their loved ones. Here are three popular choices to consider:

Made from stainless steel, this pendant can be personalized with any location of your choosing. Whether it’s your loved one’s final resting place or a spot you shared a special memory with them, the longitude and latitude coordinates can be engraved onto the pendant. You can also choose to engrave a name or any sentiment you wish on the back.

Made from 925 sterling silver, this pendant can display your loved one’s fingerprint at the center of the cross. This is a nice choice for anyone wishing to immortalize their loved one while adding a religious touch.

With a 2.5” L x ½ diameter vile, this beautiful cremation pendant can house a small portion of your loved one’s ashes, soil from the burial site, or soil or water from the scattering site. You can also engrave their name along with their birth and death dates. A sentiment or coordinates can also be engraved if you wish.

Cremation Jewelry for Women

Cremation jewelry for women is an expression of love for the person who has passed. Consider how the jewelry will represent your personality as well as your loved one’s. From radiant birthstones to fingerprint impressions on sterling silver, there are several beautiful options to choose from. Here are a few stunning choices for women to consider:

Made from 925 sterling silver, this circular pendant can be filled with a small amount of your loved one’s ashes. It can be accessorized with a dazzling birthstone. You can choose your own, or your departed loved one’s!

Made from 925 sterling silver, this elegant piece displays a beautiful tree of life at its center. It discreetly holds a small portion of ashes as well.

Made from 925 sterling silver, this beautiful heart-shaped pendant can be engraved with both a fingerprint as well as a name or sentiment on the back.

FAQs About Buying Cremation Jewelry

How much does cremation jewelry cost?

At The Living Urn, cremation jewelry can cost as little as $49 with our stainless steel Custom Cremation Pendant Vile to as much as $195 with our handcrafted sterling silver Fingerprint Pendants. There are several unique options available.

Why buy cremation jewelry?

Cremation jewelry allows the wearer to keep their departed loved one close to them anywhere they go, providing comfort during the grieving process. It offers the wearer the ability to experience a discreet form of mourning without drawing unwanted attention. Remembrance jewelry can be designed around the wearer’s personal style and taste. As a priceless heirloom, it can be passed down to future generations. Cremation jewelry is a personal and unique way of honoring a loved one’s memory.

How can cremation jewelry be customized?

There are several ways to customize cremation jewelry. Each style of cremation jewelry offers different customizable features. A small amount of your departed loved one’s ashes may be included inside cremation jewelry pieces that have a designated compartment. Others offer the ability to add fingerprints. They can be engraved with an assortment of details such as the departed’s name, birth and death dates, coordinates, and a small message. Some may also support birthstones to enhance cremation jewelry.

How much of a person’s ashes are needed to make cremation jewelry

Cremation jewelry only requires a very small amount of a person’s ashes. The exact amount depends on the size of the cremation jewelry’s design. On average, only about a pinch or less is required.

Where To Shop For Cremation Jewelry

Remembrance jewelry is a tasteful and thoughtful way to honor your departed loved one. With a vast array of options to choose from, you can buy cremation jewelry online at The Living Urn. As a priceless, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, it can be passed down for generations to come as a family heirloom. This can offer solace, knowing your loved one’s beautiful spirit is not forgotten. Your unique cremation jewelry will always be there to comfort and guide your family.

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